I have been hopping around on the net and seeing several blogs that are making fairy jars. CUTE CUTE CUTE! Here is a flickr page that has several of them. Aren't they adorable?!?!?! I even found a blog that did a zombie jar swap! A couple of those sitting around at Halloween could be really cool!

I really like this project and I have thought about making one but never got around to it. I even bought some cool little jars at the thrift store but just have not been inspired to give it a go.

Recently, a friend of mine has been kinda down. Life has just sort of kicked her around a bit. She works here so you know that she is quirky like the rest of us. The poor dear cried when she heard that Tim Russert had died. (SEE! I am not the ONLY weird one!). Now when we want to see her cry, we just mention good ole Tim Russert and she just puddles.

So what did I make her so that she would feel better?


I had to explain to Tim that he was actually going into the jar....to live. He fought me for a bit until I told him that I would give him sparkly butterfly wings. That kind of called him down.
I added a bit of bling to the top of the jar. Tim thought that it was not very manly but I assured him that it was more for HER benefit and not for his. I also assured Tim that I was not gluing the jar lid down and that anytime he felt the need to get out for a bit, he could just tap on the side of the glass and we would give him a breather.One of the things that my friend and I have talked about is value. What is your value? We have to remind ourselves at time that our value is a lot. When she feels like hers is low I remind her. She does the same for me.

I wanted her to know that Tim thinks that her value is always A LOT.

And Tim would not lie.
......wonders who she is going to put into a jar next......


  1. Wow, that is a really great idea! I love it!

  2. It reminds me of that one summer, when I was about 10, starting my bug collection. You had to put those critters in a jar with an alcohol soaked cotton ball.

  3. Wow. Speechless. ;)

  4. Wow, I love the Tim Russet in a jar. I have bought you bunches of barbie and little babies to put in jars, and you are telling me that you haven't gotten around to it??? Well... Anywho, I love you bunches. I am going back into the living room where it is warm.

  5. Butterflies make EVERYTHING better. Guess what my grand DAUGHTER'S room is being decorated with...??



    They just make everything ok.

  6. And I think it's funny that sometimes your tracker shows me in Denver.

  7. Flutterby is right - Butterflies make everything better. I love Tim in a jar. You are so much fun.

    We should so work in the same place because it would be fun!!! I would jump around and make everyone laugh and you would make us stuff and Rach she could take our pictures and write the Sitcom.

    I love my immagination.

  8. I love Tim in a jar. I think he would too.

    Now, can I have Teh Clooney in a very big jar that is just the right size for him, like, now.... Pleeeze?

  9. Wow! How thoughtful and kind, and beautifully made. I've always been told that I am a little 'eccentric' but you put me in the shade!

  10. How stinkin' cute! Tim looks great, right at home in his jar. You have a great mind, sister! Don't ever let anyone EVER tell you differently! So what was her reaction when you gave it to her?

    I loved Tim, too. He was from my hometown.

    Maybe I should get a picture of you and put YOU in a jar...

  11. Mindy, first of all, I adore your brain just the way it is - so there! your creation is precious! You really make amazing stuff! I use that same green velvety rick-rack on my cards...I love rick-rack.
    later, babes!
    xo, Cheryl in IN (Whosyergurl)

  12. Too funny! I was lucky enough to meet Tim Russert at a John Fogerty concert in Boston a couple years ago.He was sitting directly behind us with his son (Who was attending BC at the time) They were two of the most gracious and nice people..funny,too. I picture him with wings now,too.

  13. i can't put my finger on it but this creeps me out...

  14. Hot Cup is right - it's definitely creepy. In a cool sort of a way. TRIaJ cracks me up. Poor guy - you know he'd hate it, but he'd willingly do it to make someone's day.

    It's good to know Jar Man values the same people that we do! He has good taste.

  15. Oh I want a fairy jar! One for my new office after the move.

  16. MINDY! You are the best!

    And a hilarious crafter!

  17. Anonymous9:06 PM

    oh my goodness - it is brilliant and yet a bit twisted at the same time... you don't think she'll cry a bit every day when she looks at it do you?

  18. I gave you an award at my house. Go see.

  19. He he. That's funny. Thanks for the giggle.

  20. I love it, love it.
    What a great and creative friend you are.

  21. LOL! I dig it though. I'm into differnt kinds of things.

  22. Okay... perusing over your comments, apparently I'm the only guy here, but that's cool. We're a minority in the blog world anyhoo.

    The whole idea of sticking someone in a jar is sorta, uh... cool. I clicked out on your links and got a grin outta the zombies. And your Tim Russet, a work of freakin' art.


  23. *wondering if I got a big enough jar......*

  24. Hi Mindy!

    Thanks for coming by to say hi! I love that jar. I hope it cheered your friend up!


  25. Ooh, I miss Tim. This jar thing is fun and I think a good memorial to Tim. You are a creative girl.

  26. WOW...JUST WOW...I don't think your brain works like other peoples either & I ought to know.......I do like the jar & the blog

  27. Anonymous6:26 AM

    I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.



  28. Oh my heck - I'm dyin'here.

    Definitely genius!


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  30. I'm your newest follower and think that you are amazing and quirky. Love the blog. ♥Jess
    stop by sometime to say hey:


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