Once I Get Started.....

it is hard to stop.

Okay...how about this idea for the next swap. We are going to have a Valentines swap. You will be required to send a Valentine and some sort of candy to your swap partner. That will be all that you are required to send...BUT you can send more if you would like. We will keep this one very simple for the new year.

So...what do you think? Are ya in or are ya out?

If you want in.....leave a comment. Also, I need you to email me your address and if you will send internationally. Yes I do have many of your addresses already but it is just easier for me to keep track of this if you send me your email addresses again. Send to: princessandthebeads@yahoo.com

Also, I will be sending out Valentines again this year....if you want one....you need to leave a comment for that also!

We are doing this swap early so that it can be completed in plenty of time.

Sign ups start now and will end on January 19, 2007.

One more thing....ANYONE can participate in the swap and in me sending you a Valentine. Even if you are a new reader or just a lurker....you are welcome to play with us!


  1. I NEVER get Valentines, so I am so in - for both!

  2. Me Me MEEEEEEEE!!!!!

  3. Well, like I tried to say earlier, when the word verification thingie was absent, I can't participate, as I am slow....

    but I would love a Valentine!


    sign me up - give me a partner ASAP and I'll have a chance to get it to them in Feb.

    oh and Mindy - I still owe you :)

  5. I wanna play!!!!! And yes I will send internationally, it doesn't bother me one tiny little bit.

  6. OK! Both! An email will follow shortly.

  7. I'm a playah, pleeze.

  8. Sign me up!!

  9. i wanna play!!(skip the card from the princess.....but i wanna be in the swap)

    and rach....its PLAYA, not playah

  10. Anonymous2:09 PM

    i wanna be in the swap.....and rach...its PLAYA, not playah

    -Bebo.....it wont let me sign into blogger.

  11. I would love a Valentine, but I'll have to opt out of the candy swap. I can't eat most of the good stuff now anyway (dietary restrictions re: migraines - so not fun).

  12. I'm ready for a SWAP! and a Valentine too! I'll be tickled to mail internationally.

    Sending you a business card!

  13. OOOH, no candy swap, thanks, but I'd love a Valen-mindy-tine.


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