Thursday, January 25, 2007

White or Wheat?

Each morning, after I drop Bebo off at school, I take the same route to my office. It takes me through the cemetery and then past the used bread store. (It is actually a Mrs. Bairds bread thrift store but Bebe has called it the used bread store since he was tiny and the name has just stuck). A few months ago, on my way to work, I saw a dog cross the street in front of my CRV. He came out from behind the bread store, crossed the street and disappeared behind the car lot. That in itself was not an odd thing. What caught my eye was the fact that he was small but had something very large hanging out of his mouth. It all happened so fast that I was not really for sure what he was carrying.

From that day on, if I timed it just right, I would see the little dog and his trip across the street on my way to work. I would slow down to let him merrily prance his little way across the street with his prize hanging from his mouth. If I was any earlier or any dog. I even got to see him this morning.

The Mrs. Baird truck gets to the store early in the morning in order to unload the breads and pastries that had been pulled from grocery store shelves. Then, those products are stocked at the thrift store and sold to the public at a large discount. It seems as though the little dog has made friends with one of the drivers. I finally figured out that it is an entire loaf of bread that the little dog is carrying away in his mouth. Each and every morning (even in the snow!), the driver is giving the little stray a loaf of bread. It must make the driver happy to be able to provide a kindness. I like to think that he must look forward to seeing his small friend each morning. I am sure it must make the little dogs life easier or he would not show up day in and day out.

Today I am thankful for:

1. Loaves of bread

2. Kindness in unexpected places.

3. Sweetness

4. Paychecks

5. Postcards

6. Pretzels

7. Nice panties

8. CO Bigelow Cinnamint Mentha Lip Shine

9. Quarters

10. Photos

11. Being a Princess

12. Cows on Parade

13. Cheese

14. People who do nice sweet things because they can

15. You

Your turn!

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Well Of Course....

My Peculiar Aristocratic Title is:
Her Most Noble Lady Princess Mindy the Bewildered of Throcking by Hampton
Get your Peculiar Aristocratic Title

Cause I Love Questions and Meme's

aBhantiarna Solas tagged me in a meme ahile ago...remember....I fell down the rabbit hole so I hope that excuses my tardiness!

1) What’s the most fun work you’ve ever done, and why? We always have fun here at work. The lunch bunch is always hysterical. We tend to laugh a lot here. Stress levels here run very high so it is really nice to be able to laugh with people who *get* you. A life time ago, I work at an insurance agency *spits*. Not so fun.

2) A. Name one thing you did in the past that you no longer do but wish you did?
I walked everywhere when I was going to college. I would drive to college and park and then not see my car again all day long. I walked all over that campus. I had classes on the 4th floor in many buildings and I always took the stairs. I was A LOT smaller and in much better shape back then.

B. Name one thing you’ve always wanted to do but keep putting it off?
Learn to belly dance. Don't laugh...I am being serious.

3) A. What two things would you most like to learn or be better at, and why?
I want to learn how to really make jewelry. I tinker with beads but I want to really learn how to make beads and how to turn silver into actual creations.

B. If you could take a class/workshop/apprentice from anyone in the world living or dead, who would it be and what would you hope to learn?
It would either be Carol Burnett or Ellen Degeneres. They just both seem to be good, happy, well adjusted women who love life. I really want to be more like them.

4) A. What three words might your best friends or family use to describe you?

Quirky, loyal, paranoid (PLEASE correct me if I am wrong!)

B. Now list two more words you wish described you…
Quiet, laid back

5) What are your top three passions? (can be current or past, work, hobbies, or causes)
Crafts, cooking, stamping out invisibility in people (I struggle with feeling invisible to people so I hate for other people to feel it.)

6) Write–and answer–one more question that YOU would ask someone
Hhhhmmmmm......what do you see?

Jump right in! Play if ya wanna!

Monday, January 22, 2007

ACK!! I Feel Like the Rabbit

in Alice in Wonderland! I am sorry I am so late...running behind on just about everything!

I have sent out emails for the Valentine Swap. If you did not get your email, get ahold of me.

Here are the pairs:

Mid Life Rookie and QG
Songbird and Lorna
Patti and Flutterby
Joe and Bebo
Mary Beth and Judy
Baby Gator and Loves2experiment
Zorra and Rachel
KnittinPreacher and Cheesehead
Me and Preacher Mom


I have 18 on the list to send Valentines to! If you want to be on that list....give me a hollar and I will add you!!

And another thing....blogger is being cranky today. I can pull up some of your post but they are all wonky. If I can pull them up....I cannot comment on them. Don't think that I am ignoring anyone!

Wednesday, January 17, 2007


A bird in the Hand turns 39 today. I have been reading her for just a few weeks. I do not even remember how I found her blog. In her birthday post today, she wrote one line that just jumped out at me:

* i believe i would not be where i am without the kindness of strangers*

That sentence has gone around and around in my head all morning long. It is sticky and will not let me casually wipe it off and be done with it. How changed my own life might have been were it not for strangers weaving into and out of my story.

I know several in real life bloggers....
Rachel, Christmas Lights (aka babygator), david, flutterby, jonboy and bebo. Each and everyone of those people have a place in my heart and my every day life. They have each changed me and cheered for me and extended their kindness and love to me even when I was unlovable. However, the majority of you are strangers in my life. And yet, though you are strangers, you have effected me. Bits and pieces of you cling to me and change me.

In each act of kindness we chose to participate in, we give tiny bits and pieces of ourselves away. We go outside of our comfort zone for just a twinkle in time and extend something to someone else. Sometimes it is tiny and there is not even a thought attached to it on our end. Yet, the size is not measured by the giver but by the receiver. At other times it is large and we run the risk of being hurt, rejected, laughed at or just plain ignored. Other times, giving pieces of ourselves away is just too hard to do.

I am not Mindy. All of the kindnesses extended by people in my life, whether they were strangers or people known to me, make me who I am today. That is who Mindy is. I am a million pieces. I am each and every one of you.

Knowing that makes it much easier to give pieces of myself away.

Mary Beth is right, this is going to be an awesome year.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

I Am Just Happy With the World Right Now

This is pretty much what my weekend looked like

and this

I blurred the crafts because some of you do not need to see what it is (ie...craft partners!).

It has been icy and I have loved it. Went home Friday night and did not get out again until I came to work on Monday. Bebo and I watched season 1 and 2 of The 4400 and now are anxious to get season 3 but it is not out yet. The fireplace ran all weekend long. Plenty of chia tea was consumed and lots of crafting got done. They are calling for snow this weekend and I am looking forward to it. This type of weather is really not usual for us. I plan to buy groceries Thursday and bring in more firewood in hopes of having another weekend at home.

I am working on the Valentine Swap. There is still time to get in. Just drop me an email at or leave a comment. Deadline for the swap is this friday. I will pair you up over the weekend. This swap entails sending a valentine and candy to your partner. Totally simple!! If you want to send my guest. This is open to regular readers, lurkers and drive by bloggers!!

I am also working on my Valentine list. If you want a Valentine from me and have not already contacted me...please do so. I love sending out Valentines!!

Heard a statistic today that 51% of all women in the US live alone. Usually I am not in the majority.

I have gotten the first wave of business cards!! I received cards from Mary Beth and Yankee!! Thank you both so much! The mail has been very good to me lately. I love emails and snail mail.

Does anyone out there watch The Class? It is not something that I usually watch but I was thumbing through the channels last night and settled on it. The line *Oh baby, I am going to nudge your world.* Cracks me up even now.

My horoscope for today reads: *Love and money can make for a heady cocktail; but are you sure that you want to mix these two ingredients together? They can also be pretty volatile. You're a sign who loves peace, not drama. Think about it.* I say, bring it on and I will work it out thank you very much. My and money together...what more could a girl want? Well, that and someone to warm up the CRV in the mornings. *grins*

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Thursday *cough cough* Thankfulness *sneeze*

1. Hot baths

2. Puffs Plus

3. Dayquil/Nyquil

4. Electric blankets

Do you see where this is headed???

5. Having sick leave time that I am able to take

6. Peppermint tea

7. Lime Green

8. New swaps!! Not only am I signed up for my own....I am also signed up for 2 others!
Here and here!

9. Being able to ask for help on the blog and having bloggers jump up to help you....I am so going to love making the baby blankets! Thank you all for your help.

10. Sunshine

11. Snail Mail

12. Tears

13. Yoga pants


15. Last but CERTAINLY not least....panties!

Your turn!

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Some Stuff

Don't forget to sign up for the Valentine Swap and/or to receive a Valen-mindy-tine as YT so sweetly put it. I will send internationlly so that is not a problem at all. I am SSSSOOOO in the mood to start working on my Valentines!

Bebo would like to be included in the swap this year. Would someone's kid like to swap with him? They can be male or female and any age.

Also....ya'll need to wonder on over to
YT's place and tell her HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I bet we could even get some cake if you are really really nice.

I wish someone would produce a TV show called *Extreme Office Make-Over*. I am not happy with my office right now and that is bugging me. Not that I NEED my desk cleaned off or anything. This is what it looks like courtesy of Rach and her new camera:

Does anyone know how to sew a baby blanket? I would certainly appreciate being nudged into the right direction.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

How To Freak Out Your GYN

Well now, is that not a catchy title?? I really will spare you the totally icky details.

I hate going to that once a year *Well Woman Check-up*. I mean, I know of no woman that puts a star on her calendar for that appointment date and is just so damned happy to go.

My doctor is female...and skinny. And she ALWAYS is kindly telling me that I need to take off some weight. Of which I already know...cause who is the big azzed naked woman sitting on the table in the tiny little coverlette? I have gained weight this past year...I am within 1 pound of being the size I was the day I went in to give birth to Bebo. I am still carrying around my baby weight! Yes that is it! Never mind the *baby* is 14.

So, I put off the appointment longer than I should. I put it off until the beginning of December. Finally, cause my meds were running out and the girls at work would have pelted me with large rocks if I was not taking my meds, I gave up and called for an appointment.

The nurse first took me and weighed me. Then, she tells me to disrobe and put on the items left on the table and she will be back in just a bit.

So, there I sat. Nude except for a small bottom sheet that is about the size of a table cloth and some sort of mini converted hospital gown that only goes to your waist and the nurse has you tie it in the front. Oh, and my socks. First off, I am not a tiny gal chest wise so I have to be careful even breathing or I am going to be exposed to the world. Second, I am beginning to plan out how to escape cause I have decided that I do not want the *weight* talk. Dammit, she comes in before I can find my pants and the exam begins.

After the exam is over, she sits on her little stool on wheels and grabs my chart and starts asking the questions....

Dr. Skinny: So how are you feeling overall?

Me: Good

Dr. Skinny: I am going to have the nurse come in after we are done and take your blood so that we can test your cholesterol *cause at your size I am really beginning to think that it is not going to be I am afraid you are about to tip over the exam table* and your thyroid.

Me: Okay

Dr. Skinny: So how do you think your meds are working? Do you think you are having problems with your thyroid * you believe you are going crazy? Killed anyone and buried them in the back yard? Do you have a hatchet out in your car?* How do you feel about the birth control pills that I currently have you on?

Me: Well, for once, I think my thyroid is doing well. I stopped taking my birth control about 3 months ago because I am just using them to regulate. I made the decision to stop taking it because it is not really all that necessary.

Dr. Skinny: *in a tone that reminds you of the school nurse talking to the fast and loose cheerleader that was found under the bleachers with the quarterback after the last home game* Oh my, well then maybe we need to discuss other types of birth control so that you do not get pregnant.

Me: Probably not since it has been *&#@* years since I have had sex.

Dr. Skinny: Also, I notice in your chart that you have gained.....Excuse me, I think I misunderstood you.....what did you say about sex?

Me: It has been *&#@* years.

Dr. Skinny: *blink blink*

Me: *blink blink blink*

Dr. Skinny: Okay...well since you are doing so well, I am going to go ahead and call in that nurse to come in and draw your blood. I hope that you have a really good Christmas! Call me if you need anything!


And then she was mention about my weight at all.

Sunday, I pulled out all my past weight loss books and started all over again. I have begun charting and eating healthy again. I figured that I have used up my last *get out of fat jail free* card.

I know next year, Dr. Skinny will be prepared.

BTW....cholesterol level is 165. I have very good genes.

Friday, January 05, 2007

Once I Get Started.....

it is hard to stop. about this idea for the next swap. We are going to have a Valentines swap. You will be required to send a Valentine and some sort of candy to your swap partner. That will be all that you are required to send...BUT you can send more if you would like. We will keep this one very simple for the new year.

So...what do you think? Are ya in or are ya out?

If you want in.....leave a comment. Also, I need you to email me your address and if you will send internationally. Yes I do have many of your addresses already but it is just easier for me to keep track of this if you send me your email addresses again. Send to:

Also, I will be sending out Valentines again this year....if you want need to leave a comment for that also!

We are doing this swap early so that it can be completed in plenty of time.

Sign ups start now and will end on January 19, 2007.

One more thing....ANYONE can participate in the swap and in me sending you a Valentine. Even if you are a new reader or just a are welcome to play with us!

The Reports Of My death Are Greatly Exaggerated

I am so sorry that I have caused ya'll to worry. I just have not had anything to say so I have sort of stayed away from the blog. I even stayed away from bloglines....just now getting around to catching up with you all.

Christmas was wonderful! Spent the week at my parent's and basically slept, shopped and sewed. Then I came home and went back to work. I have fought the feeling of being trapped in a great big ole paper bag. Maybe it is just a let down from the holidays being over. Bear with me okay?

Things that are running around in my head.....

1. Why does Otis in The Barnyard have udders? I could not concentrate on the rest of the danged movie for wondering about that.

2. Little Miss Sunshine GREAT movie! Horrible language!! Loved it cause I have a beauty contestant heart but not a beauty contestant face.

3. Won't be long before is going to be a great year for it.

4. How is this year going to be better? I do not know about the rest of you but I think 2006 had some very sucky moments.

5. Wonder what the postman will bring today. The mail...she has been very good to me lately. Pics later.

6. I am still not going to Burger King until they get rid of that horrid ~shudders~ king. I do not care how good their onion rings with that wonderful sauce is!

7. Just what am I going to sew next?

8. Anyone ready for a swap yet?

I really am thankful even though I may not act like it....

1. Clean panties

2. My own washer and dryer

3. Sonic diet cokes with cherry

4. New tennis shoes

5. My sewing machine

6. The Christmas stuff being put up...finally!

7. Electric blankets

8. Cold weather

9. Fiberglass cows

10. Business cards (did ya'll know that I collect those?)

11. Cell phones

12. Rainmaker's burritos

13. De-icer

14. Sparkling cider

15. having plenty.

Okay....your turn....I bet you can do better than me this time!