It's raining here. Finally! Glorious wonderful rain.....

I tried taking pics of me splashing in the water on my way to work.
Yes I am driving and taking pictures at the same time. Totally dangerous, hazardous, on the edge behavior for me. ~rolling my eyes~ The things that I do for you people.

The rain is making me very very happy.
I am still working on answering all of your questions. That will be a blog post in itself. I will also try to get pics and an explanation of my 72 hour pack.
If you have any questions..any at all....just leave it in comments and I will get it answered in the next day or two.
...who does not have a rain bonnet


  1. rain, rain, come and stay
    I wish I could go out and play.

    You wanna go stand out in the rain with me later? We'll need a break at about 3:00, right?

  2. I will so totally meet you at the front at 3. I will be the one not wearing any shoes.

  3. It rained here today, too...but only for about fifteen minutes.

  4. It rained here this morning too! Though more of a sissy spitter than a cleansing rain.

    I'll be there too, Mindy, with no shoes.

    New question: What is your favorite meal to cook?

  5. Two little sweeties, standing out in the rain--don't you know y'all will melt?

    Two little goofballs, standing in the rain--don't y'all have sense enough to come in out of the rain?

  6. Anonymous9:16 PM

    catching up - looking for the lizard story - had the same reaction to a blood donation ONCE - even though I give regularly also - they told me it's the red hair - even when the iron's up, our bodies don't like giving up the blood... glad you made it home OK - but sorry you missed out on your other shopping!

  7. That was SUPPOSED to be MY rain. Give it back. NOW.

  8. And annie, when you live where it rarely rains, you play in it, lol.

  9. Anonymous7:10 AM

    It's rained here to two solid days. Farmer Husband is not happy about this. I alsmost got struck by lightening.
    I'm sick sick sick of the rain.
    I want to wear capri's and sandles and have the sun shine on my shoulders.
    I want to go get a pedi, darn it!!
    It's hard to go get a pedi when you have to wear SHOES with SOCKS.
    My toes want fresh air!!

    Question: Middle name??

    PG: sissy spitter made me laugh! I could so turn that around and mess it up with out even trying!!

  10. i like the paisley print. pretty pretty.

  11. We're getting rain tonight and tomorrow. About 4 inches. My rain gutters are clogged. sigh...

    My question: Can meatloaf and brussels sprouts be banned? Is there anyway to make them edible?


  12. Nifty pictures.

    It rains here way to often, that is why I have lots of rainX for my windshield.

  13. I love your new layout! Very nice. By the way ... keep your eyes on the road ;-) he he

  14. Paisley is perfect!! It is so pretty.

    I am just going to sit here awhile and soak in the pretty colors.

    Where do you find such beeeyooooteeefull blogskins? (I know. I've asked before. I just can never figger out how to use them)

  15. Anonymous9:26 PM

    love the new template!! very pretty!!


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