The Newest Member Of The Herd

There is a new cow!! You all know how I hate clowns. Well, my brother (known around here as Uncle Ootl) thought it would be so cute to send me a cow done up in clown costume. Click on her to make her bigger and you can see more of her detail. She is saying *Hey! Come here and pull my udder! I date you!* Notice her milk seltzer bottle, water squirting lapel flower, clown lips, rubber ball nose and clown hair! I must admit....I am loving her despite the clownage.

The title of this cow portrait? *Everyone needs a little cowmedy in Life.*


  1. I'm glad you liked it!!!

  2. Oh now, that is just too funny! I love the title!!

  3. I think the pic says I dare you....not I date you.


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