I Am Just Happy With the World Right Now

This is pretty much what my weekend looked like

and this

I blurred the crafts because some of you do not need to see what it is (ie...craft partners!).

It has been icy and I have loved it. Went home Friday night and did not get out again until I came to work on Monday. Bebo and I watched season 1 and 2 of The 4400 and now are anxious to get season 3 but it is not out yet. The fireplace ran all weekend long. Plenty of chia tea was consumed and lots of crafting got done. They are calling for snow this weekend and I am looking forward to it. This type of weather is really not usual for us. I plan to buy groceries Thursday and bring in more firewood in hopes of having another weekend at home.

I am working on the Valentine Swap. There is still time to get in. Just drop me an email at princessandthebeads@yahoo.com or leave a comment. Deadline for the swap is this friday. I will pair you up over the weekend. This swap entails sending a valentine and candy to your partner. Totally simple!! If you want to send more....be my guest. This is open to regular readers, lurkers and drive by bloggers!!

I am also working on my Valentine list. If you want a Valentine from me and have not already contacted me...please do so. I love sending out Valentines!!

Heard a statistic today that 51% of all women in the US live alone. Usually I am not in the majority.

I have gotten the first wave of business cards!! I received cards from Mary Beth and Yankee!! Thank you both so much! The mail has been very good to me lately. I love emails and snail mail.

Does anyone out there watch The Class? It is not something that I usually watch but I was thumbing through the channels last night and settled on it. The line *Oh baby, I am going to nudge your world.* Cracks me up even now.

My horoscope for today reads: *Love and money can make for a heady cocktail; but are you sure that you want to mix these two ingredients together? They can also be pretty volatile. You're a sign who loves peace, not drama. Think about it.* I say, bring it on and I will work it out thank you very much. My gosh...love and money together...what more could a girl want? Well, that and someone to warm up the CRV in the mornings. *grins*


  1. humph - now I know where all our snow has gone!!! DD got a snowboard for Christmas and she still hasn't been able to use it :(

    Please pray for snow - and send yours this way ASAP

    PS I don't think I can send candy from here- but I got a little something else and made the card today. Yes. That's really good for me

    Thanks again for arranging these swaps Mindy - they are fun - and well valentine's day in Finland is friends' day which is a whole heap better IMHO

  2. So glad you had a snuggly weekend! That sounds awesome! We also were INSIDE!

    See? 2007 is awesome ALREADY!

    Hugs to you mb

  3. I LOVE The Class! And I am not even sure why, lol. I watch all those Monday night sitcoms; except most of the time I don't watch the Christine one. Mainly because Juliawhoever drives me insane. And I mostly quit watching The 4400 near the end of 2nd season because it seems like it's going nowhere with no end in sight. Like X-Files and others.

  4. I love Chai. Love, love, love. It's excellent fuel for blogging, writing and crafting. Excellent.

  5. Chai and a fire and being cozy inside; sounds wonderful.

  6. I'm hoping Mary Beth is right about 2007. Are we really supposed to get snow this weekend? Wow. I gotta fly out on Sunday. (Elevator - yes!) I hope its cleared by then!

  7. Looks like you have been having fun with all your crafting and "chai-ing"

  8. What a great weekend that sounds like it was.

    I guess I need to get busy figuring out how to make a Valentine. I hope my swap-mate won't be too disappointed.

    Maybe I'll get wondergirl to help me...

  9. Seriously lady, I am ready to be paired up with someone. Make sure I get someone good because I have way more to send than just the candy and the valentine. hint Hint! Love you!


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