I have been working on some preparedness things and getting some stuff in order. I do have a 72 hour pack and I am working on stock piling some items. In doing that, I sort of became curious as to what some of you might be doing.

1. I would really like to know what y'all are doing to prepare for the *might be coming* recession?

2. Do you have a 72 hour kit? If so, what all do you have in it?

3. Have you stock-piled anything? If so...what?

...who is getting prepared and has BEEF JERKY in her 72 hour pack


  1. Here in the land where the earth experiences "recessions" from time to time, I have prepared a very large plastic tub with: toothpaste, brushes, camping food, packaged water, towels, an outdoor shower to hook up with the hose if it still works, those shiny reflective blankets, a pop up tent, a wind up radio and flashlight, a battery emergency light and radio, handwipes, big plastic bags and toilet paper, emergency prescriptions, Motrin, first aid kit, and that's all I can remember.

    Because here, it's not "if", it's "when".

    For the recession, I have stopped shopping at Target. That should cut our expenses in half. (we don't have any WalMarts nearby).

  2. Anonymous8:51 AM

    What in the hecks are you talking about?

  3. I stockpiled for Y2K. I may not ever do that again.
    But I am thinking of trading my car in and getting a hybrid.

  4. I admit I am woefully unprepared!

  5. umm... we have emergency stuff but really not planning on stockpiling food. Actually when people freak out and start doing that it ends up causing more problems in the long run. I *have* planted a bigger garden this year and will freeze what I can but otherwise... nah. Unless 4 pounds of dried black beans and 4 pounds of rice, which I usually don't buy, counts as a stock pile.

  6. I figure I will off the land or get and MRE.

  7. We have a backpack with some meds and so on in it... but that's it. I need to think about staple foods that would not require a stove or electricity. Somehow toast over the BBQ just wouldn't be.. good.

    For that reason alone, my beloved will not let me get rid of our campstove.

    I'm just curious what your list of essentials contains..



  8. Hey Presby Gal - just wanted you to know you're amazing and wonderful and I hope your blog isn't closed for good (since I can't comment to you there I'm borrowing Mindy's space...)


  9. I will be blissfully unprepared as well.

  10. Ooops, unprepared I am.

  11. Um, well thank you Deb.

    So, Mindy, what's in your pack?

  12. I do have to ask what a 72 hour pack is!

    I am just trying to buy extra things at the store each week and put them aside just in case. mY tendency is to get a little panicked about these things so I am trying to take it easy and not worry.

  13. saw this and thought of you enjoy.


  14. Our emergencies entail snow and getting stuck at home. I know how to stock food and spend most of the summer storing up for winter. I haven't heard of a 72 hour kit. We are counseled to stock 3 days of food that doesn't need cooking, candles, batteries, matches, and other stuff in case of power outage. Is that it?

  15. I am so unprepared, but I do buy in bulk and have a big freezer, so I pretty much always have stuff on hand. And my husband usually keeps an extra thing of propane.

    I never don't have meds or band aids. I have kids.


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