I can eat anything at all in the world as long as it does not contain sugar or flour. I am not limited to anything at all unless it contains those ingredients.

But sometimes I have a problem with moderation. I eat WAY too many good veggies. HA! Not really.

My problem is potato chips. I bought them for my son's lunches this week but I could eat the entire bag. Don't get me wrong, I can legally have them! They do not have any sugar or flour! But I CANNOT eat one serving. So the chips, they will be living in son's pick-up this week.

This is one of my very favorite kitchen items! If like rotisserie chicken you are going to LOVE this! This is the deep covered stoneware baker from Pampered Chef. Do not be put off by the price, it is WELL worth it. I hosted a party to get mine. (and I am not affiliated with Pampered Chef. It is wonderful for cooking whole chickens at a time. I use it for chicken breast because that is my favorite part of the chicken.
I can cook 3 large chicken breast (bone in and skin on....I think they have a better flavor) at a time in it. I lightly coat them with olive oil, pepper and this wonderful product....Chicken Rub.

LOL EXTRA FANCY! I am not sure where the *Just plain* chicken rub was.

Sprinkle liberally. Pop into the microwave for 26 minutes.

TA DA!!! Wonderful yummy chicken! I do remove the skin after they have cooled. I cook several on the weekend so that I can have it already prepared for the week's lunches.

I also save the broth and put it into the fridge. I take off the fat once it is cooled and will use the broth to cook rice.

So what did you make this weekend?


  1. I made a wonderful discover of a new restaurant in my town with an out of this world salad with beef tips. Your chicken does look mighty tasty though.

  2. That does look delicious!

  3. Ooo that looks yummy! I made a stomach ache. :( I thought I was ready for Mac & Cheese since my surgery but I was wrong. I ended up having saltines for dinner while DH had some baked chicken and cheesy rice.

  4. Microwave? Wow! Looks yummy!

  5. Also, when I had my pampered chef party, I did it ONLINE! Easy Peasy!

  6. That sounds good Kelly!

    Thanks Dyan! Chicken salad for tomorrows lunch!

    Jeannette I am so sorry! I hope your tummy can handle real food soon!

    Thanks Vanessamae!

    Yep Nea totally Microwave! But it taste just like rotisserie chicken from the store!

  7. DANG that looks good!! love your recipe. I usually use a crockpot but having one of those looks purdy cool too!!
    EXTRA FANCY!! I made mostly nothing this weekend but I did make a kick a$$ Salad for today's Sunday night meeting at our house. Romaine, carrots, apples, dried cranberries, cucumbers. Chunked up Watermelon to go with it. Someone brought Brats - was a nice meal.

  8. Flutterby7:25 PM

    Now what did I tell you about the potatoes????? tsk tsk tsk... Adjust your view of *sugar*.

  9. It has nothing to do with adjusting Terri. I am just sharing my day.

  10. I love that cooker, those chicken breasts looked great...good thing You are hiding the chips...

    Have a great week Mindy!


  11. The birds get that done in a microwave? That is awesome! I have a clay pot cooker I use, but you have to soak it for 15 minutes and it takes 45 minutes to cook the meat. This is way better.

  12. my son thinks it is so funny Joyce!

    Yep PG they get done. Tender and juicy! It really is amazing!

  13. Wow!! That looks delicious. I am amazed too that they were done in the microwave!! Off to check out the Pampered Chef website....


  14. egh! Potato chips!!! usually I can resist... but the kettle ones are hard to pass on... I had a few (6-10) last Friday when I was onsite and went out with a co-worker... of course the best local place to eat was a bakery who made there own everything! Including the most delicious - to die for - parmesaen (spelling??) kettle chips... I ordered the Chicken Ceaser sans dressing and I really shouldn't have had the cheese either but I can't deny myself everything... and my co-worker got a turkey-avacado sandwich with a huge portion of those chips which of course he shared... they were a delicious treat for my Friday...

    P.s. Good work last week! keep on pushin!
    P.s.s. I love your cookware!

  15. i have to say, im in awe that you really cooked the chicken in the microwave with just one shot without using the oven too or anythingelse...

    do you think that would work with just any cornware and with a glass lid instead of the pampered chef one???

    and i sooooo understand the thing about the potato i have been eyeing the chips up stairs in my MIL's pantry and been drewling ever since i started this journey last monday... but i have not yet touched them....YEAH!!

    great job on your weight loss for the first week!!

    i got a question about this percentage weight loss do you come up with the percentage weight loss....and i didnt take measurements coz im not sure how to do that correctly and
    do i need to take my measurements in order to come up with the percentage weight loss for my body and how do i do that...???

    sorry, ive written a book on here....

    thank you!!

  16. Thanks HuffandBuff! It is delish! Having some for lunch!

  17. Laura I would have been better in that situation...I could have had a few and then that was all. It is listening to the chip bag call my name that makes me insane. Funny thing is, I am not eating white potatoes! But their salty crunchiness just kept calling my name.

  18. Sunset I don't think it would work with corning ware but you could try! It is stoneware and I think that is what makes the difference.

    As for percentage weight loss, I have no clue. That was calculated by the great gals running this thing. You would not have to have your measurements for that.

    I had no clue what all to measure when I took my measurements so I just made it up as I went along. At least by having the number over the body part, I will know next time.

    Did that help?

  19. wow Mindy. that looks so yummmmy. And i am very impressed w/ the extra fancy rub LOL!

  20. Thank you Lindsey! LOL...nothing but the extra fancy for me!

  21. I Love Chicken...and sounds like you don't mind it too badly yourself? I am much lazier...I just run out to HEB and get my piping hot (already prepared) rotisserie chicken (or turkey).
    I wonder...what is "Extra Fancy Chicken Rub" made from? Other Chickens?

  22. I do love chicken. I am a meat eater. I only like the white meat from chicken so this is way cheaper for me then buying a whole chicken from the store!

  23. Oh my lord...that looks freakin' wonderful! Geeze - i'm so HUNGRY!!!

    Isn't this supposed to inspire us to LOSE weight? You're making me want to EAT! hahaha!

    Make me some chicken! Now!


  24. That chicken looks delicious! That's a good idea too, cooking enough chicken to have for the week. That's something I need to do. As for the chips, they call my name too. =)

  25. Mmm, looks so good! LOL about the fancy rub. You crack me up.

    Sunset97, I can explain how to do the percentage of weight loss. :)
    The equation would look like this: X (being the percentage you are trying to find) over 100=the weight you lost over your total starting weight. Then you multiply diagonally to figure out the percentage, so for example, I lost 7 pounds and my starting weight was 268. So the equation looks like 7 times 100=268x then divide by 268 to solve for x so 700 divided by 268=2.61%. So x (percentage of weight lost) =2.61%.
    Does that make sense? It is much easier to write out on paper. ;)

  26. Steph and Sunset97: An easier way to calculate % weight lost: amount lost divided by original weight (in this case 7/268 = 0.0261) to convert to % just multiply by 100 = 2.61%. Same basic principle, but easier to read cause there is no algebra :)

    Mindy - this looks yum. I have never tried to use my stoneware in the microwave! And I am bummed cause I think my baker is in storage :( Now I am missing it.

  27. oh gosh, chips are my downfall too! i almost never buy them or i will sit and eat the whole bag.

    that chicken looks great! i have been getting a little bored with my healthy lunches lately and i think this will be just the thing. i could add it to salads for make a wrap or a sandwich. i find that when i eat healthy i have to keep finding new ideas!


  28. I need a pan like that...I guess you have to use extra fancy seasoning when you are cooking in pampered chef.

  29. OMG the chicken looks great! Chips are my downfall and always have been. Give me chips and salsa and I'm set. Maybe some of that chicken in the salsa would be great. You think that would cut some of the calories out?


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