It is only Tueday and it has already been a flippin long week. ~sighs~

I cannot for the life of me get good pics of the ready peeps. It is just too dark in the mornings to get a pic and then I did not think about it last night.

So.....why don't you look at what I did this past weekend instead. Will that make you happy??

I bought this really cool fabric at Wally World for $2.00.

Then I turned this:

Into this!


  1. Woo-hoo!

    That's a cool ironing board!

    (How often does one get to say that?!?)

  2. It came out great! I love the fabric :)

  3. does a pretty ironing board actually make one want to iron?

  4. That is really pretty! And you did it so fast.

    But durn it all, I was going to get you this as a house warming gift.

    And it would warm your house in more ways than one!!!

  5. Well who wouldn't want to iron on an ironing board that pretty? it is such a cheerful fabric that makes me feel cheerful!

  6. What is this ironing you speak of??? Nice board though...

    I have a Peep-related question for you at my place Mindy. No rush...

  7. AMAZING - I bet you can now iron at twice the speed of light.

  8. Darling, Darling!! As much as I hate to iron, I might be enthused if I had a cover this cute

  9. You are plumb magical Mindy!

  10. Wow. You are incredibly talented.

    But inquiring minds want to know... was the reason the photos came out was because the peeps were... (dare I say it???) ALL GONE???

    Just askin


  11. Oh
    I did another round of Peeps Links!

    Just trying to re-direct some of the drama in my life...


  12. oooh and what spookyrach said :)

    I love the fabric and even more I love you and your creativity.

    That said, I'd be so afraid of spoiling the lovely fabric I'd be even less inclined to iron (grin) right now we pay DD 0.50€ /hubby shirt but she's on strike and asking for a pay rise. Think we should cave in ... he'll soon be shirtless!

    PS I still owe you :( (you know what I mean!)

  13. The shirt should be fixed thank you for letting me know. :)

  14. Kinda makes it a littlefun to iron, eh?

    And I thought the tulips at my place were nice! This springy blog is COOL!


  15. (((mindy)))

    Over and over again lately, I'm wishing I could hang out with RevGals. This post is my latest reminder.

  16. You know how your "ironing board" looks kinda pitiful? Our ironing board is that way, too. So are you making these cool new covers for all your bestest ever pals????

  17. Love the cover! Great job. I look at mine and think...You need to make me one. LOL.

    As for your aura, I bet it just glows!!!!

  18. of course you did that! cause who rocks the crafty, M rocks the crafty. And I am with Deb, just saying, lighting issues and time of day... c'mon.

  19. I don't think I even HAVE an ironing board. And if I do, I am certain the cover looks just like it did the day it came home from where ever it was born. I couldn't tell you. Because if I do have one, I sure as hell don't know where it hides.

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