My mind is just on auto-pilot this week so y'all are really helping me out even if you do not understand.

Okay lets see how I am doing so far with your suggestions.

Zorra honey, someone did not read the memo about sleeping late. We did manage to stay in bed until about 7am and that is really pretty good around here.

I face this site each and EVERY morning when I start making the bed.

I made my favorite at home breakfast (well it would have been MORE favorite but, alas, there is no bacon in the house). It is Evelyn's French Pancake recipe ( I add a thinly sliced apple to mine) out of The Texas Country Reporter cookbook that I got in 1990. It is one of my favorite cookbooks and I use it all the time as evidenced by the spillage on the page.

oh Evelyn you are one smart cooking lady!! Hot chai with my breakfast.

Miss Patti there I am. You have to know that I REALLY like you if I post a pic with a towel on my head! Deep conditioning with tea tree. You can see that I do not need a manicure. I will catch up with you later today about that pedicure!! I have never had a facial. Would I like it?

Babygator I know not of which you speak. The window cleaner lives under the sink SEE!!!

...wanders off to do something else.....


  1. Humming the Beatles "A Day in The Life"........


  2. Excuse me... but... how dare you show us something that yummy looking along with a very blurry photo of a recipe we cannot POSSIBLY read....

  3. It does not live there. and if everyone doesn't believe me then they should just ask you where the extra toilet paper and paper towels live.


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