Look what the Best Dog in the World gave to me!

I bet she thinks that I am not very organized because she gave it to me weeks ago and I am just now getting around to acknowledging it and passing it on to three bloggers.

I would give this award to each and everyone of you cause you are all special to me in one way or the other but I only get to pick 3:

Swan: Who always makes me think when her posts. She also makes me keep so very special with the things that she and KD Lang send to me. ~snickers~

Zorra: One of the bloggers that I wish I lived next door to. I can imagine sitting in her kitchen drinking iced tea and just laughing our silly heads off.

Randi: Oh the things that I could learn from her!!

PLEASE do not be upset if I did not include you! I am trust trying to spread the love.


  1. I AM YOUR DAUGHTER!!! I should have been picked. And if my ear didn't hurt then I would call you and tell you about it. I am just kidding, well my ear really does hurt. I am glad someone gave you a special award. I think you are special too, and not just short bus special.

  2. *awwwwww shucks*

    If you only knew how awesome I think you are. Thanks for the award, I think I will share it with your daughter GW, in honor of the best moms ever.

  3. Glad you finally bragged about your award!

  4. AAAWWWW, Swandive thank you!!! You are so sweet.

  5. Okay.
    The bread puddin' is over on my blog at frogblog.blogspot.com.
    Did not know you were a paper and card stock type. I make cards and also scrapbook. I have tons. ANd, lots of rubber stamp stuff.You should come over and play. Bring the dog! Mel and Mugsy love to play with big dogs. No licking though.

  6. (((Mindy)))
    Thank you. Some day before too terribly long we WILL get together. I am sure of it.


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