I went home from work last Friday night and did not leave my house until I went to work on Monday morning. I had such a good weekend. I did laundry, some cleaning, some movie watching and some creating. I am enjoying my craft room ssssoooo much. I was not using it until Babygator came and painted it. Now I cannot stay out. So now lets play show and tell! *grins*

I am changing up my office some. I have taken down my Mindy Cow Memorial Pictures and am replacing them with M's. All sorts of M's.

I took a frame I found at a thrift store for $.50
frame first

Cleaned it up and printed an M on some paper and TA DA!


I made a pillow for Gingerbean to lay on while she is in the craft room with me. She will only stay in there if I am NOT sewing. She thinks that the sewing machine is going to eat me.


I wanted a new clock in my craft room so I altered an old one that I had. This is totally easy to do and really cheap if you ever want to do it.


And finally purses! These are bigger than my wristlet but smaller than an actual purse. This one is mine. This is where you can find the tutorial that I used. It is REALLY well written and totally easy to follow!


A close up:
mypurse =]close

And one for Rachel's birthday!

skull purse

Now tell me...doesn't this fabric just SCREAM Rach?


Sign-ups are still open for the Valentine Swap! Just tell me you want in and I will put you on the list!

........wishes she knew who her swap partner would be so she could start making something!!


    You are so talented dear-heart.
    For reals. Remind me what your etsy handle is so I can go and buy everything?

  2. I wish I had the patience to do crafts.
    Sign me up for the swap, please.

  3. Look at you go! That is very cool. Rachel's purse is perfect and I'll bet she loved it.

    Did you every hang up the quilt square?

  4. MINDY! I am in awe! I love your creativity...yet another link in our seperation at birth! Love the bags!

  5. I LOVE the fabric you picked out for Rach. She will love, Love, LOVE it.

    You should make some "re-useable" bags for grocery/walmart or where ever so you don't have to use plastic bags.

    And seriously, don't worry about me. I want to bitch about my job, but can't because a ton of people from work read my blog and are on my facebook. I'll give you a hint and you'll understand if you've watched the news. I work in Real Estate. See now you understand.

    Word Verification imicalin. Sounds like I'm a calling doesn't it?

  6. What a great weekend! All your goodies look so yummy ~ you craft girl!

  7. gettin' a little worried about that rach girl...

    your framed M is lovely! mocha java would love to hang out with you... is there a couch in the sewing room for him to lay on? hee hee

  8. I love your purse and Rach's BAG. I totally love the clock, and how the hearts are all just willy nilly and stuff. You are so crafty!

  9. My bag ROCKS! And it is now full of sharpies and pencils. (Black Warrior #2 pencils cuz they are the BEST drawing pencils ever!)


  10. I left a comment earlier that apparently I didn't save.

    Anyway, you are so creative and talented!

  11. I love the skull purse. Very, very cool. Have fun with your new "M" theme. Check your email - I sent you a present!

  12. Mindy, I didn't know you were so talented! I LOVE your stuff! Great ideas! Thank you!

    I was a great swimmer, but never wanted to be on swim team in high school because a) they practiced before school and I wanted to sleep & b)my curly hair would be curly & fuzzy & it was the 70's & everyone wore their hair long & straight. (which meant I slept in huge pink curlers)...I never regretted not being on high school swim team. Plus, when I was a life guard, I HATED the responsibility...was always afraid someone might actually need to be rescued on my watch. It was so stressful. When my license lapsed, I didn't renew.

    And...I love weekends like that. I love Sundays like that.
    xo, Cheryl

  13. Thanks for the compliment I my tutorial and thank you for letting me know you used it. It's been downloaded a bunch but I've only seen a few made. So thanks for sharing it with me. I love the flower purse - I like yours better than mine!!!
    I also love the idea of altering your clock, what a great project!

  14. you are so talented!!! I need to go back on etsy to find a new cute purse - wonder of there are valentine wristlets?

  15. LOL. Love Rachel's purse!!!! And WHY isn't there an "M" on your clock??

    Inquiring minds want to know.

    Yes - I would like to be in on the swap!


  16. Now go to my place and get your award!

  17. Hey Mindy! Tag! You're awarded! Come pick it up over at my place.

    Word verification: cocoomro. Sounds exotic.

  18. You really are so talented! Everything looks so cute!

  19. love what you make AND your enthusiasm.

    hugs xx

  20. OMG,

    I just love Spooky Rach's purse. Nothing says creepy more than a purse with a bunch of skulls on it.

    Peace and love,

  21. Love hte purses!!!!

    I wanna swap

  22. and whoops, I awarded you too!

    you just rock!

  23. Rats, I missed the swap! Oh well, next time. Glad you had a weekend home and are enjoying your.very.own.craftroom.


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