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**PG has totally got the right idea about Rachel Ray. I think that she and Emeril have taken over Food TV and that is why the two of them are on all the damned time! Are they having an affair? Will there be a love child? Will that child have his own toddler cooking show??

**Bebo is with his grandparents this week. He is loving it and only talks to me on the phone if his grandmother hands it to him. Dang...am I missed or what?

**Bebo and I were able to attend the Fireman's dinner in Clarendon on Sunday night. You know how he is crazy about those guys. I got to see how crazy they are about him too. It was such a good thing to see how they just accept this 14 year old boy/man as one of their own. They woorah him and seek him out to pick on him. They tease him about the length of his hair. And he eats it up. They even ordered a fire sticker for him to put on the car. Did he? No. He told me that he is waiting until he gets his own vehicle.

**My daddy got volunteer fireman of the year.

**I met one of the sweetest big dogs in the world last weekend. His name is Clyde and he is my brother and Tybo's new dog. *laffin* As you can see...he is a bloodhound.

**I love 4.6 pounds last week with Weight Watchers.

**I could not sleep last night. I went and bought groceries at 6am this morning. Yes, you read that right. It was actually a really nice time to shop. I hope I make it through the day without conking out.

**I took my lunch to work each and every day last week. Someone needs to give me some sort of gold star for that.

**Have ya'll noticed a change in comments?

**Someone found me by googling *cow panties*


  1. 4.6 pounds!!!!!!

    That's so terrific! You lost 4.6 pounds and you lead off with Rachel Ray?

    I'm not worthy...

  2. Good for you Miss 4.6 pounds! It was probably from carting your homemade lunches to work. (Made, I'm sure, from receipes other than RR or EL).

    Thanks for the link! LOL at imagining the love child.

    Bebo is obviously being force fed chocolote by his grandparents!

    My my your comments are busy today. You're probably chock full of coffee after being up at 6am? It's an early night for you young lady.

  3. Whooo hooo ... yeah for you losing 4.6 pounds.

    The bigger achievement is bringing your lunch every day. If I could I'd put a gold star in the comments here ... but I'm not that techno-savvy. Here's my best replacement:

    You ROCK!!!

  4. Great job on the weight loss! I love the pic of Clyde! What a mug!

  5. Congrats on the weight! And congrats to your dad, too. That's pretty cool. I bet Bebo was really proud, too!

  6. Gold star on the way :)

    You are one terrific lady!

  7. I.Cannot.Stand.Rachel.Ray To the point that I absolutely HATE HER. She is SUCH an annoying bimbo I don't know how ANYONE can listen to her, let alone watch. And there are several others on that channel who run a *very* close second to her.
    And I still say you are a scrawny bitch. (but just little less since I think you don't like RR either)

  8. You skinny thing, you! I'm very proud of your persistence!!

    And yes, sign me up for the Rachel Ray anti-fan club. Her recipes aren't that great either.

    Love the pics of the dog and the stories about the firefighters and Bebo!

    You rock, as always!!

  9. I am so proud of you for losing 4.6lbs last week. i wish I could say the same.

  10. Congrats! Are you getting any cool projects done?

  11. Congrats on the weight loss and a big WOO HOO to your daddy!

  12. woo woo! 4.6 lbs??? you are doing great.

    I'm sick of Rachel Ray, too. She's on tv all the time and on my box of Triscuits! And,...this has nothing to do with anything...she's Mr. C's tv girlfriend.


  13. OT:

    We're just fine, Mindy! I can't find where to email you, either, but we're totally cool. Please don't worry.

    You can email me at frogblogger at gmail dot com.

    And I'm not offended at all!

  14. Congratulations to your dad! That is great!
    And congratulations to YOU, Miss 4.6 Pounds!!!

  15. Mindy:

    Good for Bebo and your dad on the FD stuff. I was a vollie in my hometown for several years and worked with the Explorer Post (Cadets, we called 'em) and had a great time doing it.

    St. Cass, Mr. Cass and I need to have it out---RR is _my_ TV girlfriend! Is it possible to have a duel over the internet? My best man claimed during his toast that I only started dating my wife when I found out RR got married and was no longer available.


  16. Cow Panties. Of course. Makes sense to me!

  17. Well, maybe we could have a big ol' internet jello 'rasslin' contest. Jackson has informed me on numerous occassions that Racheal Ray is HIS tv girlfriend.

    He claims she got married because he was already taken.

  18. Mindy! Can you post a picture of Dixie--your new grand dog??

  19. whatäs this about a grand-dog ... how did I miss that

    the puppy watch 2007 goes on ... Mindy (4 legs) has been pushing for over an hour now. Hopefully not too long now ...

    we're all getting tired - but she's not too distressed

  20. Seven - there are seven - and we all (hubby and I included) missed the birth of the last one. The sudden noise of all puppies SQUEALING as hard as they could woke me instantly (I was lying on the bed in the same room) and lo and beyond # 7 had arrived, Mindy had already cleaned her, dealt with everything and was about to shut them all up (newbie included) with milk ...

    Our house is going to be noisy for weeks.

    PS I got 3h sleep from 9.30 - 12:30 and missed both Church (which I'd planned) and also African church which I'd planned to go to with my friend.

    Andit's ok

  21. get you back to my blog

    there are

    a) more pics


    b) a challenge for YOU

  22. I am a friend of your brother's, my name is Anessa but most people call me Ness. neway, he sent me to check out your blog. you are hilarious. i kept laughing as I was reading stuff. I think he said you don't realize how funny you are. well, you are. and if there is anything that's worth anything these days, a good laugh certainly is. thanks for that. Ness


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