And that means that all the girls will go out to eat at lunch. We always go out to eat on payday! One of our favorite places is a little cafe that makes their own chips. But I am not going today. I know I can eat legally but I can already hear the chips calling my name.....

Listen....can you hear them too?

I could eat a whole basket of the salty chip yumminess. Today I want salt. And salt wants me!

I am so tired this week. I work full time and I co-teach a class. The class started this week and deals with, you guessed it, ADDICTIONS!

I am trying to take everything I am teaching and apply it to my own life and really USE the tools I know.

Tuesday night I asked them what was the benefit they received from indulging in their addiction.

They ASSURED me that they got NOTHING out of it.
No Ma'am it was BAD BAD BAD!

I rolled my eyes and told them we do what we do because it DOES SOMETHING FOR US.

Everything we chose to do has a payoff...a benefit. It might last for just a little bit but it works for us.

Otherwise there would not BE addictions.

I eat for many reasons. Food comforts me. I feels up some empty place inside of me (and I am not talking about my tummy) for just a little while. It keeps me company. I could depend on it because it never let me down.

I have no problem at all eating even when I am not hungry. It's noon time? Let's eat!

I am working hard to let go of those reasons to eat
and I am trying to pay attention to my food triggers. If you want to simply remember some big triggers for most people just remember the words HALTS.

Do not let yourself get too:






I am trying really hard to pay attention to WHY I want to eat right now. I already know that I am tired, lonely and stressed so I am going to keep myself out of a situation where I can just lay my face in a plate 6 inches deep of nachos.

Instead, I have packed my lunch and have some crafts to work on. I also have pretty strawberries to munch on.

What are your triggers and how do you handle them?

EDITED TO ADD: My Posse.....has decided to stay in and eat with me. I won't be alone. They ROCK!! They are some of my biggest supporters.


  1. So true! Good for you ... I love mexican (there is a great restaurant w/in walking distance of my house). I would love some great tips on eating healthy 'south of the border' b/c I love me some salsa and chips ;-)

  2. Great post! I think boredom and procrastination get me every time. I'll be either working on something I don't want to be doing or looking for something to do and find myself in fromt of the refrigerator. It is key to recognize whether I am actually hungry or not. If I am I'll eat. If not, I hope I manage the strength to shut the refrigerator door and find a different way to deal with my boredom.




  4. ugh! those chips! I spent 2 months on-site for work in a tiny-tiny texas town that had 1 mexican resturant and 1 mcDonalds... Lunch and Dinner we had those chips in front of us!... thankfully I never got carried away and had 'taco salad' (minus everything but the lettuce and chicken) so much that I couldnt bare to eat another!

    Addictions have A LOT to do with your brain chemistry... food for instance can be linked with increasing dopamine levels in your brain... that is one of the three BIG chemicals that produce happy feelings... so for some people these addictions have a physical effect on their brain chemistry (only for a short time)... basically by eating they are self medicating!!

    one of my biggest ways to avoid over eating is to really concentrate on the first 2-4 bites of whatever I am eating... after about 4 bites everything tastes the same... so what's the point of continuing to eat something that is not good for me? The rush of the excitement, the new, is really all I need, so I dont allow myself to eat anymore than that... PLUS when I see others indulging in say, pizza at the office, I remind myself that i can order a pizza anytime I want.. there is ALWAYS more at the store... I dont NEED it NOW... sorry for hijacking your coment section! hehe

  5. Again, I am SOOOO proud of you!!! You are going to kick weight butt and other contestants too, and its going to be gravy! You can do it MG!! I know you can! I ordered my HCG drops today. So we can totally be diet buddies. Kirsty Alley calls them chubby buddies! LOL.

  6. You are so lucky to have an awesome posse, where they are in the building, down the street or just out here in cyberspace.

    WE ARE ALL SUPPORTING YOU and I'm very proud to call you my friend. Rock it girl!

  7. Your friends are awesome! My vice is baking. I really feel happy and like a good wife (I was told by my mom and his granddad that I wasn't a good wife and struggle with that) when I bake. Unfortunately, that means we end up with all kinds of sugary concoctions in the house. I am thinking I ought to send them to work with DH or sell them locally so I can bake and not have 3 giant mounds of muffins laying around the kitchen.

  8. I can so relate to this post!! Nicely written! Keep up the good work!

  9. Awwww, what nice friends! I can relate too! I'll take any excuse to eat, it's such a hard thing to break! You're doing great though :)

  10. if i did not have to eat to live, i'd just as soon pass... but strawberries you say? a bit of summer in every bite. yum-o-licious!

  11. I was in a tiny town called Schulenburg... literally in the MIDDLE of nowhere... If you drove East from San Antonio and I drove West from Houston we would meet in the middle @ Schulenburg...

    One plus though was that Texans are crazy proud of their pecans... holy delicious!

  12. Mindy, you are doing great and I enjoy your posts. I like the way you sum up addiction. You certainly have the traits of it pegged.

    Healthy "Mexican"? Try black bean salsa. put a small coat of olive oil in a frying pan...heat it up a bit and combine a can of Black beans(very good for you) and a good salsa (read the label, there's some out there that isn't that bad for you). Instead of indulging in fat-plagued chips or flour tortillas, use corn tortillas. It's great by itself, or can be combined with scrambled eggs (protein) for a healthy breakfast burrito.

    Keep it up Mindy...I am watching you!!


  13. Mindy! You always make me feel better!

  14. Glad everything turned out so wonderfully! :) Way to go!

  15. We are there for you, keep up the good work.

  16. You have dang good friends there girl! Maybe you'll start a new trend and everyone will get a little healthier. :) You never know. I don't think your post was whiney either. I go just the opposite with food, I don't eat. Which is just as bad as over eating. It's all the same. food is or can tend ot be a control issue.


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