I was gone for just a few days but you people blogged like crazy squirrels on crack while I was gone! I came back to 179 new entries on google. Like I am going to get to read all of those entries!

Last weekend everyone in my family went totally opposite directions. Babygator and Biker went skiing, Bebo went to Dallas to see our boys and girls b-ball teams play for State and my parents and I went to Canton Texas!! Our trip was kinda sorta last minute and that was why I did not tell the bloggy world ahead of time. I know that I missed out on meeting up with some close bloggers.

For those of you that do not know what Canton is...OMG!! You need to go. This is how it is described: **The world's largest outdoor trade days takes place Thursday through Sunday before the first Monday of every month in Canton, Texas. Every month, thousands of vendors from across the country turn this friendly East Texas community into a shopper's paradise where you can find the rare antiques and collectibles, furniture, fine home decor, arts and crafts, clothing, jewelry, tools, produce, and much more. Make plans now to come to Canton and enjoy the First Monday shopping experience.**
Never fear! We are going to take an all girl trip back to Canton in 2-3 months!

All week long it had been in the 70's and 80's until we got there. We went through Canton with the temp at 40 degrees and wind chills in the 30's. Did I mention that LOTS of Canton is outside?? Did not stop us from shopping. Gosh only knows how much money I would have spent if the weather had been nice!! My mom and I switched jackets at one point because mine had a hood on it. Her ears were so cold! So she put her hood on and tied it up like she was a 6 year old. My mom is a little bitty person and looked even smaller with her hood tied like that. At one point I looked over at her and just busted out laughing. There she was looking so itty bitty and there was my button on the jacket proclaiming "I HAVE BIG SEXY BRAINS TOO!" My mom demanded that I remove the button once she realized what I was laughing about.

How far are YOU from Canton and would you consider a meet up some where when I go back??
For your entertainment.....I will share a few of my pictures from the trip.

See how well Bebo packed his toiletries?!?!?!? All nice and neat! Everything a he man needs for a 3 night 4 day trip to the big city. Shampoo? Check! Toothbrush? Check! Toothpaste? Check! Face Wash? Check! Deodorant? Check! Only thing wrong with this picture is that this well packed bag is sitting on his bathroom cabinet while Bebo is ALREADY IN DALLAS!!!

I took lots of pics like this. I was in the backseat part of the time while my daddy drove. I was playing around with my camera. Actually, I was not really playing around. I have a screen that now pops up on the monitor and I do not know why it does that and I cannot get it to stop. I fiddled around with it but never got it to do right. (No, I did not have the camera book with me). As a result, I have about 148 backseat pictures. I will only bore you with this one.
This picture violates one of my own hard and fast rules....NO UP THE NOSTRIL SHOTS! I really do not like how I look in this one but I am wearing a rockin' hat and I LOVE how my mom looks in this picture! Isn't she so pretty and little?
Have you ever wondered what people look like when faced with an armed robber and he says put your hands up and give me all your money or I will shoot you??

They look like this:

....who really did not have a damned thing to say at all but wanted to blog something....


  1. You do know you look just like your mom... right...?

  2. LOL...except for the itty bitty part....yes I know I look like my mom flutter.

  3. I can be in Canton in under an hour, there are also a few good cemeteries for our friend Rach if she wants to go - I already know where there are.

    My sis and I went to Canton a few months ago, but will always go again. I'll start saving the laundry money.

  4. I just love these pics. I bet you guys had a blast. I am jealous, I must say. And you got some of the coolest stuff there too. i can't wait until we all get to go!

  5. Mindy! You are so cute! Your post made me happy. Thanks!

  6. I love the Bebo typical! And your mom, what a hoot! I want to go shopping with you! Someday, I'm going to surprise you and come for a visit. I guess it wouldn't be a surprise, seeing as you'd have to pick me up from the airport and drive me to your house and see me looking lovely in my old pajamas. But it'd initially be a surprise!

  7. And not one pic of the goods that you bought...

  8. hugs ... glad you had a lovely time.

    loved the pic of you and your mum Mindy.

  9. Anonymous11:56 AM

    It sounds like you had a great time!

  10. Anonymous11:57 AM

    It sounds like you had a great time!

  11. Great photos. And no boogers! Yaaaaay!

  12. We used to go through Canton back when my MIL still lived up in that direction. Haven't been through there in years, and never on Trade Days. Glad you had fun!

    Now when are you coming in THIS direction??


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