It's official! Friday Cow Blogging is back!

I am still tweaking the blog and blog roll. If you name is not there and you want it to be PLEASE let me know!


  1. Dr Moo Dreamy is the best!

  2. Oh. So THAT's why the doctor's office gowns open in the back!

    Yay cow blogging!!!

    I am moooooooved.
    It is so bovine!!!
    Dairy I say more,
    or would I be accused of milking this too much?

  3. Did you have a paisley incident that I missed? ;-)

  4. Very cool.

    (Cracking up at pg!)

  5. I have a new blog, if you want to change my link. I haven't added my full blogroll yet, but you'll be on there.

  6. I totally love this Mom! I think my favorite part was either Mooternity Care, or Dr. Moo Dreamy.

  7. We should all meet up at Dairy Queen for a Moo-shake.
    So, jsut dropping in to say hi.
    I ma suppossed to go run errands and get an Rx filled...
    rather watch it get ready to rain (popular pastime in LA) and snuggle with the cats.
    So, Mindy, watcha wearing to Jenna's wedding tonight?

  8. ICU gowns... yuk yuk


  9. Moooo-eeeyyyy funny! The jury is still out on the paisley. LOL.

  10. Very funny video! I am so glad the cows are back, I have missed them. I might just get out and see if I can find some more gators to photograph, you've inspired me.

    (BTW, someone IS missing from your blogroll, and boy are her feelings hurt. I'll try to comfort her, but I don't know if I can, sniff, sniff--cue in sound of someone sucking snot back up their nose after crying.)

    And I love how your blogroll shows the latest posts. It makes me want to go check some of those out. How did you do that?

    I like the paisley, I think.

  11. Happy Mothers Day Mindy

  12. Oh, would love to be on the Blog Roll!
    Just read the blood donation story. Thanks for sharing! APIMP!!!! (almost peed in my pants).
    Reminds me of another blood donation gone bad story. It involves a friend and ends with her laying in Kmart asking a man for money for a drink! Hysterical.
    I need to psot it for a laugh.

  13. PAISLEY!!! (Or, if you prefer, "Persian Pickle.") Fabulous.

  14. Yay, cow blogging is back!

    And I love the new look!

  15. Not sure what cow blogging is exactly but I love this! LOL. Moo-tastic.

  16. Is that empathetic snot dripping out of that cow's nose?

  17. Love the Cow Blogging!
    Hope your Moother's Day was grand.
    Love the paisley!!!

  18. That blog list is pretty nifty.

  19. Swap sent, and confirmed received. You can add me to your blog roll if you like.

  20. oh, i just ADORE your new page background! me too for your blog roll--after all, you're on mine:

    i am so behind in the rest of my life i haven't been blogging much, but that'll change soon, i trust (maybe with a post about paisley).


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