This is how I looked on 6/14/10 when I put these pictures on my blog. Oh the horrors!! People, you know I am really serious about this or I would NEVER do that!!

When I weighed yesterday in order to turn my numbers in, I weighed 188.4. It's time to get serious about this again!

I begin a no sugar/no flour diet on 1/11/10. At that time I weighed 210 lbs. That is the most I have ever weighed...even more than both of my pregnancies! I did not used to be a carb eater. However, during the last few years carbs became my friend because they are quick and easy.

And they love me back. ~grins~

My favorites foods in the work used to be hamburgers and chicken fried steak. Since starting this, I have not been hungry for them at all.

For reals.

It still freaks me out at times because it feels so odd.....not craving things that I have OD'ed on for years.

Flour and sugar were not easy to give up at first. They loved me and they cried and called me every night. It was like a really bad break-up. They missed me and I missed them.

The first week was the hardest. Flour and sugar literally act like a drug in your body. Think about it for a minute....we CRAVE those items. When we eat them, we feel good! If we did not get anything out of it, we would not eat them!!

So, for one full week, my body detoxed. I hurt. I had a constant low dull ache in my head for those seven days. My shoulder blades were on fire. They hurt so bad. It surprised me that my shoulders were what hurt.

On day 8, nothing. The cravings, the headache and the shoulders on fire were gone.

I sleep better. I have a lot more energy. I also feel like I have woken from a fog that has hung over me for years. I look back and see that I missed out on a lot.

I have only eaten a few things with sugar and flour since starting. Lately I have gotten lax and have not eaten like I know to and I am ready to get back on track.

That is why I was so glad to be chosen as a contestant on Win, Lose or Blog!

I am going to talk about my days, what I eat and recipes.

If there is anything at all you want to know about no sugar or flour, please ask!!

Now I am going to ask YOU a question. I am not coordinated. I hate to exercise. I have never been athletic.

I was the girl picked last for dodge-ball. YOU know her don't you?!?!?!

What do you do for exercise? (I am so bad at exercise I cannot even spell it right! Spell check alerts me each time!!) What do you enjoy? Any DVD's I should invest in?


  1. I believe in the old school exercise program.

  2. Hands do you mean like jumping jacks and skipping rope? Can you see me doing those things with these girls?

  3. I did Atkins before... pretty similar to what you're doing... and I went through the SAME detox you talked about... it was rough, but once you make it through the cravings are gone and the pounds fall off!

    I would recommend the elliptical if you are going to the gym... it is much easier on the joints then pretty much any activity other than swimming... start slow! Good Luck Hun!



  4. yay for you! good post!

  5. I like THE SHRED. It takes 25 minutes and you get a great workout. You have to start slow and work up to things, but after about one week you can tell a difference in your stamina.

    Walking is great too. :)

    Randi @ I have to say...

  6. Wow! I am already impressed. You are doing great and you should be proud of your accomplishments so far. Use those to motivate you to do more.

    Well, we are facebook friends and I'm pretty sure it is MW that hooked us up...but, I saw your blog and I am intrigued to follow and encourage. You might note I do a little exercising myself.

    So, exercise can be anything that gets your heart pumping and your body burning fat.
    So, pick something and set a realistic goal. Something you can measure.
    My suggestion: Start out doing something you already know how to do...go for a walk. Make it a measured walk...like, 2 blocks or something like that. Do that same walk again tomorrow, and the next day and the next day. Try to walk at a good pace, but don't kill yourself...you know if you are "working it" or not. Next week, extend that walk...nothing drastic...maybe about 10% longer. do that for another week. Continue increasing until you are walking a full mile. It won't take you long. Keep the intensity in the walk. Sweat a little, get the heart pumping and maybe time yourself and try to beat it once a week? This is where a goal could come in. For example, you might walk half a mile in 10 minutes. When you can do that, try to complete the half mile at a lower heart rate but still maintaining the pace.

    Hope this helps. Feel free to message me for questions if you'd like. I'll be watching you...and cheering for you!!

  7. HEY MINDY, My Mindy girl! Great post! How I admire you just putting it all out there for the whole world. I am not so brave.
    I too am doing no sugar, no flour, inspired to do so by YOU! I too felt lousy the first week then felt this SOAR within me which was ENERGY! Once you get going, it is not that hard. I do find, like any addict...if I do have some sugar, man, I want MORE! So, better not to have ANY!
    Exercise...I too love elliptical. I get on at the Y & watch HGTV. I also love walking. You have a Corgi- use that as an excuse. Find someone to go w/you so you can TALK. Go hiking! It is so fun and feels like you are not exercising...just out in nature "doin' it!" whoohoo! And...if you have to pee...just do it in the woods! :-) (Had to add that!)
    "GO MINDY, GO MINDY!" xo Cheryl

  8. I love the pooh quote! and I walk alot. You see Lazy and I just broke up and i'm thinking that its about time sugar and flour and I have a talk. any suggestions?

  9. take up swimming.

    indoors - or if you can outdoors

    if you can't swim get lessons.

  10. Hey Mindy,

    Welcome to Win, Lose or Blog - I look forward to watching your progress on this journey! Way to go on giving up sugar and flour - that's HUGE - keep it up!! DVD recommendations? You've come to the right place! Have you checked out Lindesy's blog - Fitness for the Rest of Us - she is a co-contributor here at Win, Lose or Blog. Do you know what her blog focuses on? Yep, you guessed it, exercise DVD reviews. I'm sure she will pop in here for some recommendations. Mine? Start slow and easy the last thing you want to do is tackle and advanced workout and be sidelined. Walking is great exercise for starters but definitely incorporate strength training in your routine.


  11. you are brave for posting that! I thought I was being brave posting my fat pictures. no way I can put numbers on them! lol.

    good luck!

  12. Congrats for becoming a contestant. I think posting your pictures with measurements is awesome! Way to put yourself out there and get serious.
    Good luck on this journey :)

  13. Hey!
    I'm so excited to do win, lose or blog with you! I'm totally impressed with your flour/sugar elimination, that is awesome!

    I think walking is a great way to get started. I also think it helps me a TON to have some really good music playing. It actually makes me want to walk faster and (gasp!) even run sometimes. Well run might be pushing it. Jog is probably a better word. :)
    good luck!

  14. Hi Mindy,
    I have a pain condition and I go 3 days a week to the gym and get in the pool for water therapy, I did classes taught by an arthritis instructor but now just go and meet a friend and we do our own routine and on the days my friend is not there I go alone and there is always a friendly person there in the water, its easy on joints for me and I get a work out.
    When I can I also take walks.

    I hope that some of these ideas help you and good luck with this contest!


  15. I look forward to your recipes!!!!! Find something you love (exercise wise) and you will continue to do it. If you dont enjoy it-you wont do it, move on until you find something you do like. I do exercise videos and they work for me. I recomend the Firm dvds-good for uncoordinated folks like me :)

  16. Congratulations Mindy! We are the same height and almost the same weight so I will be following your journey!! Good Luck and I look forward to seeing you succeed. :)

    ps- start your exercise off slowly with just walking and lifting small weights. You need to build strength. I love, love, love YOGA!

  17. Right now my exercise consists of carrying my chunky little baby boy around and unpacking boxes... but normally I LOVE the Wii Fit! My Wii board is my best friend. I also invested in an Ab Lounge for our home because I can't do sit ups on the floor due to my weak back muscles.

  18. Way to go, Mindy!

  19. I agree with LindseyLu, when it comes to exercise it has to be something you like to do. My favorites are walking and Denise Austin's workouts. I'm just bummed that she is not on the air anymore. Oh well, thank goodness for dvd's. Good luck and start out slow.



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