A bird in the Hand turns 39 today. I have been reading her for just a few weeks. I do not even remember how I found her blog. In her birthday post today, she wrote one line that just jumped out at me:

* i believe i would not be where i am without the kindness of strangers*

That sentence has gone around and around in my head all morning long. It is sticky and will not let me casually wipe it off and be done with it. How changed my own life might have been were it not for strangers weaving into and out of my story.

I know several in real life bloggers....
Rachel, Christmas Lights (aka babygator), david, flutterby, jonboy and bebo. Each and everyone of those people have a place in my heart and my every day life. They have each changed me and cheered for me and extended their kindness and love to me even when I was unlovable. However, the majority of you are strangers in my life. And yet, though you are strangers, you have effected me. Bits and pieces of you cling to me and change me.

In each act of kindness we chose to participate in, we give tiny bits and pieces of ourselves away. We go outside of our comfort zone for just a twinkle in time and extend something to someone else. Sometimes it is tiny and there is not even a thought attached to it on our end. Yet, the size is not measured by the giver but by the receiver. At other times it is large and we run the risk of being hurt, rejected, laughed at or just plain ignored. Other times, giving pieces of ourselves away is just too hard to do.

I am not Mindy. All of the kindnesses extended by people in my life, whether they were strangers or people known to me, make me who I am today. That is who Mindy is. I am a million pieces. I am each and every one of you.

Knowing that makes it much easier to give pieces of myself away.

Mary Beth is right, this is going to be an awesome year.


  1. This. Is beautiful.

    I was thinking today, even before I read this, about all of the wonderful bits and pieces you have added to my life.

    May it be a wonderful year, Mindy. For you and for us all.

  2. YOUR kindness has encouraged and cheered me many times, and we've never even met.

  3. Mindy ... awesome. I'm so glad to have you in my life - you make a real difference and I Long to meet you face to face to hug you - and to laugh and cry together.

    You are one special lady!

  4. That's my theme for the year, actually. "2007: The AWESOME Year!"

    Let's DO it!

    I'm doing it by celebrating another snow day! Woot!

  5. As sweet as you are, and I know you would *never* do it intentionally, but you just don't *get* the workings of the snow fairy. You have GOT.TO.STOP.PISSING.HER.OFF. She is NOT going to bring you anymore snow if you keep planning for it. Trust me on this. I know her. All too well these days. You will get nothing. Or you will get buried in it. Something about that little saying "Be careful what you wish for..." :-D

  6. Wonderful post, Mindy. We are all the better for knowing you.

  7. A brilliant post!! Thank you so much for writing about this. I had been thinking for the last little while about how we really have no idea of the impact we make on others' lives. You are right when you say that each person is a tiny piece of the millions that make up another person. Beautiful.

  8. what an awesome post.h

  9. Ah, Mindy, this is gorgeous, and so are you!

  10. kinda like a booger that you can't flick off.

    OK so seriously. I hope you're right, I wish you a very very best of best years! :o) But not so good that it can't be topped in future years.

  11. I'm glad I know you.

    Lovely post!

  12. what a cool blog to come into my life through my little square screen.
    Your words are very encouraging and uplifting ( I guess that was reduntant but oh well...

  13. Aw. You're just so amazing Mindy!

  14. You are amazing. Simply amazing, and beautiful and just so dear to so many. Bless you. And thank you... you know why.

  15. This is good stuff.

    Hope you are having a cozy weekend!

  16. Love you, Mindy!


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