Wednesday, February 28, 2007

I Will Have a Large Order Of Scattered...Super Sized Please

Lawsy....scattered is exactly what I am right now. I am a big believer in postive self statements. When I screw up I always say, *It's alright...I will start again tomorrow.* Now that sounds good doesn't it. It acknowledges that there was some sort of a short coming and I will suck it up and prepare for a new day and start again.

My problem is...I use that statement every day. It has become an excuse and not a positive self statement. That, in turn, has caused piles of chaos in different places of my life. I have a pile here and a pile over there. They started as small innocent looking piles. Then I began to move the piles around when they were in my way. Then the piles began to breed. For reals. I think that they move around at night. They also may have eaten the rent check that I have lost.

I am tired of moving my piles around and I am cleaning house. No more waiting until tomorrow...I am tackling things now. I have started with some of the smaller piles and am making some head way on it.

I wish someone would invent *Pile B' Gone*. They would make a fortune.

And now for some blog bits and pieces and things running around in my head....

**I have started tackling my craft piles. I love to craft be really honest with you, that and Lexapro is what keeps me sane. I am getting everything organized and am already feeling better about it all.

**We got up Saturday and went to Clarendon. Before we left, I was in the mood to make bread. I got up and made up two batches of bread dough and popped them into my bread container with the lid and loaded them up in the back of the CRV. The bread had risen and was ready to cook by the time we got to Clarendon. The CRV smelled so very good and yeasty!!

**I am starting RL Fat Club this coming Monday night. I am tired of being fat and I do not have the discipline to do it on my own. I need the accountabilty of going and weighing in each week. So...fat club, here I come.

**I have worn sandals all week long. If I cannot have snow then DAMMIT! Bring on Spring!!

**See the MyBlogLog over there??? Go and sign up under it. I stole it from Rach so go and sign up on hers too!

**I am catching up on blogs so...please forgive me if I have not comment in a while!

**You know those Valentine's that I was sending out to everyone. Yeah well, it did not happen. I worked on them and I have witnesses to tell you I worked on them but I never could get them to look like I wanted. got no mail. I do have my list and I will be sending out cards through out the next few months in place of the Valentines. Ya know, not one of you asked me why you had not gotten polite of ya'll!

**And my partner's Valentine!! I bet she loves it! AS soon as she GETS it! Yep, in one of those piles I was talking about...I found her box that I had never mailed. How HORRIBLE IS THAT FOR THE SWAP ORGANIZER??? Even worse, I had hers all ready to go LONG before Valentines!

**I changed back to a regular blogger template. I loved the pink template but it was way smarter than me! Every time I tried to add a post or a pic, it got all kattywonkered. So now, I have reverted back so that I can handle it all on my own. Problem is, it will not let me update so that I can put my tags on the side. GGGGRRRRRRRR to you blogger! Curses! I will keep working at it until I figure it out.

**Oh for crying out loud! Bury her in the Bahamas already!

**The chicken friend steak meal from KFC on Tuesday night for $1.99 is not half bad...but for those of you who are not from the South...It is faux chicken fried steak. Do not be fooled!

**I have been in the mood to make granola. I have made up two different batches and shared it around the office. Anyone else make granola? Wanna share your recipe?

**One of my defendant's told me that I am the reason he used cocaine. What???

**At least I have not shaved my head....


Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Que the Theme Music.....

I threw away the serenity garden today cause it was pissing me off.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentines Day/Freaken Single Awareness Day

From my place on the blog to yours....

I hope this is a special day for each and everyone of you. are all stuck with being my Valentine since I am single.

And now...without further adieu....


I will be delivering mine and Rach's palooza a little later in the morning to the Crisis Center. This is how part of it looks....could not get it all in the pic (sorry!) I was also lucky enough to find out how many woman are in the Safe House right now and they will each be getting a box of chocolates.

And for my favorite little Sonic carhop...

One of these days...I will tell you her story.

And feel free to leave me a comment with your pantipalooza contribution!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Show Me Your Panties!!

Britney Spears is still beating me in google searches for *panties* Go figure!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Tomorrow is the day for the Second Annual Pantipalooza! Remember, this does not have to be a big expensive thing. Just pick and agency or a woman in your life that you want to do something for and do it. It can be a card sent to a teacher from way back there in school, a gift card for the local Sonic carhop, panties for the different woman's agencies, diapers for the day care *YT's little panties!!* just what ever! The deal is....JUST DO IT!

Bebe and I had a wonderful day Sunday. He won Lady Raider Basketball tickets from a Lubbock radio station. His basketball team was playing in Lubbock Friday night so we went by the station to pick up Sundays tickets. While there, the lady told him that someone had not picked up their Sunday night hockey tickets and the station was about to close...did he want them? Heck yes he did!

My year has been filled with sports. I...the most unathletic person in the entire USA. First it was our Super Bowl Party. Then, Bebo's basketball games. Now, college basketball and hockey. Although I must admit, I am a hockey fanatic. So, Sunday was sports filled.

Bebo at Basketball:

At basketball, people tend to shout, *Ref, watch that girl! She is fouling! Call a clean game!!*

OH! I also saw Orville Redenbacher. At the game! Babygator is always calling me and telling me how she has seen famous people like Willie Nelson and the Cavemen from the Geico commercials. I got a pic of Mr. Redenbacher but it is not great. I was afraid to get any closer to get a better shot because I am sure that the man likes his privacy.

Bebo at hockey:

At hockey, people tend to shout, *Hit him again! FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT! Show us blood!*

Just a wee bit of cultural difference.

And tonight, the sport theme continues. We have a play off game. This will be our third time to play this team. We are pretty evenly matched with this team. Last Friday nights game was AWFUL. I refuse to allow Bebo to say rude things about Referees and how they call games. Friday night, I had to eat those words. I have never seen anything like it. Our problem was not with the other team but with one referee. Even the OTHER teams coach began to question the calls that were being called on us. We even received 2 technicals.

Did I happen to mention that Bebo attends a Christian School??

*laffin* I would rather we play a public school any day. They are always nicer. Isn't that sad?

Saturday, February 10, 2007


Okay....tis me again!

I made my handles 20 inches long. I did not use interfacing on them because I doubled them over. The width is 1 inch finished. I attached them to the right side of the bag facing down. I then stitched them down. I then placed one bag inside of the other with the right sides facing. At this point, make sure your handles are on the INSIDE. Do not ask how I know this trick. I stitched around the top. I left a 4 inch hole so that I could turn the tote inside out. It is much like birthing a baby if you make that hole any smaller. After I turned it right side out, I measured the bottom and cut a piece of cardboard the same size. I then curved my cardboard and worked it through the hole and into the bottom of the tote so that it would have good bottom support. I then ran a top stitch around the entire top of the tote. Doing that closed up my 4 inch hole so that it did not show anymore.

I know some babygator who is going to like this tote for her birthday. She has been bugging me to make her something with pink camo fabric for the longest!!!

I am going to be gone for a few hours. Bebo and I are going to meet Babygator for supper! honest with your opinions and help me to learn how to do things better!

I Am Back! for more progress....

I have paired up my fabric pieces. You will have one lined piece with an unlined piece. With right sides together, I sewed up the sides and the bottom. Then, where I cut out my 3 inch notches, I lined up my seams and sewed across. This makes the bottom of the bag.

And TA DA! Here I am with 2 pieces now! More to come in a bit!

Only 30 Minutes Late

*spits* Between dial up internet, a freezing computer, and everyone who did not call me during LOST calling....I am already behind!!

I cut out my pattern on a piece of grocery sack. It is 20 inches across and 13 inches tall. I also cut out 3 inch notices to make the bottom of my bag.

I have cut out 4 pieces of fabric and 2 of iron on interfacing. I have ironed the interfacing onto 2 pieces of the fabric. I have also made one pocket so far for the inside of the bag. I will also be adding a cell phone pocket next to the pcokets shown. I may add a pocket to the other side.

Okay, off to make straps and start sewing. See you around 3:30!!

The Tote-A-Long Begins!!

Okay blogger people! I am getting my fabric and stuff ready to begin the Tote-A-Long that I am doing with Loves! I am going to start creating my pattern and getting my fabric cut out along 1:00 central. This will either be a lot of fun or a big disaster!! *laffin*

I will try to update my blog every hour or so. Be sure to check on Loves progress too.

I will be trying to complete two different totes. These are scans of the fabric that I am using!

Friday, February 09, 2007

WISP---Works in Slow Progress

A few months ago, I found this wonderful blog written by a very talented woman from Australia. Her blog is called Abeautifulcraft. She is holding a WISP along. WISP stands for works in slow progress. (She also post pics of kangaroos that wander up on her patio and I think that is just so cool!!) Not only should I have already started on my many unfinished works...I should have posted this blog entry back in December or January! We were all supposed to start this in January but, you know me, behind as always!! I am wanting to get several of my half finshed projects done and a lot of projects that I have promised but not gotten around to doing.

These are pictures of my sewing machine (notice the stuff on the floor), my dining room table that is doubling as a craft table right now (again, stuff also on the floor) and a cart that is holding SOME of my fabric stash!!

I have promised my mom that I would make her a tree skirt for her Christmas tree for two years now. I have skull earrings and a book thong half finished for Rachel. I have a Christmas latch hook rug that is 3/4 finished and I started it back in 2002. I have patterns...PATTERNS that I have bought thinking...I am going to make that...but have not. A wonderful person from a blog sent me a stuffed pup that she made that I had admired. For 1 1/2 years I have intended to make something to mail to her but I have not gotten around to it!! I made my mom a little tote at Christmas and just have to put on fabric flowers. Would not take me 30 minutes but I still have not gotten it done!! I have several aprons and a purse cut out but have never sewn them up...I cut them out over 6 months ago! AAAARRRRGGGGHHHHHHHH!!!

So, now I will start. I am pulling out all my unfinished projects and ideas and I am getting busy on them! I am going to try to update them on this blog at least 2 times a month so that you can all see my progress.

And tomorrow, Loves2experiment and I are doing a tote-a-long. We are both going to start sewing on tote bags between 1-2 tomorrow (Saturday). We will be posting updates on our steps as we go along so it should be really fun! I am going to try to get 2 bags done.

The bag I am doing is going to be for me! I have yet to make myself a tote, purse or an apron!

Buttons...We Have Buttons!!

Look what Reverend Mommy made for me!! I just love these buttons! So fun!

We have a button for pantipalooza!! In two sizes! Please feel free to take one and put it on your blog!

And, I am happy with everyone that has left me comments about participating so far! Who else will jump in with us next??

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Wednesday, February 07, 2007


LOST comes on tonight. Do Not Disturb. I will not be answering the phone or the doorbell....well, unless you have some really good white chocolate...and then you STILL have to be quiet!

Monday, February 05, 2007

Panties! Panties! Panties!!

Come one come is that time of year again! Time for the second annual Pantipalooza!!!

Last year's palooza was wonderful and I think it will be that much bigger this year! Remember....everyone can play and you can adapt the palooza to how you see fit. It is not restricted to just panties. Last year it included scarfs, shoes, diapers, toiletries and many other things.

On my thankfulness list, I always list panties. They really are such a blessing. Most of us have washers and dryers so we always have a fresh clean supply of panties. If not, most of us can hit the nearest Wally World and pick us up a pair! But, there are some women in our lives that do not have that option...that blessing. For some reason or other, life has been hard on them. Be it abuse, poverty, hurricanes or it it up to us to make a difference!

This is what I wrote last year and I think it sums up what I am trying to say:

***I called our local Crisis Center and talked to some of the counselors there. If you decide to do that, please remember that there may be some questions that they cannot answer due to confidentially laws. They told me, on average, how many women are at the safe house at any given time. I explained to them what I was sort of looking at doing. They explained to me that they get things donated such as shampoo and lotion but it is usually the generic stuff. They suggested body sprays or lotions that smell nice. I will put those things on my list to pick up. I am also donating...PANTIES!! They told me that they can always use panties at the Shelter in all shapes and sizes. If not a shelter, other suggestions would be just asking around and finding one woman to zero in on. This is a hard holiday for a lot of people for many different reasons. Singles, widows, divorcees and couples having problems would just be a place to start. You are all very creative people and I just know that you will find the perfect person to touch.What about the chick that always checks out your groceries? Why not hand her a gift certificate for a pedicure? A Valentine left on the windshield of a teacher that explains that, not only are they appreciated but WHY they are appreciated. A Sonic card, McDonald's certificates, an offer to baby sit for one evening, an oil change certificate.....Come on! Put on your thinking caps and let me know what you come up with!***

The outpouring last year was wonderful! I took the advise of one of the woman at the crisis center and am donating panties in my size...that way I am helping some woman that is a lot like me. If you decide to participate, please leave me a comment!! I want to know how far this reaches. Also, feel free to steal the idea and put it on your blog.....only good can come of it!

I will also try to get a button up here so that you can post it to your blog. (I said I will promises!!) (And why do I use so many exclamation points?)


**Any woman who sews or knits or weaves blends colors in a tapestry or creates a patchwork quilt, knows by the feel that a single thread is weak. But the weaving, the blending, the intertwining with many others makes it strong. Any woman alone without friends to sustain her, to nurture and support, to hold with loving arms, like a single thread is weak. But the weaving, the loving, the nurturing of others, the networks of friendships make her strong.** Barbara 1994 The Kinship of Women