I have been trying to do some things that I do not have to really think about. My brain seems like it has taken a vacation. It seems like everyone in the world is stressed out and the bad news just keeps on rolling in. People are just at an all time low and it does not look like it will be letting up soon.

So, I went to my mom and dad's house for a few days in order to create. We worked on painting her utility room. Loving it! I will show you those pics once she gets it all decorated.

I also got to work on her bistro table and chairs that were outside. I took the chair.....

and recovered it with a green polka dot fabric. Isn't it so sweet! I then covered it in vinyl in order to waterproof it. Mom found the vinyl in the remnent section so go thrifty us!!

I also recovered the table. Mom bought an inexpensive plastic table cloth at the Wally Store and we cut it down to fit. Again, thrifty.

How the whole set looked once I was finished!
We even had enough left over to cover a little stool that she has on her front porch.
So now there are two things that I want to know:
1) What are we going to do to make our little corner of the world a more happier and less stressful place and
2) When is YOUR birthday?
I know there are lots of you that read the blog so I want you to chime in and be good girls and boys and leave your birthday in comments.
And no you do not have to leave what year you were born in.
Photobucket......who is open to suggestions about what to blog.....


  1. I gave up b'days for lent. Really. I'm quite srious about that.

    I am making a "Quiet Spot" in my overly large Master Bedroom that is JUST MINE. No one else is invited. Except the kitties.

    So I'm perfecting my master bedroom. I'll do pictures as soon as I can find the camera in all the junk I dumped into the sewing room....

  2. Blog about that crazy little dog of yours. And if you can get the pic off of your phone put that on there too!

    Also, I am SO loving the bistro table!!! I think it looks fabulous!!

  3. The table looks awesome and I love the polka dots.

    I am thinking that not watching the news may make my life less stressful, but as I wouldn't know how to dress myself in the morning, or if it was even safe to go outside, I guess I'll have to keep watching. Who knows? I'll have to think about that and blog about it.

    I don't have birthdays, just anniversaries of my 29th birthday.


  5. #1. I keep a book of my volunteer/community activities. I try to get in at least one opportunity each month. It also helps me to look back on previous years and see things I have done but maybe not in a few months, it reminds me of how enjoyable it was and that maybe I should rotate that in again!

    #2. My birthday is over for this year, March 13. I had a good one though, so I can wait another year for it to come again. :)

  6. Well, that table & chairs is adorable!

    My birthday was March 11.
    Our anniversary is Dec. 30.
    I go a long time between occasions to receive gifts.

  7. Love the table and chairs. Have you opened that parcel yet??????

    My birthday: July 19th.

  8. Love the originality and thrift! I'm not gifted in that way.

    What I am doing - first I took last week off and read 3 novels. I also did some cleaning around my house that was sorely needed. G&T and I replaced the bed frame on our bed that was falling apart (the plastic feet were anyway). and I washed all the bed linens including the dust ruffle. So our room is clean and neat again.

    My birthday is in August - blog is anonymous so that's as close as you are getting. Also, I'm older than you.

  9. September 14th - Virgo with a Gemini Moon.

    Better now?

  10. Your work is just so pretty! What lucky parents you have.

    I do not do my birthdays any more. This is because they have been forgotten or celebrated under protest for so many years, if I insist on ignoring it first, then technically it is not forgotten. And I get myself a most excellent present every year.

    To make the world a better place.....I wish I had more time. For now, I am looking for a house to move to. That's about all I can do. Oh, and teaching at my son's school this summer.

  11. My birthday is April 1st. Just enough time for you to arrange for the gifts and the surprise party.

    I am making the world a better place by planting things. Sort of. I will after Easter. heh.

  12. I try to take a day at a time. I enjoy my puprs, Chelsea a LOT! Just this evening, duggles & I were on the bed w/her, playing w/her. I was saying "who lets their dog up on the bed? Gross, dogs are dirty!" Duggles said "what do you want to do this evening?" I said "lay on the bed & play w/Chelsea." :-)
    Spring is coming & I'll be out in the yard! B-day? OCTOBER! Yay! The 20th. WONDERFUL peeps born in Oct. kisses, Cheryl in Indiana...Whosyergurl!

  13. 1. Laugh the news less.

    2. Oct. 25th (and I'm not ashamed to admit I'll be 50 this year)

  14. I try not to engage in complaining. Things are difficult, yes, but it could be worse--and for lots of people it is. We have our health and each other and I am good with that.


    Super cute chair and table set!!!!

  15. Well, I usually try to make jewelry or some other craft to help me de-stress, but it hasn't been helping lately. Thanks for your wonderful comment. It did help to brighten my day.

    My b-day is October 23rd.

  16. WWWhhhhooo hhhhooooooo!! October babies are so rockin'!

    And Rach is such a liar! *snickers*

  17. Anonymous9:05 PM

    LOVE the snazzy bistro set and stool - so perky!! I am decluttering my house and cleaning bits I haven't seen in a while - makes me feel lots better.
    bday: sept 8 (virgo)
    anniv: sept 26 b/c it had to be a date that could NEVER be tx/ou weekend (mr i bleeds burnt orange)

  18. Thanks for stopping by my blog yesterday! I'm loving yours--those chairs and table look wonderful. Green is my favorite color, so even your blog background excites me! Yea, I'm in Abilene--where the wind was BLOWING yesterday. do you have any "wind farms" up your way?
    Love your blog!

  19. I love that! Furniture that is refinished and customized personally is so much cooler than store-bought and as-is. Now I feel all crafty, ha ha.

  20. I swear if you don't know my birthday I am not telling you. Ok, you drug it out of me. 2-24-82. And our "anniversary" is 5-14-07, if you call that an anniversary. Love you, and your little dog too!

  21. MINDY, absolutely adorable! I am so impressed! You've inspired me! People are ticking me off, too! Dumb people! Narrow-minded thinking types.

    I'll be posting about my weekend with the ladies and Jesus tomorrow. I had to get another rant off my bossom. Bossoms. Which would it be? Do the two constitute one bossom, or is each a bossom, thereby plural?

  22. I knit.

    My birthday is April 5 and our anniversary is May 31. :)

    I'm going to decorate for Easter this year - early. This is a big big deal for me because before I never put out Easter decorations until Saturday night before Easter. It's a liturgical thing. I gave that up for Lent this year. :)

  23. dang girlfriend come redecorate with me...
    bday- aug. 17

    how am i making the world better? eatin' less beef. plantin' a garden. dressin' hip and sexy... cuz really just cuz i gots jesus doesn't mean i don't need another man in my life right?

  24. Well you know mine. And I dunno why the worlds been such a crappy place recently. The table and chairs look good! You're going to have to help me find some furniture things for my room when I am there.. I still need a comfy chair in here.

  25. Let's see... I think you need more bunny figures on that porch! It's screaming for decoupage bunnies using more scraps from your fabric!!

    Go thrifty mom and daughter!!!

    ...and my birthday is June 19! Sooo soon!

  26. Such a fun blog!!! Glad I found you! The stools and table look great!

  27. Love those green dots!

    Hmmm ... less stress - thinking about that makes me stress ;-)

    August 12th. I'm a Leo baby!

  28. I love the stools - I am re-covering my barstools this spring, and I'm kinda you have any great tips?

    My b-day is July 16 - Yay summer!


  29. Anonymous5:17 AM

    Love the bistro set, very perky!

    April 17, birthday
    July 30, anniversary

  30. I love this reminder. I took in some photos of my girlies and spouse for my office even though I'm only in there 2 days a week. Something to remind me that my job is not my life.

    June 12.

    And yes - please blog on how to make waterproof cushions for things like wrought iron patio chairs. The ones I have smell like rancid cheese. I think it's the stuffing in them so I can't recover them.

    I await your wisdom.

    love you
    who is procrastinating because she has writer's block.

  31. I love the little birds! Where did you get them? My birthday is the 19th of September - a Virgo, but a Fire Horse in Chinese Astrology which sounds much cooler (or hotter perhaps?). Does that make the Princess happy?!

  32. November 27.

    Not too long ago, I painted the whole interior of the house.

  33. Thanks for telling me where you got the Birdys and for following me. I like your blog. Its very quirky! In a good way.

  34. Well, we are moving from way out yonder where the banjos play, to a nice little affordable place in the city. I may re-cover a bunch of stuff too cause yours looks really nice!
    My birthday is October 12 (Libra just like you)

  35. your makeovers are wonderful!

    i'm with Dijea--no news watching.
    seriously, they only report the bad things.

    spring cleaning and de-junking;
    it's very releasing, unburdening, uplifting, AND shareful!

  36. Hi.

    I love it that you are so creative.

    My birthday is ages away. November 29th and I'm going to be shushhh 50 so escaping for a holiday around then.


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