Tuesday Thankfulness

Time for the thankfulness list. When I got ready to post this, I realized that my last post was #200!!

~laffin~ So I have alot to say....at least you all pretend to listen.

1. Ceiling fans

2. Houseshoes at work

3. Live goldfish. I am assuming the goldfish serial killer is in jail or laying low getting ready to strike when least expected.

4. The new haircut

5. Rain

6. The slightly cooler weather. Give me 85 instead of 101 any day!

7. Blogs--especially ones that make me laugh out loud.

8. Magazines in the mail when I get home.

9. Compliments

10. Email

11. Getting one major bill paid off

12. Vanilla

13. An ebay win

14. The first morning glory bloom

15. Joy

16. Good posibilities

17. Postcards

18. You.....and you know who you are

19. Comments left on my blog. Do you know how much that means to me?

20. Seeing both of my children do good. Makes the journey all worth while.

EDITED ON 6/29/06 TO ADD CLEAN PANTIES!! How in the world did I forget them?? Thank you so much flutterby!

And so...what about you??


  1. At least you have "normal" goldfish (I am assuming this). One of the goldfish here (Gulp, the 4 year old goldfish) has on OCD. He likes to swim in tight little circles always to the left. The other goldfish stays as far away from him as the tank will let him.

  2. Thankful for the opportunity to have another daughter.
    And for bloggy friends, like you!

  3. First and foremost, thankful for YOU!

    I never get tired of typing that.

  4. Who is the you that you are thankful for? Obviously it is not me because I didn't know. Or maybe it is me, and I am not bright enough to figure that out! I love you.

  5. I love getting comments too on my blog - it's always a nice surprise. I had not stopped by your blog in a while and I enjoyed your thankful list!

  6. The ER (another visit for Joe after only 6 weeks), VACATION, kittens, gainful employment, abundant life.

  7. thankful for YOU mindy ... and God's timing for this post. Read all about it over at my place !

  8. good reminder ther is so much more positive than negative in life- might even write my own list

  9. You!
    Also our little doggie visitor, who leaves tomorrow, sadly.

  10. Thankful for your sweet self and that you taught me about gratitude lists. I made one earlier today and clean panties was my FIRST entry!

  11. Thankful for you and other bloggy friends

  12. So clean panties aren't a top priority anymore?
    My number one is: Having the stress in my life cut by a good 75%; even if I am not happy with the *reason* it has been lessened.

    Now, Mindy dear.. go answer the question I asked over in mine today. (yes I actually did post!)And don't be eating or drinking while you read it. You will either spit, choke or gag. (for various reasons, lol)


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