Day 4

12. Select a peep from the peep box. Let the other peeps watch if they want.

13. The peep tester should take the peep tail firmly between his fingers and thumb. Began to slowly twist. At this time you will find that the marshmallow insides of the peep are not as sticky.
14. Check to make sure that the peep does not snap back into shape. This signifies that the peep is almost mature. AAAAhhhhh Peeps 2008...what a great vintage.

15. Tell the peep tester to step away from the peep and place it back into the box. Explain to the peep tester that the peep has got to incubate at LEAST one more day. Consider tackling the peep tester but snap back into reality when you realize that said tester will be driving your vehicle that very morning.

Allow him to commit peepicide on said peep.

16. Console the peeps that look over the box in horror.

17. Wait at least one more day. Hope said peep tester does not get home before you do.

For more fun peep action check out:

Deb's peep post and, IF YOUR CHILDREN ARE OUT OF THE ROOM!! you can click Flutterby's and QG's peep show. I love the tiny little g strings and the dollar bills! *giggles*


  1. Anonymous8:06 AM

    This is cracking me up!
    But, seriously, Bunny Peeps are better!!!
    We bite the ears off one at a time...

  2. ROFLMAO! You crack me up. I went shopping yesterday for Easter items and COULD NOT bring myself to buy peeps.

  3. There were no bunnies at the store that day. It was really weird. I have since purchased a back up supply!!

  4. could you NOT purchase a peep?

  5. Wow, I bet there will be a great peep escape! Especially since they've seen their destiny.

  6. When I lean into the computer very very closely I can hear the whispered plans for a great Peeps-odus. They have a Moses, though he almost was eaten by the tester. And their biggest obstacle is how to get across the Red Sink.

    Do you hear them at night, Mindy and Bebo, singing plaintively "Let my Peep-le gooooooo"???

  7. *snickers* And he can use a toothpick as a staff.

  8. This is awesome Mom, not as awesome as QG's peep show, but still pretty cool!

  9. Speaking of toothpicks, go to YouTube and enter "peep jousting".

  10. Where is update # 3? Does sneaking bites of peeps really make one lose their ability to count??

    It's easy, not buying a peep. First step, repeat to yourself, I am peepless...

  11. Last night's Experiment was a success. Peeps roasted over open flame leads to carmelization of the colored sugar, and makes Peeps edible for many who would not otherwise find them so. "A gooey marshmallow inside a creme brulee crust," says one connoisseur.

  12. Peeps can be eaten????...

  13. Oh gosh, I hate to admit this, but I think Peeps are gross! I guess that just leaves more for all of the Peeps lovers out there, right?

  14. Giggling...

    :cat leaves lap disgruntledly and scolds me:

    ("You don't giggle like this when you are working on schoolwork. A cat can get a decent lap. I mean REALLY!")


  15. Anonymous9:05 AM

    who knew there were such peep shows out there?? too funny!!

    i've never been a big fan of peeps, but dogblogger's recipe intrigues me

  16. a friend of mine emailed me the peep show pic this morning. i was planning on emailing it to you.

  17. HA! The Seattle Times has a PEEP contest every year. You can see some of the entries here:

  18. OK. Last post was Friday. You are leaving us... peepless. How can I sleep? How can I write? How can I get my laundry done? (What else can I blame on you not posting... I'll work on it!)




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