White or Wheat?

Each morning, after I drop Bebo off at school, I take the same route to my office. It takes me through the cemetery and then past the used bread store. (It is actually a Mrs. Bairds bread thrift store but Bebe has called it the used bread store since he was tiny and the name has just stuck). A few months ago, on my way to work, I saw a dog cross the street in front of my CRV. He came out from behind the bread store, crossed the street and disappeared behind the car lot. That in itself was not an odd thing. What caught my eye was the fact that he was small but had something very large hanging out of his mouth. It all happened so fast that I was not really for sure what he was carrying.

From that day on, if I timed it just right, I would see the little dog and his trip across the street on my way to work. I would slow down to let him merrily prance his little way across the street with his prize hanging from his mouth. If I was any earlier or any later....no dog. I even got to see him this morning.

The Mrs. Baird truck gets to the store early in the morning in order to unload the breads and pastries that had been pulled from grocery store shelves. Then, those products are stocked at the thrift store and sold to the public at a large discount. It seems as though the little dog has made friends with one of the drivers. I finally figured out that it is an entire loaf of bread that the little dog is carrying away in his mouth. Each and every morning (even in the snow!), the driver is giving the little stray a loaf of bread. It must make the driver happy to be able to provide a kindness. I like to think that he must look forward to seeing his small friend each morning. I am sure it must make the little dogs life easier or he would not show up day in and day out.

Today I am thankful for:

1. Loaves of bread

2. Kindness in unexpected places.

3. Sweetness

4. Paychecks

5. Postcards

6. Pretzels

7. Nice panties

8. CO Bigelow Cinnamint Mentha Lip Shine

9. Quarters

10. Photos

11. Being a Princess

12. Cows on Parade

13. Cheese

14. People who do nice sweet things because they can

15. You

Your turn!


  1. Thank you, Mindy! Boy did I need that smile today!

    I love that picture of the little dog and the big loaf.

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  3. What a great story about that little dog! I love it!
    Today? I'm thankful that I have three teenage daughters, none of whom is pregnant! (You know my motto..."When all else fails, lower your standards!")

  4. The Scientist calls it the used bread store too. Nice story (though I can't help wishing someone would give the little dog a home...)
    Today I'm thankful that the sun is out and the temperature may get up to 60 degrees!

  5. Zorra, that is EXACTLY what I was thinking. Mr. Bread truck driver should take the sweet little thing home. Although at least he's helping him out with food of sorts. Mindy, we have a "used bread" store here too, but we've always just called it "the bread store". Used... that is so funny and such a typical little kid thing to come up with! When we first moved here, my now almost 16 yr old couldn't say "Albuquerque" (even though we don't quite live in ABQ) He called it "Abaturkey" And to this day, that is what we find ourselves saying.
    grrr I HATE THIS STUPID WORD VERIFICATION!! 3 times now it tells me I am doing it wrong and I am going back over it letter by letter and know damn good and well I am putting the right ones in. grrrrr

  6. This is so sweet!
    Thank you!

  7. What am I thankful for? Heat. It's 10 degrees outside, with wind chills down to -10 degrees. I'm thankful I can afford heat and a reliable car.

  8. I can just see the little dog with the big loaf of bread! Mrs. Baird's bread is some good bread too!

  9. That's so cool!

    Does he look like Benji?

  10. I'm thankful for a garage so I don't have to scrape the frost and ice off my windshield before I go to work every morning.

  11. I love your list! And I am thankful for your swap organizing. I just mailed a little package to Finland, and it was fun!

  12. Awwww, how sweet. I think it is amazing how small acts of kindness can change someone's or something's day. Love you.

  13. With the temperature hovering around 0 (!), I'm thankful for wool socks and silk long underwear.

  14. What a great story!

  15. That is probably the sweetest story I heard in a while. Thanks

  16. I would love a Valentine card...(this may sound funny, but where is your email address listed?)

  17. That is a cute story!

    Today I am thankful for my scarf and gloves because it is about 10 degrees here!

  18. Oh what a sweet post! Makes my heart smile a little.

    Today I'm thankful that some friends are coming to visit so I don't have to hear my 6 y.o. whine about how bored she is all day. You know.. it's the little things ;)


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