Later Gators!

Ring Ring....Ring Ring.....

Hi! This is Mindy! Sorry I can't connect with you right now but I am not at my computer. I have grabbed up my kids (who are both taller than I am), stuffed them into the CRV and run away. FAR FAR away! Please leave me a comment and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Unless I find a sugar daddy and elope.

Oh HECK, if that happens...I am SO finding a computer and telling ya'll ALL about it!!

Miss you all!! Kisses! *Rachel is so going to hate that!*


  1. Hi you! Here's a "see ya" haiku!

    Princess has gone away
    She runs with children and CRV
    Sugar Daddy waits with sunscreen and umbrella drink

    Y'all drive safe now.

  2. Awww, man. I was so excited to see you back and now you are not really back, dang it.

    Oh well, have a good time wherever you are and if you do meet the sugar daddy, do tell us all about it!

  3. ooh loved this post ... have fun! we miss you already :)but know - just know - you'll come back with fabulous stories :)

  4. eew. Must wash hands.

    Have a good time. I'm lovin' PG's haiku.

  5. You are just too funny! enjoy yourself!

  6. Where are you? I can't wait to hear...

  7. WooHoo! Road trip!!!

  8. Have fun!!!!
    Do post from the road if you can.

  9. 'bye! Wherever you are, have fun!

  10. Hey you! Be safe! I hope you find a sugar daddy...or two!! If not, I'll be glad to hook you up *grin*


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