LOST always rocks my world but OMG!! Did you see the season finale last night??? Blew me away! What did you think of it??

I am loving driving to work with the window down.

This stuff is awesome!! The febreze in this is awesome! Makes the house smell good while I am doing laundry. Especially good for a 15 year old he man child's clothes.

Have y'all tried this? The Cheddar is out of the world!! It taste JUST LIKE cheddar popcorn. I swear. I could not find a pic of the cheddar so I had to make due with a pic of the sour cream and onion that I have not tried. I could have taken a pic of my actual bag but then y'all could see how much I had already eaten out of it.

We have a bonus program here at work for our clients that are actually working their community service hours. If they are in compliance, they get to bring in food items for our local food pantry. Each officer has a different food item that their people bring in. My clients bring in peanut butter. I just love how it looks all colorful in my bin. LOL...can you see the smiley face?

I am in LOVE with my new crock pot!! I have found the most awesome blog called A Year of Crockpotting and have tried a lot of her recipes and they is SSOOOOO GOOOD!! Bebo and I made her garlic baked potatoes the other day. We could have just taken the lid off and ate them straight out of the pot with our forks. SO easy and SO good.

Drive up menu at the Sonic. I have been diet coke free for a little over 2 months now. I did have about 1/3 of one a few weeks ago and it did not taste right at all!! So now I am ordering ice tea. mmmmmmmmm Sonic ice!!

I have told tons of you the news already but I am now making it official. I am BUYING A HOUSE!!! I am excited and scared to death all at the same time. We are having to do tons of work on it but I believe that it will be worth it in the long run. Keep sending your money karma thoughts my way. Bebo and I were so excited when we opened the paper the other day and the SOLD was on our house in the ad!! We will close on the house on June 27th. I WILL HAVE MY OWN CRAFT ROOM!!!
So what is rocking your world right now???

who rock name with be Glitter Bold


  1. Hey I get to be the first comment this morning!! What is rocking my world now.. hmm... one of my dearest friends is realizing a dream she has had for a VERY long time even though I think she wouldn't admit just how long she's wanted this. I cannot wait to see her new house this summer and find one little something to do for it. And what else.. my daughter. Seeing her so extremely genuinely happy, having fun being *like liked* by a perfectly wonderful young man.

  2. Your daughter deserves that flutter.

    And yes...years and years and years.

  3. OMG!!!

    Why did you not lead with the news about the house!!!!!!!

    Doing a happy dance for you!!!

  4. LOL...cause no one would have read the rest of the entry Miss Cheese.


  5. Congrats on the house! How fun.....and challenging (LOL) to be a homeowner. But of course you DO KNOW that the home really owns you, right?????

    Great idea with the potatoes. I never would have thought to use a crock pot. Tootles!

  6. Woohoo for home ownership!

    Does this mean you are going to hire a pool boy named Rafael? If so, call me. I'll bring the Sonic ice and we can sit and throw it at him from lawn chair vantage points.

  7. You're buying a Castle!!!!!!! Oh way, way cool!


  8. Gerry...I do believe that this home is already owning me.

  9. No pool rach but that does not mean we cannot have a pool boy!

    I will put an ad in the paper asap.

    *wiggles eyebrows suggestivly*

  10. Oh net...I do like it said that way!

    I am buying a CASTLE!!

  11. So exciting about the house!
    I guess Lost was about the best thing I've seen on TV in a LONG time!!!

  12. I totally agree Songbird! I just love that show.

  13. Lost - awesome. Check this out.

    If you google Jeremy Bentham you can find a Wiki on him. He was a progressive 19th Century Philosopher, political radical and theorist in Anglo-American philosophy of law. Now for the interesting part - if you look under 'influences' you will see the name JOHN LOCKE.

  14. Hey, I love Sonic ice too! I prefer a cranberry-limeade with it though! ;)

    Again, congrats on the house. I know you will get a ton of use from the craft room!

  15.'s going to be a long summer!

  16. I may have to have one of those today randi!

  17. Anonymous12:04 PM

    Congrats on the house! Very cool news!

  18. YAYYYYYYY YAYYYYY!!!! A house!!! Mindy's Castle! I love it.

    Next: LOST...I let my son stay up with me so we could watch it! I have been so worried that Desmond would not make it, but was reeeeeallly happy he and Penelope finally were reunited. I was just bummed that there was no Charlie. Otherwise it totally rocked.

    And I am bookmarking that crockpot site. I love crockpot cooking! It's so easy and good. And those potatoes sound like heaven.

    YAY a house a house!!! Oboy.

    Whaddya say everybody...shouldn't we throw Mindy a Housewarming Blog Shower????? I think we oughta....Mindy, you must register for gifts, tell us where you registered and we'll shower you!!

  19. Mindy,
    I read they comment you left Randi and wanted to tell you I thought it was wonderful. Thanks for sharing your idea about including your daughter in everyday tasks.
    I work with at-risk teens and this is a great idea to pass on to my clients. We also provide a food pantry for our clients too. Where do you work? Come and see me I'll be coming by again soon.

  20. Yeah, I'm thinking as long as you have a house, you can have a pool boy. If need be we can get one of those plastic kiddie pools from wal-mart...

    Be sure to tell 'em in the ad to include a picture with their resume.

    Aw, hell, who'm I kidding? We don't need no stinkin' resumes!!

  21. Thank you polar bear!

    You are going to love that site PG!!

  22. Thank you so much journey! I am a probation officer.

  23. Heck Rach...he will not even have to know how to SWIM!!

  24. I'm with Rach on the pool boy. Just make sure his mandatory uniform is nothing more than a thong. Oh, he must also make good frozen cocktails.

  25. I am so excited for you Mom Gator!!! I will see you tomorrow to work work work! I love you bunches!

  26. Yay!!!! Mindy's Princess Castle!!!!

  27. Whoo-hoo, Mindy!!!!

  28. so happy for you!!!!!

    when is the House Warming? I want to send a gift...

  29. I found your blog for the first time, earlier this week. I had fun looking at all of the cow pictures.

    I was so anxious watching LOST! I was going nuts, trying to figure out who died. Then when they showed who was in the casket, I was puzzled and wondering how John and Ben made it off the island! Excited for the new shows to start this fall!

    So happy to hear about your house. We bought a HUD house 13 years ago. Fixed it up, and put a huge addition on the back last year. Your going to love doing your own thing!

  30. Anonymous8:37 PM

    so excited for you. need help?


  31. I hate it when I get here late! I think PG's idea of a house shower is a great idea!

    Congratulations Mindy!!

    I have gotten a bit too enthralled with the Sonic Java Chiller (mocha with an extra shot of espresso) lately (but that has nothing to do with me being up so late).

    I love the PB jar lid smiley face!

  32. yay yay yay to you the new house your positive attitude (even to laundry) ... oooh Bless you.

    I want to see the new house (and now I KNOW why visiting you early this year didn't work out ... maybe I'll get to sleep in the craft room.

    way hay :)

  33. Seriously awesome news M. I love seeing your world through pictures. I am with Annie, I hate it when I get here late. Sweetie will love the popcorn as there is nothing that she loves more than cheese.

    Congrats on the new home, and the hunt for the pool boy.

  34. Rach I will send her my pool boy, Jorge, on loan until she finds a good one. He *never* forgets the little umbrella in my drinks.


    How exciting about your house! Of course we want pictures! Is there tacky wallpaper or something amazingly hideous in home decorating that you will have to change? (We inherited a 1970s AVACADO GREEN kitchen!!)

    I loved the PB smiley face.

    AND YES YES YES let us shower you!!!


  36. wow, things are rocking in your world. congrats on the house.

  37. .....Now I've done it!


    I have an evil plan.......


  38. congratulations! how exciting... btw i totally recommend packing in rubbermaid type totes. stack easily. water doesn't get in 'em... etc.

  39. You're rocking my world right now because it seems that everybody I read mentions you, and I don't think I have EVER been to your blog. How strange.

    Love the wallpaper, love everything you love, love the new Tide (just bought some), hate cheddar popcorn, love that my baby boy will be nine years old tomorrow and seems to be HAPPY, love that somebody I love lives close to me, love that my kids are kind, decent human beings, love that I have Tostitos in the pantry. And I think I'll go eat some.

  40. I was gone all weekend and I just! saw! this! The house!! So fabulous!!!
    I can't wait to see pictures.

  41. Anonymous6:04 AM

    Yippee for YOU!!
    I'm very happy and excited for you on the house purchase!!

  42. You have my CrockPot!

    I love this crockpot, but I think I've worn it out already....


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