**I am MORE than pleased with how the bartering turned out. I have now set free the body wash AND a laptop lunch set! In exchange, I am getting a trade for bling from Mrs. Swizzle. OMG, you have GOT to check out her etsy store!! I am also getting a retro fondue pot actually touched owned and used by Sue!! I am thrilled!!!

**I am thinking maybe do the barter post one day a month? Or maybe two? What do you think?

**I am also thinking that, if I have enough that want to, on that day we can all post to our own blogs what we might have to offer to barter and set up a Mr. Linky?

**A reminder that I have Valentine swaps set to be mailed on February 1st. *smacks side of head* Since that is a may mail out on Monday.

**Remember that, if you cannot send off in time, please contact me or your swap partner and just let us know.

**I am getting ready for the Super Bowl party that Bebo and I do every year. He is 16. I am thinking that he will not wanna be doing that with me much longer. I love that tradition and I am really going to miss it.

**Just wait until you see what I plan to cook!!

**Is there anything better in the world than Mary Jane shoes??

**Watch for the Pantipalooza post coming up tomorrow. I would happy beg someone to teach me how to make a button or make one for me!

**I think site meter rocks. *grins* I love being able to see where everyone comes from to get to my blog. Makes me feel very loved.

**I am also playing around with that little *follows me* thingy. If yours is not turned on, please do so. That way I can follow you around too. ~laffin~ cause everyone needs a little stalking now and then.

**Brought the beanbaby back to work with me for the two hours I will be there. Think I will get much done? I am thinking that most of that time will be spent using the rolly sticky thing over my pants legs trying to keep the corgi hair at bay.

**I am swapping with 4 people for Valentines! Two on my blog and 2 on other blogs. I am so working on stuff this weekend!

**So what are your weekend plans? Wanna come on over to my house and watch the Super Bowl? thinking maybe something homemade for the next barter....hhhmmmmmmmm


  1. Hey do you need another guest for the super bowl party? I might be able to make it if you asked nicely. Lol. Love that you are having a blast with the bartering.

  2. All you have to do is come over babygator!

    Just let me know ahead of time cause I will be picking up some drinks.

  3. YES - I'm all for the barter. I've been busy and haven't been on top of my blogs. So I missed out on your barter deal.

    I would so go to your superbowl party if I only lived close by. Now I'm doubly sad - I got dumped and I don't get to go to the party. My mother would tell me I'm going to step on my lip if I don't watch it.

  4. ~snickers~ Dijea...your face is going to freeze like that.

  5. Nooo Mindy... you and Bebo AND BabyG should come to MY house... it's really not *that* far... and you KNOW I am cooking good stuff, lol. All weekend is a matter of fact. The smoker is ready to go for the brisket and the ribs tomorrow and then Sunday... more football food. And what do you want the Pantypalooza button to do?

  6. And what about a team blog for the barter thing instead? That way we could post things as we find them instead of saving it all up or whatever... when someone wants what we post for trade, if someone wants it and has something to offer, it get posted in the comments for that post.

  7. I'm stalking you today. Tomorrow I will stalk someone else. Did you see me?

  8. I was going to suggest what Flutterby said.

    So I'll just second Flutterby's idea.

    Ah, superbowl party. Are you makin' 7 layer dip? I always love superbowl 7 layer dip.

  9. Anonymous4:25 PM

    Hola! Too bad we live in different countries otherwise I would take you up on the superbowl invitation :)
    If you decide that homemade is good for bartering let me know!
    Have a great weekend,

  10. I think the team blog would be awesome! Awesome!
    Awesome! and more Awesome. I'm a little sad I didn't make that suggestion.

    I wish I was creative and could do an etsy page. Sigh---I can't even draw a stick page.

    I got a milk glass punch bowl with glasses & a ladle and water glasses. That's a lot to barter though.

  11. I think it is just fine if someone wants to set up a blog and do that and handle that type of a blog.

    Right now, I do not want to be the
    participate if someone else wants to do that. I would also still do this on my blog.

    I just thought that doing it at an appointed time and using Mr. Linky would help send traffic to blogs that would not normally get that traffic.

  12. Well, if I start driving RIGHT NOW, I would maybe make it in time for kick off...


  13. Yaaaay, Mindy got rid of her soap!

    Great idea on the barter. What is a pantipalooza? And I would love a button made, too. Perhaps I have something that I could trade for a button.

    Recipes! Share! Now!

  14. Hey Mindy! I just returned from the storage locker of doom with the fondue pot in my hands. I'll get that out to you asap. Yay!!

    It's just such a lovely retro 70s orange - you are going to LOVE it.


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