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Don't forget to sign up for the Valentine Swap and/or to receive a Valen-mindy-tine as YT so sweetly put it. I will send internationlly so that is not a problem at all. I am SSSSOOOO in the mood to start working on my Valentines!

Bebo would like to be included in the swap this year. Would someone's kid like to swap with him? They can be male or female and any age.

Also....ya'll need to wonder on over to
YT's place and tell her HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I bet we could even get some cake if you are really really nice.

I wish someone would produce a TV show called *Extreme Office Make-Over*. I am not happy with my office right now and that is bugging me. Not that I NEED my desk cleaned off or anything. This is what it looks like courtesy of Rach and her new camera:

Does anyone know how to sew a baby blanket? I would certainly appreciate being nudged into the right direction.


  1. These look easy and fun!

  2. What kind of baby blanket do you want to make?

  3. Thank you knittinpreacher!

    And any kind long as it is sewn. I am just wanting to get started into making some. I have a friend who has just become a grandmother!

  4. Glad you cleared up the mystery. I was suddenly really curious about why you needed a baby blanket!

  5. I knitted a baby blanket! My first ever finished product. It was all cattywampus at the end but my friend kindly pointed out that the baby wouldn't be able to tell for several years, anyway.

    Hope it's a fun project!

    and I would be happy to swap with Bebo if you don't find a kid. I'm KIND OF a kid!

  6. Your desk is cleaner than my desk. . .

  7. Oh Cathy...that is so not good.

    I am working hard to get mine cleaned off. It is making me nuts.

  8. If your desk were my desk it would be called clean and tidy in that condition.

    For a baby blanket ...

    1. Get two pieces of baby flannel that are 1.5 yards.

    2. Wash the fabric to get the sizing out.

    3. Fold over the short end at an angle and cut off the leftover so that the big piece that's left is a square (like you do with a piece of 8.5 x 11 paper to make it into an 8.5" square). Both squares should be the same size.

    4. Put them together with right sides together and sew all the way around the outside with a 1/2" seam. Leave about 12" open to turn it.

    5. Turn it right sides out. Now turn in the part that you left open. Pin shut. Sew all the way around again top stitching and this will sew your opening shut.

    If you want to get fancy you can round off the corners in step 4 by tracing a plate and sew that curve into each corner.

    These make the best baby blankets and everyone I've given them to loves them. They take about an hour and a half to make. And you look like a hero for giving a home made gift!! If the flannel is on sale they cost less than $10 too!

  9. Joe would love to swap with Bebo! He's very much a male kid, and 13 (almost 14). Good luck with the baby blanket!

  10. I tried to say, one day when Blogger was being mean and would not let me comment, that I would love to receive a Valen-mindy-tine from you (and I will TRY to send you one too).

    Good luck with the baby blanket...

  11. Hey, I'd like to be in on the Valentine swap. Was I supposed to e-mail that?

  12. I could ask my kids if they are interested. Valentine's day is friends' day here in Finland. Will get back to you ...

    and I did sign up didn't I. I need to get cracking with this in order to try to defeat the slow post :)



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