was a better day than yesterday.

I am working on the swap. You should have your partner by tomorrow.

I have had several emails asking how I am due to my story. I promise you that I win. ~grins~

...cause I am the heroine and I rock!


  1. ...and you have a cape!

  2. You do rock, and I love you so much MG!!

  3. Yo, Princess MC! Guess who? Are you where you were the last time we corresponded? I've got some things that could only be for you and I'd love to send them your way. After re-reading that it sounds a bit ominous and creepy-stalky but it's all goodness - promise!

  4. Are or have you ever been, a punk rocker? I loved those days. I wasn't, but my friends were. I'd go to their club in my fancy jeans and still, they loved me.

    So, were you?

  5. nothing more than I love you <3

    P.S. word verification "pantsh" (I didn't know Blogger lisped. or is that lithsped?

  6. damn straight... the good women always win! *cheers*


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