Anyone in the mood for a Valentine swap? Rules are simple. You will send out a Valentine and a small token. Candy is always good. If you are interested, leave me a comment and I organize it.


*You will be paired with one person.
*You are responsible for mailing out a Valentine and a small token gift or candy. You may purchase your gift, make it or recycle/repurpose something.
*You may not spend over $10 not including shipping.
*Mail outs are February 1st.
*If something happens and you cannot complete the swap...please contact me so I can do something. We all understand that things happen.
*If you do not receive anything...you must let me know. I cannot do anything about it if I do not know about it!!

Swappers so far:

1. Rachel

2. Mrs. M

3. Gerry

4. Babygator

5. God Guurrlll...allergic to Shirley Temple

6. Cynthia

7. Rev Kim

8. Adrienne

9. Patti

10. Lola!

11. KnittinPreacher

12. Phyllis

13. It's A Wonderful's Patti

14. Hot Cup

15. Sarita

16. Elastigirl

17. Swan

18. BunnyBunster

19. The Gersters

20. Zorra

21. Deb

22. Me


...who is looking for a Valentine. Clowns need not apply...especially trucker or married clowns.


  1. ...or clowns married to truckers.

    I'll play.

  2. YES!

    I want to play!

  3. As long as there is nothing to do with Shirley Temple, I'm in.

  4. Cynthia is a swapper fo sho.

    BTW my word verification is "kiess" ... a valentine in a southern accent, I do declare.

  5. I've never done a swap before. Guess it's time. Count me in!

  6. Or clowns that double as truckers when they aren't scaring little kids. Or Mom Gators.

    Or married truckers that haul clowns. Really the options are endless.

  7. Oh Oh! I'm in need of a good swap. Seeing as how I'm not a clown or a trucker (just a taxi cab drive for two kiddos) I think I qualify :-D

  8. I'm in! I could use some looove!

  9. Anonymous6:13 PM

    sure! I may actually get this one out the door on time!

  10. Anonymous6:38 PM

    Count me in. Been a long time! pdw

  11. You got me, I'll try it again.

  12. count me in... (but if ya have an odd number i don't need to).

  13. Are international participants allowed? Please let me know as I am interested.
    Thank you,

  14. Anonymous11:27 PM

    I want to swap!!

  15. ohhhhhh kaaaaay. Count me in.

  16. Hola Mindy,
    I am SO sorry I sent you to my blog in Spanish... I apologize, my excuse is that I JUST started blogging and I am new to all this technology, etc.
    Thank you for accepting me in your swap, I am really excited! I wanted to email you my address but for the life of me I could not find the link. My email address is saraglez1@yahoo.com
    Thank you again!

  17. I would like to participate. Let me know what to do!

  18. It looks like you need one more to have an even number. I haven't done this in a couple of years, so I'll play!


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