Blogging Party..Come In and Get To Know Me!

For my regular readers....ya'll already know all that there is to know about me!! To the new people that are coming by this open house:

Welcome to Mindy's Kingdom!!

There are Sonic diet cokes, cheesecake and chips and dips! Help yourself! Everything in MY kingdom has no calories for eat and party with abandon!

There is an awesome blog party being hosted by these women!! Even though I would not consider myself a blogging mommy I am a mommy. *snickers* Mommy to a 25 year old daughter and 14 year old son! I really like their web site and have learned a lot!

I am a single mom so I have never home schooled my children. Plus, I do not think that I would have had the patience to have done so. My children, in my opinion, have turned out very very well!

My daughter, babygator, attended a Christian school and has recently graduated with her Masters degree. She is beautiful.

My son, Bebo, is also attending a Christian school. The loves of his life are Texas Tech and golf.

As for me, well, what is there to tell? I am a Mom, Woman, Officer and Crafter. If ya wanna know anything about me, please email me or drop me a comment!!

Oh, and why you are here.....please sign my BraveNet guest map...that will make me very very happy!


  1. Welcome to the party! So nice to "meet" you!


  2. thanks man! Great party! I love the chips and dips. YUM!
    happy partying!

  3. Great party Mindy - so happy to be invited!

    You are the best - you know that? Don't you?


    my party is at home - nothing too fancy - and take your shoes off as you come in (Finnish custom! - quaint ain't it?)

  4. If there's no calories anyway, why the stinky diet coke? (and yeah you know I drink diet everything, lol... but really now...)

  5. Sonic diet Cokes...a woman after my'em with vanilla!!

  6. You left a message on my post about a young mom and I updated it so please head back to my blog to read it!


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