Oh wow! Look at what I want to win?!?!?
And you can enter to win it too! Just go to Sew Cute Babe and see how to enter!

I would also like for my tummy and bust to be that small too!! *snicker*

Photobucket....who is starting THIS this weekend!


  1. ccccuuuuuutttteeeee!

    BTW, I've always wanted to do mystery knitting, but I don't follow directions well. Good luck with your mystery project.

    Peace and love,

  2. I can just see you with that purse!!

    And you don't want to have to give up your arms! Then you wouldn't be able to put things in or take things out of that purse!


  3. you should win because you are adorable. why would the prize go to anyone else. I.Mean.It.

  4. Because I love you so much, I'm not going to enter the giveaway and give you my shot at winning it. And if you don't win that purse, I'LL make you one! Boo-yah!

  5. I wish my tummy was that small too, I like to keep my boobs though.

  6. Mindy, re: your comment on my latest post, you can learn to have them. My Sunday school class has been studying these materials. They've helped a lot.

  7. I clicked on DogBlogger's link and thought it said "boundaries CLOWN townsend" . I thought it was a book about setting clown boundaries, and who needs a book for that? The boundary should be far, far away.

  8. Mindy *always* likes to keep her clown boundaries firmly set!


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