oh me oh my what have I gotten myself into? Day 3 and my head is both empty and full to bursting.

There are certain things that I do not really get into on this blog. Religion and politics are examples of that. I have enough confrontation in my daily job without inviting it in. I know what I know and what I believe in. I am totally fine if your opinion differs. Makes the world go round don't ya know.

The other thing that I do not talk about is the ex.

~blink blink~

The other night while having supper with babygator and good friends, the discussion turned to a woman they know and her reaction to a break up. The team used was *man hater*.

Then one friend turned to me and said, *I have never seen you like that. You have never come across as a man hater. I see you are someone who trust people and isn't bitter.*

That meant a lot to me. More than she will ever know because the path I have been down was not one of my choosing but, now that I have traveled it, I would not change it. Paths are like that sometimes.

Another dark path is looming in my near future. One that I do not want to go down but I have no choice.

So for now, if you humor me, I want t0 revisit the path I have traveled. I want to remember the dark places and how I traveled through it. Sometimes with my eyes wide open and, other times, with my eyes tightly closed shut. I am in hopes that looking back will help me to look forward. In looking back I will remember all of those that had gone down the path ahead of me and helped me navigate the blind spots. Because y'all are going to have to help me with the new blind spots.

So what do you say? Want to go on a journey with me? If not, I totally understand. If you stick around, I will greatly appreciate it cause I have a story to tell!!

...who is doing all she can to shut out the sounds of clomping clowns shoes behind her


  1. I ain't going nowhere.

  2. You know I am here and always will be. And I love you all.

  3. Anonymous6:39 PM

    Yep, I'll be here too....

  4. annieoddflower6:41 PM

    That was me, anonymous! Me, annie! Sometimes blogger messes with me when I leave comments.

  5. YESSS! The bus story is gonna be in here somewhere. I just know it!

  6. Oh honey, I could sure use hearing that story and sitting with you whilst carrying my own.

    Word verification: "misis"
    no lie

  7. Well NOW I do! I'm on the edge of my seat! Well not really cuz I'm layin' on my stomach on the floor with my laptop...but you know what I mean!

  8. Here. Present. Listening.

  9. I got your back my friend, fending off the stampeding clowns with my sword and shield.

  10. I am ready to read. Please post a reminder on FB every day until I get into the habit. I am not having enought time to blog the month this time and I might forget an episode. I want to read it as you write it. And, sister, believe me when I say, I will hold your hand when you travel the darkish places. And if you want a callout, I can do that, too.

  11. Please do tell....I'm listening

  12. Oh yeah, I'll go on the journey. 'Cause I went through a dark place myself several years ago, and the companions who went along with me are part of the reason I made it through.

  13. I am here. You know I am here. Not always the strongest person, but I am here.

  14. Remember "My God shall supply all your needs according to His riches in Heaven". Philippians 4:19 We love you and will be there for you.

  15. Mindy, is the path you don't want to go down...the one you will take when Bebo leaves? I'll be here w/you b/c I have "been there, done that." Both of mine left within 3 wks of each other. :-(
    But, I survived. xo, WHOSYERGURL

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  17. Anonymous12:40 AM

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