I am applying to be a blog partner on a blog that I have really enjoyed. You can check out the link HERE asking me to tell more about myself. Tell me, and I do not mean kiss my hiney, what you would tell her or what your favorite blog post of mine has been.

This is the blog: http://www.the-giveaway.com/

....who is wearing tights to Church! God better love girls who wear tightly binding waist thingys to Church is all I am saying.


  1. You are kind, a good friend, loving mother oh and I think you are holding my dog the lovely Gingerbean hostage. Hehe!

    Ok, seriously.

    You are a strong and resourceful woman who can do anything. I wish I had the caffeine in me to tell you the right words, but your bubbly personality comes out in what you write and I know you will say the right thing. And if I didn't have you back - I would apply myself. XOXO!

  2. LOL...then pay the money and the Beanster does not get hurt!

    Please DO apply! It would not bother me at all!!! I would be happy for you to get it!

  3. You are a kind, hard-working, loyal, faithful, non-judgemental, fair, nurturing, responsible, joy-filled, funny, forgiving, loving, out-going, generous, and beautiful woman. For reals. I'm lucky to know you. And even luckier that you are my friend. This person would be lucky to have you collaborate on any project! (And I call a spade a spade and don't kiss no hiney. Ever.)

    I'm on my way to check out the link. And any of the pantypalooza or swap posts are great. But so's the one about the lady with the obnoxious t shirt.

  4. Ok, I just know that she is going to pick you. I have been looking back through a bunch of your postings, and I think I have found my fav.

    This one is it. It shows your humor, and is one of my all time favs. Love you bunches!

  5. http://princessandthebeads.blogspot.com/2007/03/nekkid-woman-and-weiners.html

    Or this one.

  6. http://princessandthebeads.blogspot.com/2008/08/culture-coffee-and-crowsfeet.html

  7. Oh my gosh! I don't know where to begin - you always have me in stitches.

    The dude and his um ... planned parenthood package ... that landed on your desk - that still cracks me up thinking about that!

  8. Boym, I don't have any words of wisdom to offer but I do wish you luck!!!!

  9. Anonymous12:28 PM

    You are everything that all have said before me and then some!
    I like your last post about the girl who made your eye twitch.

  10. Why any one of your posts would work. In fact, you should compile them into a book and entitle it "Words to Live By" by Princess Mindy, Texas royalty in Probation Officer clothing!

    What's more, they should pay you to be their blogging partner. Buckets of money! And favors. Like airline tickets to Los Angeles for you and your whole family! With a stretch Hummer limo to pick you up and bring you to Glendale to meet blog friends like....ummmmm, oh I don't know.......maybe me!

    And further, if they DON'T pick you, then we should all get into the Texas Towncar of Justice and go over to their site and TP 'em! Yeah. That's what.

    *smooths skirt* *ahem* There now. That's better.

  11. OMG, everything you write, except the recipe, is funny, pretty much. I was gonna say any of the pantypalooza stuff too, but the last post about the food stamps mom made me lol too, except it also made me MAD! Grrrrr! From what I can see of the Giveaway Blog, you would be purrrfect!

    And thanks for your comment at my place. :-)

    And I wore tights to church Sunday too. It's cold. But dang, tights are not comfortable...

  12. I forgot to tell you that the word verification for my post was

    And now the word verification for this one is...no joke...kingit.

    So--you are gonna win that spot.

  13. I think your pantipalooza and weinermobile stuff is always good. And I liked your Halloween photo bonanza last year...

    I think you're way weird. Be sure to tell her that. She'll want to know. You can use me as a reference. hahaha!


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