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Thank you all so much for everything you have said about my Etsy shop. I have sold 3 items so far (thanks to my wonderful blogging friends) and I am working on getting some more stuff into the store. I am just a little pressed for time cause I have a *really big project* that I am working on. If there is anything special you want to see in the shop, just drop me a line and let me know. Especially if you want a certain color.

I got my swap package from Leah!!! Look at all the wonderful stuff she sent to me!

She also included little stickers on each and the items to explain the use of my initial *M*. Included were: mini stripes candle, mug with fruits, Marquis Personal notebook, make-up bag, magenta plus other color stickers, message sticky notes, monkey purse, multicolors purse, more paisley in the bandanna (see! she reads my blog!), magic socks (now who of you out there own magic socks?!?!?! I didn't think so! And they are PINK!), major brand soap (smells yummy), Merican (you have to say that like George Bush would) greetings care bear purse and Matching scrapbook scissors cause she got a pair too! Did I score or what?!?!? Thank you so much Leah! I hope you like your package as much as I liked mine! The end of a swap always makes me start wanting to plan another one.

Look was else I got in the mail! I entered a contest on a sweet person's blog. The blog is named *Don't Call Me Crafty*.
I do not know what else to call her other than FLIPPIN' TALENTED! She made this wall quiltlet for me. She made it AFTER she specially hunted out fabrics for me cause she knows me too well. All of the work is hers!! Look at the thrones, cows, stars, horse shoes, and UNDIES!! Look at the pretty panty fabric!! She herself did all of those gorgeous stitches. It was like she knew me for forever. Damn, this girl could make a million with her stuff. She even sent me instructions on how to make it into a pillow if I wanted.

I wish that there was a big block where we could all be neighbors. That would be so much fun huh? There would be lots of cooking, eating, drinking, crafting, showing off and all around good partying.

And you would all be there.

In fact, what can I put you down to bring??? *grins*


  1. That quilt is just so awesome! I used to quilt and hope to again soon! What a cool prize.

    I'll bring homemade cheesecake and ravioli! And we can sit and make stuff and eat.

  2. OH FOR CRYING OUT LOUD YOU ARE KILLING ME HERE!!!! JUST TELL THE DANG SECRET. Also, I wanted to let you know that I am proud to be an Merican.

  3. I get to be a meanie and say *I KNOW WHAT IT IS I KNOW WHAT IT IS!!!* And then laugh at poor BabyG 'cause I just know it's killing her to KNOW and have been told to NOT TELL LOLOL. And we're just both being mean like snotty little girls skipping around singing "I know a secret I know a secret" because you only do that to make everyone ask what it is and then you get to be all superior and not tell... but I'm still not tellin'.

  4. I'll bring a healthy appetite...

  5. Rachel....I am assigning Mi Mexico's hot sauce and homemade chips to you. Do not eat out of the sack on the way over.

  6. Okay, I have set up the craft table. All sorts of glues and glitters.

    I am laying out the white chocolate chip cookies with pecans right over here.

    And there is plenty of sweet tea.

  7. I'm with Spooky, I'll bring an empty gut. I have a good excuse for not bringing anything since I live so far away.

    And Flutterby, it is so not right for you to brag about knowing the secret!

  8. I got my box of goodies yesterday too from that snot, Flutterby!! I know what the secret is too!!!
    My box of goodies was equally awesome!!

    I'll bring a little white dog to entertain people!! And a bottle of Captain!!

  9. Well, one big project you have been working on is my prize from awhile ago! I will take a picture tonight and post at my place...unless my guys find and eat it all first...!

    Woohoo! thanks!

    love you!

  10. Mrs. Swizzle sent me a lovely lavendar bookmark in the swap. Thanks for organizing!

  11. hey, i want to make it publicly known how much i love my *stuff* and will get at least one blog up today. yep, i love the quilt, too. happy saturday!

  12. What fun!
    I will bring some of hubby's home brew to the quilting block party. :)


  13. Hey! I got my swap! It had to sit and wait for me all week because I was at school, but I LOVED it! :)


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