Cause You Know I Am In Love With

my black maryjanes. I remember wearing shiney maryjanes to Sunday school as a little girl. They seemed like such a grown up shoe for a tiny girl.

Now I am just crazy about maryjanes. I have a black pair that I wear all the time.

So it gave me great pleasure to pull redmaryjanes name out of the entry pot!!

This was very fun for me and I loved getting all of the comments! Thank you so much!!


  1. WOO HOO!! I won! I won! Thank you so much, I never win anything!

    I'll have to think about the colors and theme. I most likely will go with some pinks, but being that she is coming from China, maybe it could have an Asian theme. I will e-mail you to let you know.

    The letter will be "S" for Sophia.

    Once again, thank you for your generous prize, it will be cherished!

    -Kimberley aka redmaryjanes

  2. Ooohh, dang! I missed it!

  3. Darnit, I missed it too...but you do beautiful work!

  4. Someone call a waaambulance! My loser is really sore. Lucky Kimberley.

  5. Congrats Red!!!!!! Huggles. i use to wear maryjanes and still love them. But alas can wear them no more!

  6. congrats RMJs. *booo hooo* for me.

  7. That letter is beautiful!! Too bad I didn't find your blog last week!

  8. redmaryjanes --- so happy for you. Mindy has blessed me so much - it must be YOUR turn :)

    Mindy you are the GREATEST treasure - hope you know that !

  9. Congratulations to Kimberley!!!! She will love her letter like I love mine (the H in the photo)!!!

  10. OK, just to share with everyone what I am ordering...I would like a letter S, with some pink and perhaps an Asian theme. The rest I will leave up to Mindy-the artist.
    I was going to go with a Princess theme, but I want her to be able enjoy it throughout her life, not just as a little girl, so I'm going with the Asian theme.
    Thank you so much Mindy!

  11. Bummer, I lost again...sniff, sigh. No hard feeling, though. Stop by my place and play in my caption contest.

    (don't expect to win, but play anyway.)


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