You asked me "Where have I been and why have I not been reading your blogs?"

EEERRRRRMMMMMMMM.........*tries to think fast*

Well uuuuhhhhhh you see I have been on a secret assignment. YES! YES that is it!! I have been on a top super secret undercover assignment. I had to make sure no one was following me. I could not read your blogs because that would have put YOU into danger. YES! THAT IS IT! It would have put you into danger and I just could not do that to you! You mean way to much for me. I have had to be really careful and try not to call attention to myself in any form or fashion!

I am thinking that shirt was not a good one to hide out in.

I am hoping that the coast is clear now and I can come out.

Wanna see what part of the secret was?

HINT: The *shop* is open. ~grins~ Please go and check it out and HONESTLY tell me what you think. You will not hurt my feelings. There are not many items in it but I will be adding along to it. I need to learn how to do banners because I am not happy with the one on it. Rachel suggested adding skulls. Are we surprised??? But I do not even know how to do that!


pppssttt...there is actually one more top secret mission that I am working on but I don't want to jinx it. I promise you I will let you know as soon as I can!

And is not about the *baby*.

...Nancy Drew in disguise


  1. Wow!!! Cool! (scrambling for her purse... alas. tuition was paid. another day....)

    I think you blend in PERFECTLY with the plant. Were you in that picture? Really?


  2. way cool! i didn't even know this sorta shopping was available... mmmm... my wheels are turning!

  3. You have one less item to sell now, because I nabbed one of your items.

    On another note, I am having a hard time reading the text with your background to find where to click for the comments. Just so you know.

    I hope you put more items up to sell :).

  4. I love those earrings. Are they too flirty for pastors?

  5. I hope not, because I just bought them...

  6. ~squeals~ I love y'all so much! I was afraid that my stuff would be silly!

    And I think those earrings are so pastor ready songbird!!

  7. Anonymous5:47 AM

    Cool stuff!!

  8. Dang!
    Songbird bought the earrings!!!
    Are you making more?

    (budget weary seminarians want to know...)


  9. Cool stuff!!! I'll keep checking for more items.

  10. Two words fer ya: BOOK THONG.


    Glad your items are selling. They really are cool!

  11. Lovely! I'm proud of you!

  12. I love your shop Mom Gator! It is fantastic. No, it is better than fantastic, it is super terrifically fantastic, no its...its...quick someone tell me what is better than super terrifically fantastic!

  13. Are you going to make more earrings! I came back to get a pair and *POOF* they are headed toward other ears!

  14. Very cool! I might could help you with the banner if you'd like.

    PS I know you've been busy but I still don't see myself on your blogroll. And I'd still like to know how you do that.

  15. OK. Can I order a pair of those earrings please. Seriously.

    and what Cathy said about the background - it makes it a bit hard for those of us - erm matured ladies - to read.

  16. Absolutley hystercial. THanks for the laugh. Sorry about the clown ... I promise no clowns on the next post :_

  17. Wow! I can't draw a stick man much less make something worth selling. You go girl.

  18. Anonymous12:34 PM

    Yippie!! I bought the ceiling fan pull!!
    You are quite talented!

  19. Okay, first off the outfit would have totlaly worked if you ahd been spying on the Larry King set! The dots remind me of the ones that make up the US map. Can ya tell I watch way tooo much TV!
    Truthfully, it is a great color. One of my favs.
    So, next off Nancy Drew is like my totla hero.
    Finally, I invited myself over to yor place because i am wisihing I were at Homies and celebrating with my gals and pals (see my blog)
    But then after visitng Cheese's blog, i got sad cause I am hitting the big 4-0 and they even ahve a tv show about that now (as well as models over 35) Hello!!!!????? they make it sound ancient.
    So, I invited mnyself over to have a drink. Do you knwo how to make a Cosmo or a Pome. Martini or how bout a real margarita?

  20. I seriously do like the outfit and I am nto making that up. I am imagining it with cut crop style pants, but can't tell cuz of the plant!
    Your jewerly rocks! Wish you could come to the bead shop here in LA, but it is far, far away and the bugs have come back for the summer fun!

  21. Anonymous5:17 AM

    I know your secret!!!

  22. Not sure I should tell you about the earrings I "need"

    is when we tried onour cap and gown (you can see the necklace I will wear - its silver with five quite large (for me) rectangular stones (which ar e almost black but with a grey-blue) twinge ...

    THe friend who bougght the necklace for me for my birthday (in Nov) will check if the earrings are still availble (tried in town today ) - MIL wants to get them for me for my graduation present - but I might have leftit too late ...

    they should be rectagular and I hope they dangle (but not too much)

  23. *applause*

    Good for you, Mindy!

  24. Had to say hi as i was lurking about. So proud that you're finally giving your fans the chance to buy your crafterpieces. wishing you oodles of sales.

  25. rumour has it ... that you are having a party here

    where's the bar`? oh I see some glasses with sweet little sunshades ...

  26. make more revgal earrings


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