DAY #2 of Peep Watch 2008

#8. There is no need to participate in actual squishage of the peeps today. We already know from prior peep experimentation that they are not ready on the second day.

Please note at this time that my warning sign did not work. One of the peeps has been pilferred. Either that or has been sent ahead as a scout. I am not for sure yet what has happened. An investigation has been launched.

The peep had to hop over the little peep wall if he is a scout. Again, without having thumbs, I am sure that the peep did not get far.

#9. You can take your peeps out and look at any differences that have occured yet. It has only been 24 hours so not a lot has changed. Notice where the peep had to detach himself before he made a run for the border. The peep that would have been next to him looks a bit forlorn and stoic to me.

#10. Talk to your peeps so no more run away. I should have done that at the first and maybe I would not be one peep short. Lesson Learned. Explain to them that this is really for their own good. They will then buck up like good little peep soldiers.

#11. Wait some more.


  1. this is really way to funny.

  2. This is sooo funny.

  3. Anonymous9:30 AM

    Check under that boys of yours fingernails, I bet you a dollar to a doughnut, there is peep sugar there!!

    (Is it just me, or is peep #3 giving me the evil eye - stare down? I'm feeling a bad mojo vibe from that one.)

  4. ...Check the peanut butter.

    Just sayin'from the way Rachel is laughing.

  5. *blink blink* ~checks the mirror to make sure that there is no peep sugar around her mouth~

    Yeah I bet it is the boy Bunny!! I bet it is him!!!

    ~continues to look really innocent to preserve the integrity of the tutorial~

  6. Well, Rach, I owe you a big apology.

  7. It's ok PG. I was just glad to be nominated. Really. It's an honor just to be here.

    We're all winners....

  8. OMG YES I bet Rachel is the one! She knows where the key to my house is!!

    *blinks some more for good measure*


  9. The one that vanished is the one you squished to death yesterday. I am sure the other Peeps just gave it a humane burial.

  10. Yeah, I meant to tell you, the squishage pics from yesterday were a bit unsettling. If I'd seen that happen to a brother/sister Peep,I'd go over the wall too.

  11. Y'all are scaring me.


  12. I don't know who took your peep. I thought about it when I was at your house yesterday, but I swear I didn't do it. Am I going to be called in for questioning??? You know I am not good under pressure. I fold like a lawn chair.

  13. Hmmmm. Do I hear them whistling? Hogan's Heroes? Bridge Over the River Kwai?

    I will be quite interested to hear if you find out who the Peepetrator is... Imagine not knowing proper Peepiquette!


  14. Thank you for this update and continued tutorial. Big learning curve for me.

    PG - my first thought was the peanut butter too!

  15. What? No Day #3 update? I am anxious, here...


  16. Deb,
    Someone needs to go in and check those Peeps!

    Perhaps it is too late, and they have all been....

    *back of hand to forehead*


  17. The separation looks like it must have been very painful. Will there be reconstructive surgery?


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