This is post #601 people!! WOW....I have done a lot of post for someone so quiet, shy and reserved!! ~grins~

Babygator and Almost son in law and friends have put together this beautiful wedding. Since they are both grown and earning their own was done without $$$ from the parental units.

I got to do a few small things and I loved working on them!

The ring bearer and flower girl are wee little things! Both were around a size 6. I made these so that they could wear them at either the rehearsal dinner or the reception and dance.
The ring bearer is a a red headed hoot! Babygator was there in the room when he was born. She has known him since he took his first breath. He loves babygator but he LOVES almost son in law.
Both BG and ASIL work security at concerts and such so I thought that it would be fun for their own security to have a shirt.
I have not met the flower girl yet but I loved the color of this t-shirt!! I appliqued flowers onto the shirt and added a little bling. ALL girls need bling!!

I made did the girls initials with 2 inch glass squares and a sterling silver bail. These will be tied into the bouquets. They will not be seen but the girls will know that there are there. I just thought that would be a sweet keepsake.

And now y'all are all going to laugh at me! I was afraid that, with all the standing and such, my feet would be aching before the dance was over. I made me some pimped out house shoes!!
I want to put on my, my, my, my, my boogie shoes just to boogie with you. ~points at you with one hand while the other is on my hip all sassy like~ yea just to boogie with you!

For the bridesmaid gifts, I started with silver buckets!

I added some really cool beaded swag around the lip of the bucket that my mom had found. Bridesmaid gifts and bucket just does not flow sweetly off the tongue when said together do they?I made lavender eye pillows that can be used either hot or cold. You people always *get* to see pics of my ironing board cover. I really should change that up more often.

I then made foaming vanilla honey bath, chai milk bath, brown sugar body scrub and rise and shine bath salts.

I added those things to a bath poof and the eye pillow. I added wonderful smelling soap and lip candy from one of my favorite etsy sellers The Dirty Housewife Soap Company. She also has a facebook page. Look her up and tell her I sent you! You will LOVE her lip candy...I promise!!
Then I had tiny little buckets I had picked up at Target..they are so itty bitty cute! I filled them with white chocolate and added the girl's name to the front.

A view from the air....

Then I used this ribbon to wrap tie it all up in. LOVE the colors on this ribbon!! I tried to take a final pic but the cellophane was all shiny and it did not show up good.


  1. I love it! Kye's shirt is my favorite. Since when did you start calling Biker-ASIL? Love the post. I have so many I need to put up. I took pictures along the way of what I was doing and how I cut corners and made stuff myself. I am thinking I will probably not get time to blog before Saturday.

  2. I just realized that I managed to put up lots of pics and NOT ONE had an animal trying to show off in the shot!

  3. Oh wow!!!! You are soooo creative and gifted. You're going to make a rockin' MIL for sure.

    Congrats to the bride and groom! I know all of you will have a great weekend.

  4. Amazing! I am getting so excited for you and everyone involved!

    LOVE your boogie shoes!

  5. Sue we are so excited that we get to KEEP him!! lol...we love and adore him.

  6. Thanks Jules!! You could totally bling out your shoes too!

  7. I love the gifts and the shirts and the boogie shoes! You are so creative...but I don't know about that claim of being quiet, shy and reserved!!!

    (I like the glass initial squares too!)

  8. Annie I would even say I am introverted. ~laffin~

  9. You are so talented. Everything looks amazing. I wish I had some security at my wedding ;-) I am fantasizing over those baskets ... an hour to myself and I could really induldge - he he

    I know you are excited for BG - and it sounds like she really has got the 'real deal'. Lucky for her (and you and most definitly him!!!!)


    ps - my word verifidation is 'armed' oh boy ... you really have some security for this wedding - ha ha!

  10. Adrienne YOU are the crafty one...making a dress you can wear and everything!

  11. Good grief, Mindy, you are SO ENERGETIC AND TALENTED!!! SOOO crafty! what fun!

  12. knittinpreacher8:44 PM

    I know thou shalt not, but I totally covet!

    Do you take requests for care packages? :)

  13. You are fricken' awesome. AWESOME. Our world is better because you are in it.

  14. you so totally rock! not that you didn't before. love you. have a great great time!

  15. So if I decide to get married again (don't know what I'd do with my "now" husband), you'd make all those delicious things for me???

  16. Wow... all WONDERFUL stuff!

    Oh, and the shoes... my sister was dancing in a nice dress and pink crocs at our niece's reception! It was a little scary. Your shoes are teh awesome, though! You've got style, my dear!

  17. In a heartbeat Wonderful. But i really think you should keep him.

  18. Thank you dogblogger....I love how you make me feel!

  19. OMG, those are so impressive!!! You are the best crafter ever. Your daughter's wedding is going to be wonderful!!

    Thanks for the pics.

  20. Lori you have always been one of my cheerleaders...thank you!

  21. Fun, fun, fun!!! You are amazing! I think my favorite is the flower girl's t-shirt. I will repeat myself from FB and wish all of you much love and joy today!

  22. Just thought I should inform you that the current word verification is "oirgies". Do with that what you will.

  23. MINDY! You are SO amazingly talented! So, So, So!
    You should be teaching!
    xo, Cheryl

  24. these look fantastic! you will have to send me your pattern for the eye covers.

    I'm planning to make T's that say "ring security" for the little guys too! I love how yours turned out!


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