WOW....JUST WOW.....

Have you ever had one of those days? One of those days that you have waited years for? Someone that you still think about ever few days? Wondering? Saying a little prayer over?

I lost contact with a person many many years ago that I have regretted ever since it happened. I have tried and tried to find that person but was never able to.

Then, out of the blue, I find his brother on facebook. We become friends...then...a few days

Can't the Internet be a wonderful fabulous thing???

I am still just totally blown away. A few emails have been exchanged. He has a cool life and a wife that he totally loves. A sweet life.

And I feel like I have someone back in my life that should have never been out of it. Like a piece has been restored.

Why do we let people get away?

.....wonders if anyone has ever missed her that way....


  1. I love happy stories!

  2. Cool.

    Word verification: "uperr"
    Use in a sentence: This post is a total uperr!!

  3. How lovely - I am glad for you :-)

  4. YES! It's it marvelous! Really, really exciting, Mindy.

  5. Anonymous7:25 AM

    Good for you!

  6. Very cool.

    I'm not a bettin' woman but I'd take a chance on this one and say somebody out there (if not your long lost newly found friend) had some missin' Mindy blues.

  7. aw. I was being a smartie pants on facebook & said "Me?" ;-)

    I'm happy for is wonderful! c.

  8. Heck, I miss you when you go on vacation sweetie!

  9. Very sweet story. It does make you wonder if anyone misses you the way you miss them...

  10. I will raise my hand. Because you know....


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