Thankfulness List

1. Bebo coming home to Clarendon today. He has been with his father.

2. New sandles.

3. Crafts.

4. Mailed postcards.

5. Lost weight.

6. New panties!! (of course you knew that would make the list! I have been buying a package of panties each month to put back for pantipalooza each month so that it is not so expensive when February gets here).

7. Swaps

8. Things sold on Ebay.

9. Blogs and blogger friends.

10. Banter between friends here at work.

11. Olay's Touch of Sun.

12. The Lost boards so I can keep up with the interactive game.

13. Chevy pick-up being at work.

14. Air conditioners

*I have realized I should have written this list at home instead of work. It is easier to be thankful at home then at work. *grins*

15. A full tank of gas.

16. Sugarbaby watermelons.

17. Grace

18. The relationship I have with my daughter.

19. Knowing exactly who my friends are,.

20. Swaps

21. Bubble wrap

22. My mom's cooking

23. New recipes. what about you??

Who wants to trade ephemera??


  1. Claire (YT)8:42 AM

    good list. You are a thankful girl. And a good mom.

  2. As always, first and foremost, thankful for YOU!

    What else matters?

  3. Mindy, You continue to set an example for me concerning thankfulness. I am thankful that God allowed us to cross paths.

    I'll trade ephemera...but give me a few examples, ok?

  4. I'm thankful for you, too.

  5. I'll trade, if you think I am ephemeral enough!

  6. Great list girl! I'm thankful for you.

  7. love your thankfulness. Be blessed dear friend, I thank God for you :)

  8. Writer784:33 PM

    1. Wedding invitations. I love weddings.

    2. Emails from old friends.

    3. Positive mid-year reviews at the office.

    4. Hamburger Helper. It's almost like real cooking!

    5. Netflix. Ah, Netflix. Sweet Netflix.

    6. Excedrin. Whoever invented it should be knighted.

    7. Vacation days.

    8. Quiet evenings with some "wiggle room" instead of just tasks to do.


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