It really is! I am not whining...I have seen some of the winter weather that some of you are having and we are NOT having that at all! It is just cold here....18 degrees right now with a wind chill of 6....but we are supposed to be in the 50's tomorrow!! Right now there is a little sleet and snow on the ground. I remember just last week when we were in the upper 70's. My first real clue to how cold it was when I found Molly amongst the towels. The dryer is right below that shelf and I had clothes drying. She is probably in the toastiest place in the house.
I usually go home at lunch time to let Gingerbean out. Bebo's school did not start until 10 so I decided I would pack my lunch and stay in to eat with the girls. The girls I work with not to be confused with *the girls*.
This is one of my sweet little Bento Boxes. I love Bento. I wish that I really was patient to really pack them how they are supposed to be packed. Heck, I am just a container could I NOT love Bento? Isn't that the cutest little lion pick??
This is a Bento Addendum Container. There was not enough room in the Bento Box to pack my fritos so I had to use the Addendum Container. They come in all sizes. ~grins~

Now doesn't that look like a happy little lunch?!?!? All orangy and chipper on a cold snowy day??

These are the Bento Pics that I bought. They are all fun little animals. Why you ask am I showing you the picks??

Cause this is what is on the back:

On my honor Oh Bento I swear not to give to an infant no matter what. I will also not give into error drinking dangers once I figure out what they are.
I leave you with Corgi wearing Coat pictures. This is how she is most mornings when we go out. She is not tangled up. She is holding the leash in her mouth with her teeth. She is trying to wrestle the leash away from me so that SHE can walk ME and not the other way around.
And I knew you had to see her in her Little Red Riding Hood coat(minus the hood cause her ears are TOO BIG). You really should have seen her slide Bambi fashion across the drive way!!

...who is nice and warm working on her paper crafts during lunch.


  1. I like the word bento...say it a few times..bento....bEntO....BeNtO.

    When you figure out what an "error drinking danger" means I'd like to know.

  2. I absolutely love those Chinese directions that make absolutely no sense!

    I have a cat that could be Molly's twin. And I love nothing more than a corgi in a coat.

  3. Major time suck. But funny as hell.

  4. I'd be careful talking about 50 degree temps when it's -8 here. Just sayin'.


    But it is a cute little box.

    And a very, very cute puppy!

  5. omg, Gingerbean is the cutest. I didn't know she had a little tail. Is she a Pembroke or a Cardigan?
    Chelsea's coat is pink & brown like a pink parka w/brown ribbon trim & a pink furr collar!
    SHE ALSO "walks herself" w/her collar in her mouth!
    Too cute! We have about 4 inches of snow today. Kisses, Cheryl

  6. Doesn't Gingerbean look smart in her jacket - and warm too.

    Its been all hype here so far with the weather. The weathermen are all gloom and doom and well I must be missing something. They say its coming. I'm not holding my breath.

    wprd verivication: acebur

  7. Now that's what we subjects like in a post. Color,animals and food.

  8. That pick did a mighty fine picky job on your tomatoes at lunch. Yessirreebob.

    Error drinking danger makes me think of big flashy robots waving their arms and crying out warnings to Will Robinson.

  9. NO MATTER WHAT! You know how infants have such bargaining skills. LOL!!!

  10. Gingerbean is just too cute...she must be a hard headed little thing, Zorra used to grab the leash like that too. Put bitter apple on it if you want her to stop. (but watch out for the error drinking danger)

  11. I'm seriously considering a laptop lunchbox. My daughter saw me looking online last night, then this morning asked if I was going to get her "that organized lunchbox".

    Could the child need more organization in her life?

  12. Also considering this:

  13. I'm so glad that Gingerbean has a nice warm coat to wear. She does look very smart in it!!
    I've never heard of Bento, but I like the warning label!!

  14. I love bento - have the 'laptop lunch box' for my little man's lunches - very bentoish.

    I might have had one of those 'error drinking dangers' last nigth ... iced in, no power all night, stir crazy, wine, fire roaring ... yikes - maybe I should stop there ;-D

  15. too funny... mochajava also tries to grab leash, and does but with leash in jaws or not... he definitely walks me. i've tried the dog whisperer stuff... uh yeah. anyhoos mochajava thinks gingerbean looks ready for hunting...

    and my goodness what a lunch you pack! today was leftover cardboard pizza... will you pack me lunch?

  16. Wow. I have never heard of Bento or error drinking danger but now, well, now I know.

    And the mental image of Gingerbean doing her little ice skating trick made me smile. :)

    You can pack my lunch any time. :)

  17. Sorry
    Tiria hijacked the computer and didn't log out. The minx.

  18. Out cat lays on the heaters all day. No wonder it is so cold whenever she is in a the room we are in!

    Little corgi in a coat is adorable!

  19. Could Gingerbean be any cuter? I don't think so? Is that the family tartan?


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