It's A Start

The craft area.....
This is an old bulletin board that I covered in fabric just like Patti did!! I added a pocket to mine so that I can keep Sharpies or pencils in it. I bet you are a bit confused by the clown pic there on the board since you are all very aware of my LOATHING of clowns. That is M2 and I love that photo of her. That was from when she hid in my office in her clown suit on my b-day. ~grins~ I am so loved.

And my JOY letters. Joy is my favorite word. I lose my joy all of the time. I just lay it down and walk off. I think I am beginning to find it again as I dig out from under things. Finding my joy but still have not found that silly rent check!
I bought simple wooden letters and covered them with paper. I used Mod Podge to get it all to stick. On the letter J is the word *imagine* and on the letter Y is the word *bloom*.
Thankful today for:
1. Storage containers
2. Good friends
3. Craft supplies
4. Mr. Clean Magic Erase Sponges * LOVE those things!!*
5. Cash
6. Perfect timing
7. Yahoo radio
8. Sharpies
9. My Children
10. Greek God honey yogurt
11. Emails from my cousin
12. Cookie Cutters
13. You
So...what are you up to today?


  1. loved this peek into your life - the board is lovely and those letters J O Y - wow!

    me? well today is Tottis' last day of living with us. We had a party last night - today she's been doing last minute sewing for me - putting off the packing I think - and I've been wandering around the house. I have been tidying - mostly because I too am looking for things. I found my tax card HALLELUJAH - and now my insurance papers so I can send those off. Still lots to decluter but it's been a good way to spend the day and avoid writing an assignment for seminary (grin)

    I am so thankful for Tottis having lived her for the past six months - a sister to me cum surrogate daughter and an awesom big sister to DD. Oh we'll miss her - we've loved having her as part of our family 24/7

    thanks for asking!

  2. El Jefe and I are off on a Road Trip! I'm afraid it's too early for bluebonnets, though.

    We're in Austin today for a dinner honoring one of his clients at the Texas Historical Museum--which should be really cool. Then we're meeting up with friends for tours of some museums in Hillsboro and Ft. Worth before heading home Sunday.

    Hope you have a great weekend, too!

  3. Mindy, your craft area looks great! And, you bring us so much joy by just being you.

    Me? Today? I took 1/2 a day off. My husband was in town so I met him for lunch (real Texas b-b-q - yum). Then I took some donations to the thrift store. Now I'm taking a break from cleaning my apartment. I even cleaned RT's room - that took most of the afternoon. And, I'm with you on the magic erasers; they're great for cleaning the bathroom.

  4. Hey! I left a comment here this morning! @#!$%! you Blogger!

    Anyway, LOL at your Joy-ful wit.

    Today I worked for rich guy, organizing his money and bills. Then picked up Wonderboy. After his homework is done, delightful child stuff shall begin.

  5. What a lovely board and craft area!!

    I too am thankful for Sharpies. What did we ever do without them???

  6. I love your new craft area, and I wish you many joyful hours of crafting :)

  7. I love your crafty spot - it looks like its full of cool stuff! (That picture of M2 is the best damn picture EVER!) So what are you going to make first in your snazzy spot?

  8. I am thankful to have come across your joyful self out here in blogland, Mindy! Your craft area looks nice. I need to get mine cleaned up and reorganized.


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