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I am a Bath and Body Works fiend!! I love that store. I am addicted to the CO Bigelow Menta Body Wash. It is infused with peppermint and leaves your body all tingly. Last Christmas, they had a limited edition of the body wash called Ginger Mentha Warming Mint Body Wash. The only thing better than tingly would be warm and tingly right?!?!? So I bought the 8 ounce size of the body wash. I have tried it two times and it is just not the same as the Menta Body Wash. So here I am with a (at LEAST) 95% full container of the stuff.

That got me to thinking. I am really trying to reuse, thrift and re-purpose so why not add barter to the list. I have something that YOU might like and you just might have something that I might like. I have decided to launch a little experiment and we shall call it

Mindyslist *grins*

The premise would be that, maybe once or twice a month, I would put something up here on the blog and will barter it for something that you might have. If the experiment does not work, we will just give it up. No harm no foul.

Now before you stop reading because you think you do not have a thing that I want I would ask you to please keep reading. I am very interested in bartering for: paper supplies, ephemera, glass beads, glitter or anything that is sparkly, crafts, old aluminum measuring cups and spoons, glass juicers, containers, your art, a fondue pot (I would rather this be a retro one and not a new one), coupons or anything else that you can think of. I will add to the list.

ALSO, I want to barter for things like Etsy store credit, a professional looking header for the blog, someone to move the mail part of the right part of my blog over just a tad to the left, something put behind my words so that I can change the background to anything and people can still see the blog and BUTTONS...blog buttons. I would love to have some for pantipalooza and swaps that I host.

If this really works, I will keep a list of things that I am willing to barter for on my side bar along with this that I already have that I will offer. I will be responsible for the postage to mail my item to you and you would be responsible for the postage to mail your stuff to me.

So up for barter today is the Ginger Menta Warming Mint Body Wash. Original value was $12.00 and I have used less than 5% of it. The description of the side reads: Ginger Extract 1%, Peppermint Oil and Extract 1%. Our luxurious lathering formula spiked with warming crystals surrounds the body with the radiant glow of comforting Ginger and a twist of refreshing Peppermint for a rejuvenating shower experience.

So what do you say? Wanna play?? If you have something that is not on my list feel FREE to throw it out there. You may have something that I do not know I want/need yet!

And even if you do not want to barter, please leave me a comment telling me if you think that this is a good or bad idea? How would you do it? What would you tweek?

..wants to past the REJUVENATING experience on to you!


  1. Mindy,

    I love the idea! I don't know if I'd do it, but I think it's fabulous.

  2. I love the idea! I wouldn't baarter for the current item as ginger + me = "yucky"

    However, I will keep checking for your "Complete List of Items I Am Willing To Barter For" to be added.

    Things to do this weekend.....look for crap to barter with!

  3. HEY!!! Wonder if I can barter for SPELL CHECK!

  4. Oh what fun! I'll definitly be checking out Mindyslist ;-) Bye bye Craig - who needs him when you have Mindy!

  5. I was coming over to say I LOVE bartering, and here's a whole post!

    On the lunchbox, having looked at the price of a new one, I'd say pretty much anything in my store that catches your eye would work - unless it's doesn't cost enough.

    Love the idea in this post.

    My security word is "greco". Not sure what to do with that.

  6. You mentioned old aluminum measuring cups, do you have any need/desire for aluminum drinking cups?

    I went through a stage a few years ago of scavenging antique stores for aluminum "glasses". The give a little extra cold kick to iced beverages. Haven't actually used them more than a few times.

  7. Great idea! Hubby and I shared a fantastic honeymoon in Hawaii all set up through a barter company.
    I have so many hardly used things that I just can't use for one reason or another. I'll start looking!

  8. Ooh I think bartering is a great idea. I've always been curious about people who do it on such grand scales. I don't think I have anything you want, but I'll keep it in mind.

  9. Anonymous1:11 PM

    I would totally barter with you. I know what you want of mine!

  10. I don't want that stuff, I smelled it when I was at your house and I didn't care for it. Now, I love Gingerbean and Ginger Snap cookies, but not ginger body wash. I think it is an awesome idea. Good luck, I know people will want to trade bunches and bunches of stuff with you.

  11. What kind of containers?

    But my 50+-year-old glass juicer is Not. Available.

  12. You are onto something here that, with our current Def-Econ 5 will probably become a trend.

    Not interested in the bath thingie.

    But I will trade you my sequins collection to be put back on your *(&#(@*!! blogroll, where I have disappeared and all these fine new strangers here who have come to stalk you can no longer find me.

    *smooths skirt*
    Thank you.

  13. Great idea!

    Like FreeCycle over the internet!

  14. smart thinkin'... since the economy is tanking and will continue to tank... i suspect this will become very popular indeed.

    shoulda checked w/ya before i sent loads of stuff to the second hand shop... *sigh* i'm sure they'll be more.

  15. GENIUS! I love the idea. Not interested in your body wash, though. I have crafty stuff, but don't you know I hoard it? My son was given a guitar pick handed to his aunt by Gene Simmons, at a KISS concert waaaay back "in the day." Do you think he'd miss it?

    I love the idea of trading for some blog pimping. Pimp My Blog! I could use some blog refinement.

    I love your girl, she's funny!

  16. Cool! Your own personal freecycle group.

  17. Mindy, my dear, I have an ORANGE, 1970s fondue pot down in our storage locker that is so YOURS. Why we have moved it from house to house since Jesus was in shorts is anyone's guess.

    Perhaps it was so that you could have it eventually.

    When I find it - it's in the back of the very large storage space - it's yours. And since I'm sending it, I'll send what's left of my scrapbooking materials as well.

    I suck at scrapbooking. (Only one way to find that out - by buying a bunch of stuff).

    I could hug you for taking that fondue pot off my hands. It was actually my Mom's, which is maybe why we kept it - but otherwise, it would have gone to no use at all. It's in perfect condition, though you may want to get a new heater-thingy just in case...

    email me...

  18. And speaking of Pantipalooza.... it's it about time we got working on that???!!! It's just two weeks away ya know....

  19. I think we should start a barter blog and we can list our things there with pictures and then just trade! We can call it something cute for us eclectic queens! Sounds fun. I can't do fragrances, but surely someone wants to trade for Bath & Body Works stuff. They are awesome!!!



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