And The Winning Lotto Number IS.....

Thank you all for saying such wonderful things about my crafts! You make me blush *laffin* and you make me wanna hear more!

Since ya'll all liked the letter so much, I am going to hold a drawing!
This is just an example of the letter that I am talking about:

(yes, I know that you have seen this before...but I needed a visual aid!) You get to choose the color, style and letter. Not all of the letters that I do are this froo froo. I can adjust them for a boys room too!

What do you have to do? It's easy! Just leave me a comment. All comments must be left before Friday, March 9th, at 5:00pm central time. I will draw for the winner after that. I will also ship internationally!


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog-party! From one "snorter" to another...nice to "meet" you!

    I have been camping once in my life....Labor Day weekend years ago at Black Duck Lake, northern Minnesota. Now, the lateness of the season should have suggested a "don't go" for any first time camper....but what an adventure! Our airmattresses deflated, the bear really do know how to swim (for the seasoned camper who told us while we were in a fishing boat in the lake...don't worry about the bear onshore...they don't swim! HA! Insert SNORT here!)

    Anyway, in spite of one of campers desire to "poop" in a log and make coffee by putting the grounds directly into the brewing water on the remains a pleasant memory. I think the pleasantness of the memory is that we survived!

    Oh--for those college days again!


  2. Anonymous8:16 AM

    I love these!! You are so talented! All your scrumptious crafts....tempted to get out my glue gun!! *smile* Be Blessed!
    *Mrs. Martin

  3. Hey...hey pick me...pick me....

    Swinging in for the party.

    nice to meet ya

    I am having my 4th party favor give away. Come on over when ya get a chance/.

    Party ON!!!!

  4. Insert Official Award-Winning Comment here.


    Thank you.

  5. So nice to meet you! Love your sense of humor! Must go look at more posts from you1 LOL! huggles!

  6. ooooh that is so pretty!!

    Great work


  7. Hey there! Sign me up for a letter S for my daughter that we are adopting from China! Hopefully I'll win. I have that same comment graphic-you definitely have great taste!

  8. That letter is so pretty! Put my name in the hat!

  9. and here's another entry for you ... I'd like it for my daughter though - or my adopted daughter :) I or C ...

    and did I tell you Mindy's having puppies - about 12 days to go now - and counting!

    hugs to you Mindy - you are great - and such an inspiration

  10. Well... is this what we have to do now to get comments on our blogs?? LOL. I wish you could see the word verification.. it won't look as "odd" when I type it in here, but you might catch it anyway; "bhticb". I am not kidding.

  11. great blog! thanks for letting us enter the drawing for the letter too! party on!

  12. Welcome to the Party!. I've visited lots of new and interesting people recently. Hope you'll drop by soon.

  13. grat party! and gifts too! stop by anytime... I cannot promise a prize but, lots of hospitality!

  14. Your letter is pretty. I just did one of these this week as well and posted a pic of it on my blog. Come check mine out. I only did one but plan to do others as it's so easy and alot of fun.

  15. Good golly girlfriend, you need a blogger award for best technique for exposing the lurkers! Amazing.

    Pick me oh please pick me and I"ll write a poem JUST FOR YOU!! custom made! On any subject you choose even. Oh yes, be the first on your block to have your own original poem from the future Pulitzer Prize winning Presbygal!

    *upchuck bag inserted here*

  16. OMG, that is gorgeous!!! We re-decorating my girls room right now and something like that would be PERFECT, of course if I do win, I would have to ask if I could purchase another one, so another little girl doesn't feel left out.

    Please put my name in the hat! And, thanks so much for stopping by my blog, I love yours!

  17. Oh woohoo! Your crafts rock, I am hardly worthy to look at them on the Web...!

  18. I am with PGal "Good golly girlfriend, you need a blogger award for best technique for exposing the lurkers!" You are just so awesome in so many ways. I'm in! Oh - and happy international womens day!(for real - March 8th - its a huge holiday - check my blog.)

  19. I was always the kid chosen last at sports, so it would really mean a lot if you picked me...

  20. Stopping by from the party to say hi. That letter is beautiful.

    Hope you've enjoyed partying! You're welcome at my place ( anytime; don't have prizes, but maybe you'll like it anyway. :-)

  21. If i don't win you already promised you would make me the word HOPE anyways...but can i still enter? You know how I just love contests!


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