For those of you that do not know, Saunday is when you start a craft on Saturday and complete it on Sunday. ~grins and give bunny a look.....naner naner naner~

Working on top of the ironing board. All those colors make me very very happy. See those scissors? Babygator bought those for me and I LOVE LOVE LOVE them! I was really happy with rotary scissors until she gave me REAL sewing scissors.

Up close of the button I used. Do wonky pics add character? This is not the same purse that I made last time. This is another tutorial that I got off of the net. I tried making it the first time and was not happy with it so I changed it and made it more my own.

Not the best of pics but I wanted you to be able to see the length of the handle. I am an over the shoulder girl. I will not carry a purse with tiny little handles. I have to be able to throw that purse on and go go go!!

TA DA! The purse. I am totally in love with this fabric print and the colors. You can see a pic of the kids and I in the background. It was taken years ago and is one of my favorite pictures. I added two pockets to the inside of the purse. They are on the ends of the purse (handle ends). I really am liking them there. So easy to drop my keys and my cell phone into the purse but not have to go hunting for them when I want them. This was also the first time I used iron on velcro and it ROCKS! That is what is holding the flap of the purse down.

Two years ago I would have never dreamed that I would be sewing. That was something that I was just never interested in. But when the sewing bug bit it bit HARD! I am loving this craft. Makes me wish that my grandmothers were still around to teach me. So many things that I could have learned from them and they would have willingly taught me.

My next project? I want to learn how to make microscope slide necklaces. I have all my supplies ready. I have just not taken the leap.

I also want to learn how to make those nifty blog buttons like the pantipalooza one of the side bar of my blog.

Anything you want to learn? If I know how to do what you want to learn I will try to do it and do a tutorial. Now how is that for customer service?? *snickers*


  1. cute purse. my granny taught me to sew when i was in 6th grade. my mom still gives me advice from time to time.

  2. That is one pretty purse! And the inside pockets are a great idea.

    I used to sew. Before my sewing machine died and the Cosmic Black SuckHole Vortex of Doom stole all my free time. And scrapbook. And quilt. And foofaraw up the house. And finish my books.

    Oops sorry. Didn't mean to get the floor wet in here with all my waaaaaaa.

    I want to learn how to add 10 hours to a day!

  3. From the time I was 12, my grandmother (paternal) kept me supplied with sewing machines. The first one she gave me she got from someone else who was getting a new one and asked her if she knew anyone who wanted it. The next two she gave me were hers as she replaced them with better ones. I still have the last one she gave me, and used it up until I got my own brand new one. I only got it because it has a free arm and hers did not. Made it hard to sew sleeves and such, lol. I learned to sew from both grandmothers. And I took a sewing class in high school that turned out to be a waste of time because I already knew everything they were teaching. It was one of the easiest A's I ever got, lol.

  4. What a cute one - perfect for spring. Time to put my old "brown" one away and make a new one.
    I saw some great fabric at Hancocks the last time I was there.
    The small town I live in offers very little selection in fabrics.
    We have Wally World and Hancocks. That's it !!
    So when is our next "SWAP" ????

  5. Cute!! I don't know where you find the time to do things like this--but I bet you make time because it's so therapeutic.
    I'm with you on the shoulder straps. You have to have your hands free,and not have something dangling on your arm.

  6. This. is. adorable.

    WonderGirl should have had you for a mama. I'm such a Craft Loser.

  7. What a purty purse!

  8. the Cosmic Black SuckHole Vortex of Doom stole all my free time
    wait.... that was Sam, and that's a good thing, right? haha
    anyway. don't tell anyone, but I know how to sew. I learned how in 4-H in 6th grade. I hated it, and cried everytime I made something but my mom insisted I needed to know how to do it. I'm glad. Mostly. I don't use it much, but plan to make some curtains soon for the kitchen and some mittens for Sam and a little phone pouch. I have some cutesy material even. I just have to get time!
    Also, I would like to know how to change the ballast in a flourescent light fixture, so get right on that, OK?

    haha just kidding. I can probly find that on the web, but maybe you know how! I would never assume you didn't know something!

  9. Rally, my dear?? What is a microsocpe slide necklace??

    Love the purse! You can make me one anytime! The button is just too cute. Love the pocket placement idea. I hate digging for a ringing celly phone.

  10. at one point you mentioned a bread baking tutorial, that would be awesome. i am severely intimidated by yeast dough.

  11. Love, love, love the purse...
    I want to know about the microscope slide necklaces though....

  12. I am in awe that you finish a project. Do you know how many unfinished projects I have in my house??? (And that does not count the honey-do list... LOL)

    So... I bow to your completion and your craftiness.

    Ever in awe of our MAHvelous Mindy!


  13. :waves hand:

    Miss Martha???
    ohh OOOOH ME ME ME!

    I DO know how to bake bread!!!


  14. The purse is very lovely! It almost makes me want to sew one too...almost!

    It's about time you make one of those slide thing necklaces!

    And I am with Captainwow, I wanna know how to change a ballast in those darn flourescent lights....or maybe I should learn how to change the fixture to one with no ballasts!

  15. You are right Mom Gator, I am totally jealous of your super fabulous new purse. I will try to find some fabric so that you can make me one...don't hold you breath...I'm just saying.

  16. Oh Cheesehead....silly girl. My Mom can't be you WonderGirl's Mama. Mom Gator isn't a mama yet, just ask her. We had a whole conversation on that yesterday. Silly girl!!!

  17. And still, we await to see what Mary Beth won.....

    *tapping watch*

  18. Anonymous7:08 PM

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  19. I love that fabric. It reminds me of the prints I used to make dresses back in the '60s.

    What's a microscope slide necklace?

  20. When did you learn to speak and read Orientally???

  21. I'll be needing one of these in order for adoption processes to commence. *grins*

  22. Absolutely gorgeous! You are very talented!

  23. what cheesehead said - only substitute DD.

    I love that button :)

  24. We're back! We missed you!!

  25. Mindy, long time no see your blog! (I used to blog under the bridesmaid). I'm back and found you again! Hope you stop by!

  26. you were missed while we were on the cruise!! we especially thought of you with the swag bags!!

  27. let me know i will send rosemary your way. i wish i had known you wanted some. we hacked the rosemary back in february.


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