1. You people write too much and too fast! I have been busy with stuff so I have out of blogland for a few days. They I go to check by bloglines and it just burst open cause there are so many updates!!!

2. Netflix is my friend. Elizabeth The Golden Age and Martian Child...totally worth renting.

3. Yep....totally happened.

4. I get to go to Austin in April. ~grins~

5. I want to make this purse. I want to make it REALLY BAD!!

6. I am in the process of de-stashing at the house. Oh the stuff I have hauled off and/or given away. Is there anything you are looking for? Let me know and I might just have it for you!!

7. Did everyone get their stuff from the Valentine Swap?

8. Anyone up for another swap just yet? I am thinking container swap. Then you could do you own take on containers...could be a bucket filled with something...could be lip glosses in cute pots. Let me know what you think.

9. I am in the mood to make bread. I am thinking I might this weekend. Anyone want a tutorial?

10. Am I asking a lot of questions?

11. Can you BELIEVE how Texas voted??

12. I have come to the realization that I am addicted to paper and card stock.

13. Crunchy peanutbutter rocks!


  1. I want to make that purse too! Spring is coming, I need a new bag...

  2. If you feel a really overpowering need to make TWO of those bags.....well, er, um, I could take one off yer hands now doncha know (less to pack when you get a house to move into and all that).

  3. Anonymous5:16 PM

    Did you show up to caucus? I've always wondered what that would be like. While at the same time, I am not a fan of the practice (I think it's not fair to families with small children and to the elderly or disabled.) But it would be kind of fun, too....

  4. Does that purse come in some sort of goth-wanna-be fabric?

  5. never too many questions. swap, sure, maybe post easter? you know when the awesome easter stuff goes on super clearance? purse, awesome. netflix, check. i'm looking for that lottery check, you know just in case it came to your house. oh and voting in texas... wow.

  6. It may being time for a swap - -I am not the only/tired/crabby/snarky one out here in blog-land, I think and the last swap was so awesome! (I owe the swwandive one amazing thank you note...) We could have a knittinpreacher's 30th birthday swap -- just in time for the fun of holy week!

    Here's a swap idea -- we send you something fun and you send us a purse? Totally out of balance, but cool for those of us getting purses... OR, send mystery peanut butter with mob hit stuff inside. I may have been in this state for too long.

  7. OK, for a change I blogged something fun and not so angst-y.

    Yes, I got my swap and it was fab. Now I think you should make each of your loyal fans a purse. Why not? That way you don't have to MOVE your stash.

    BTW - my sister, a single mom says to go for a condo if you can, not a house. Much less maintenance, you can still paint it and make it yours, have pets if you want, and then if you want something bigger, you can lease it out.


  8. Anonymous9:48 PM

    Mindy - cute purse!! It looks easy to make too. I'm ready for a swap - the last one I did was really fun... I like KP's idea about the peanut butter body find.

  9. Anonymous5:11 AM

    Marshmallow bunny killer!!!

  10. I have come to the realization that I am addicted to paper and card stock.

    erm I used to have so much writing paper and envelopes that I could have opened a stationery shop! wondering where that obsession went

    and I still owe you from the last swap (hangs head in shame!)

  11. Well come Texans aren't the smartest. I hate to say that cause you know that I love my state, but come on people??? It will be interesting to see who wins the democratic nomination.
    I would love a tutorial on how to make bread. Will it include having to drop the container on the floor to get it to pop open??? Cause I really think you should put that in there.
    Yes, I am up for another swap. Something fun...ok run with that idea.
    Ok, I have to go to work now. I love you!

  12. i love your swaps. bread tutorial would be great. it is the one thing i'm still not 100% confident making. mafia hit on marshmallow bunnies you guys are a riot.

  13. I agree, Elizabeth was a good movie. Haven't seen the other one.

    The purse is darling. Let me know how it turns out.

    How is the house-hunting going? I fear we might never sell ours.

    Politics???? Don't want to go there!

    Not too many questions. Just too few answers. LOL.

    Hugs :-)

  14. Totally with you on the crunchy. Totally.

  15. Your comment on the caucus was so much more polite than mine, lol.

  16. If you get Netflix, will you be my friend on Netflix?

  17. I know exactly how you feel, I am trying to whittle down my list of unread blog posts too.

    I'm going to check that purse out now.

    If you happen to find that stash of dollars to make me financially independent, please do send it on to me. Or better yet, call me and I will come pick it up!


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