I come to work and realize that I have messages on my answering machine.

I reach over and enter my code to retrieve my messages.

~perky lady's voice that I sometimes argue with cause she holds my messages hostage at times~

*You have ONE new message*

The message begins:

"Hi Mindy, this is Otis Campbell and I need to take your class. Remember me? I have been in your class before. Mr. Official told me that I needed to call over there and see when I can get into your next class. I got in trouble...again.

Give me a call when you get the time or I will call you back. I will try to get back to you cause I want to take that class soon.

Thank you Ma'am."

This is where Otis THINKS that he has hung up his telephone. Problem machine is still recording and Otis is still talking....

"That's the cute little lady that taught that class last time. She is a big tittied red headed girl. Man, her titties are the ONLY reason why I made most of those classes."

Glad to know that my titties could have been help.

Otis will not be taking my class.

.....who KNEW super powers could come in such large packages!!


  1. OMG, that is hilarious! Wow, I wish you could have called him back, and let his know that it was still recording. HAHAHAHA!!!

  2. Mrs. job is rarely boring. HA HA!

  3. uhm...

    thankfully i have not had these messages about why folks want to be in the pews on sunday.... ick.

  4. BWAAAAHAHAHAHA. That is just rich!

    Honey, your girls got game!!!

  5. Hmmm....not quite sure what to say here! ;) Except for "what a dork"!

  6. I swear I would re-record that and play it back at him or perhaps him and Mr. Official.

  7. My hidden "talents" are very little. I'd love to hear that they inspire anyone to do anything.....except laugh!

  8. OMG! I can't breathe.....

    my word verification is "doodskya" Is that Russian?

  9. I have got to remember to not eat or drink anything while I read your posts ... lest they end up on the computer screen or up my nose ;-)

  10. Oh, how funny! And creepy! Maybe this guy hooked up with the FedEx man!

    Oh, and my word verification is "nallin." Now THAT'S creepy!

  11. It seems to me your "talents" aren't so hidden. Love the story and the sense of justice that comes with it. If he's gonna say it, you ought to get to hear about it.

  12. LMAO!!! You need to let Otis in your class. And then have a lesson about how to leave a proper phone message. And use a recording of his to illustrate what NOT to do. Along with never use the phone, let lone leave messages, while you're driving.

  13. I was drying my hair and I heard Dave laughing like a loon in the office and had to come investigate. I'm still laughing!

    So, are you going to tell him that you heard that part of the message?

  14. Anonymous7:54 AM

    Oh. My. GAWD!!
    This is just too funny!!!

  15. HAHAHAHAHAHA I neeeded that!

    And you will NOT believe this but I swear it is true: my word verification is:

    Wait for it...



  16. This story still cracks me up, no matter how many times I hear it. And y'all KNOW she saved that message for future reference. hahaha!

  17. oh mindy - that's priceless...I wish laughin weren't so uncomfortable atm, but am grateful for this anyway :-)
    oooh verification is "growned"


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