The little family was very very happy.

This is where there should be a THE END but there isn't.

I finally got to be a stay at home mom. I was a room mother. I was a pink lady at the hospital. I volunteered at a battered children's home. I was a volunteer at the school. I did old lady ceramics.

I loved loved loved my life!

If life had continued on that way, I would be the ultimate scrapbooker I am sure. ~grins~

A few years rocked along and life was good. We were very comfortable money wise. We were very active in our local Church. I could not have asked for a better life.

I could go to Wal Mart and put ANYTHING into my buggy without having to figure out if we could afford it or not.

Then ex decided that he wanted us to have another baby.

I balked. Life was so good why upset it? Plus, I was terrified that I could not ever love another child like I loved babygator. After a lot of talking and soul searching I decided that I was on board and we began trying for another baby.

But nothing happened. For months...and then more months. After about a year, the doctor checked my thyroid level and found out that it was crazy and put me on meds.

Within a month I was preggers.

He and I were thrilled. Babygator? NOT.SO.MUCH.

In April of that year, we found out that I was pregnant with a boy. I thought I was hot stuff because there was no other boy born in the family (at that time) to carry on the last name. All there were was girls.

Score one for me!

Babygator was now furious that it was a boy. She would not even talk about it.

She later came around and would play a game with him while he was in the womb. She would talk to him on one side and he would kick. She would then quickly go to the other side and talk to him and we would watch him turn to find her! He loved her from the get go and did and does adore his sister.

So I incubated and finally let myself be happy. We had everything and life had finally come around full circle and was right.

In the early part of September, he came home talking a lot about a girl named Marcy who was an insurance agent trying to woo the insurance account for the business. He talked for several days about Marcy and it began to nag at a part of my heart. That little niggle of dread that you feel sometimes when you don't quite know what is wrong.

I finally confronted him one night while we were lying next to one another in bed. Here I was HUGH with child asking my husband if he was having an affair with Marcy and hoping beyond hope that it was just hormones on my part.

He told me, *It's not Marcy. It's not anyone.*

I burst into tears and he held me. I apologized for even entertaining the thought that he might be cheating on me again.

You see I heard what I wanted to hear. Read those two sentences again. The answer should of been *OMG NO! I am not having an affair!!*

Less than a month later, when babygator was 10 years old, bebo was born.

And she loved him fiercely.

And me? The woman who thought I could not love another child? I felt my heart double in size with the last push and realized I loved him just like babygator.

Later I found out that his girlfriend that he has had since April, came to see bebo behind the window at the hospital the day he was born.

It was not Marcy.

He later told me that he had not lied to me. I just had not asked the right questions.

.....just Mindy today


  1. I want to beat him up and I'm a pacifist. GRRRR.

  2. She came to see the baby?!!!?? What is up with that? It's not enough she's cheating with a married man, she has the nerve to show up at the hospital where his wife has just delivered their baby?

  3. See? It was all.your.fault. Cause you didn't ask right.

    Though mine would have just lied straight out and then later said "never happened."

    And why can't you play yourself in the movie? If not you I would pick Jennifer Garner.

  4. Sometimes I think that Lorena Bobbitt (remember her?) had the right idea...

    Your strength and grace shine through! I am glad we are friends!


  5. *expletive deleted*

  6. Ugh. What a JERK!!!!
    And the woman came to the hospital?!?
    That's spooky

  7. Oh, what a creep! I wonder how many times he fooled around on her and the one after her and the one after that?

    People like that are sad and pathetic. Never happy. Always searching. And wishing they had the strength of character that you possess. Aren't you thankful that you raised those kids without him around to mess them up?

  8. First off I want to thank everyone that comment before me. You guys have hit the nail on the head. That stupid F***ing W**** is just that...and she is ugly. If anyone would like to know just how ugly then e-mail me and I will give you directions on how to see a picture of her. Biker would call her a two bagger. Google that...see what you come up with. My Mom is beautiful!!!!!!!!!

    Secondly, I never knew she came up there. I had to wait a little while before I commented, because finding something even remotely nice to say is very difficult for me at this time.

    And AUTUM, he does cheat on her. She got her tubes tied and he got a vasectomy. You do the math on that.

  9. baby sister did not ask the right questions, either.

    She has almost the same story except her lyin' sack of !@#$ ex was in the military and her kids are only three years apart. He moved one of his girlfriends (16 years old, when he was 35) into the house, when her mom kicked her out, so he could "Christian counsel" her.

    I never knew it was called that.

    Your lives are so much better now!

  10. I can see why hospitals have to have security around the baby section. That woman gives overstepped boundaries a new meaning..

    But Bebo and BabyGator are the treasures in this story!

  11. what a jerkwad... both of them.

    now i agree with PG and if Jennifer Garner plays you in the movie, she can seriously do some high kickin' karate moves on jerkwad... and probably breast feed the newborn, while leaping over cribs in the nursery, crashing thru the glass window and leavin' a serious mark on the female jerwadido...

    i'm looking forward to that scene! (and PS no babies will actually be hurt during the filming)

  12. Mindy, Mindy, Mindy, how I wish I could give you a hug. After all these years, you still need a hug. Or maybe I need a hug! :-)
    who has the audacity to screw around with some woman's husband while the woman is pregnant and WHY would she come to the hospital to see bebo? That is just sick. She is messed up in the head. (I think y'all say haid down there.)(Just want you to know what I mean.) :-)
    I don't know who hot cup lutheran is, but I love her comment! Hilarious. You have a WONDERFUL, BEAUTIFUL, INTELLIGENT Mama, Gator Baby!
    Cheryl in IN

  13. Well done! You did a good job writing this. Loved the last line.

    Jennifer Garner is a good choice...


  14. Whoa. I'm sorry, but that is, too, a lie. I love how he tried to turn it around on you for not asking the right question. And does she have no heart?!?

  15. Anonymous7:53 AM

    Words fail me.

  16. Grrrrrr...........



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