My job is 8am until 5 pm Monday through Friday. I normally leave my house at about 7:45am. Right now I am teaching a class on Tuesday night from 6pm-9pm. I also go out of town on most Wednesdays (not today) to work. On that day, I leave my house at about 6:45am. In order for me to stay prepared, I plan out my week, what I will be eating and what I will be wearing. I do so much better to get everything planned on the weekends. It makes my work week go so much better and it is so much easier for me to stay on my eating plan.

This is my lunch drawer. I keep all my lunch stuff and non-fridge stuff in here. In the am I just have to open my drawer and there everything is! The drawer houses my bento box (in the orange draw string bag, tiffin, forks/spoons, empty containers, containers with my almonds and pistachios, plastic baggies, picks and little containers for sauces.

So this week for lunch I had planned chicken salad and tacos. I taught last night so I get up a wee bit tired and cranky this morning. Poor me having to drag myself to a good job where I get paid. ~rolling my eyes~ I start packing my lunch. Quick and easy because I have PLANNED so there is no room for error. I open the fridge to get my cold stuff out and discover....


What the HECK???

There are RIBS in the fridge and he bypassed them for chicken salad!! He is working a job that makes him really hot during the day and he does not have much of an appetite. I tend to go to bed earlier that he does. I guess he tends to get hungry once he has cooled off. Plus, I cannot get on to him because he made some healthy choices but it threw me off! Then I got tickled.

I am going to have to re-think so things and have an easy plan b meal that I can throw together.

I did find a chicken breast so I am having that and a baked sweet potato so all was well in the end. LOL

Today is my RAK day on my personal blog. I would LOVE for you to join me there and play along today and tomorrow. Just find m HERE!

I get by with a little help from my friends....


  1. This totally made me LOL! I mean you can't get upset with him but at the same time he ate your lunch! heheh

    My husband has a job where he works outside all day as well... so I face the same thing. He only wants cold things for dinner at night now. Poor fellas.

    HUGS sweet friend!

  2. Oh, those boys! When my son was still living at home this kind of thing happened a lot. It got to the point where I would hide my stuff, lol. I'm glad it all worked out for you. Have a super wonderful day!

  3. I'm glad it worked out for you, Mindy! And I am very impressed with your organizational skills!

  4. LOL Lolly and Debra it tickled me once I stop to think about it. It is funny but IT'S NOT!!

  5. I'm way impressed with your organizational skilz...and with your good humor and patience! I think I would have been mad - then gone to Dairy Queen. =)


  6. Thank you Dyan!

    LJ that is why I have to stay organized or I would!! lol

  7. That is tactical thinking, Mindy. My military husband would say that "flexibility is the key to airpower." Evidently, it is the key to lunch in the hot Texas summer. Kisses.

  8. ooohhhhh I have been doing tactical thinking! I like the sound of that!

  9. Your son is mine. They keep our good humor well practiced and exercised!

    Nice save.

  10. lol..i have to say, you gave me a chuckle with this post....atleast, you are laughing about it now and you were able to find a substitute...and your son did eat healthier...
    i am also impressed by your organizational skills especially since i am sooooo unorganized...

    btw, thank you for trying to help me with my questions about finding the percentage body mass weight and etc. someone ended up e-mailing me a scale to go by, and i decided there is way too much math involved for my little brain... so, i will just be concerned with how many lbs i lose at the

    hope you have a great day...!!


  11. I love it. You are leading by example. Now if that doesn't boost your mood - nothing will.

  12. When I see math I shut down....might as well be Japanese!

    I hope you have a great day too Tracy!

  13. Goodness gracious, Mindy-you are SOOO organized! I want to be you when I grow up.
    So proud of all you are doing, dear. You are an inspiration.
    MY word verification is IMEAL.hahah

  14. I also organize my food and do all my cooking in advance. Its a lifesaver! I save money, time, and calories w/ the "weekend" method!

  15. LOL that is a funny WV YT!

    Thank you! I will come organize you if you let me sit on your porch!

  16. Lindsey that means I am in very good company! If I don't do that, I am so much more tempted!

  17. Way to go Mindy, See you have inspired your son to eat well also..... Good job! Just one question... is he anywhere near the organizer you are?

  18. Wow are you organized!! I try to do my meal planning and cooking on the weekend too but I am not nearly that organized. Way to go!


  19. I'm glad you were able to save yourself even with the missing lunches! Way to think on your feet! :)

  20. Oh Mindy, good thing that you have a plan B

    Great lunches and I love the drawer you are so organized!

    Have a good rest of the week!


  21. Cindy he does not organize ANYTHING! He does not even put his socks together!

    LOL Thanks Summer!

    Maria that is the only way to do it...organization. Though I would not be about to post a pic of my craft room for y'all. ~grins~

    Thanks Joyce you too!

  22. How funny. These last few days I have been staring into the fridge with no avail. I'm craving something cold but everything I have in there requires I turn the stove on and heat up the house. I know just how your son feels. lol

  23. And he did not even have to think about it Jeannette!

  24. I wanna be like Mike ... I mean Mindy (remember that song? ... Michael Jordan ... crickets ...)

    Will you come organize my life please? I'm a baaaaaad go-thru-the-drive-thru-er. Lunch is my worst meal. I make my kids eat well and them I'm so over making food for people I just eat junk.

  25. I remember Adrienne!! I understand the tired of cooking for everyone else.

    Why don't we just run away and meet up in the middle?

  26. Ha, ha, my brother used to do that to my mother ALL the time! Those boys are such beasts!


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