It has been forever since I have done a thankfulness list. Even though I may be in a funky mood, there is still so much that I can be thankful for.

1. MAIL! Ya'll know how much I love mail and look what I have gotten in the mail this week!!

First, from the lovely Miss lovestoexperiment......lavender filled sachets! I walked up to my mail box to get my mail and it smelled so good! I was even more excited when I opened the box and realized that the box was for me!

Aren't these just the most sweetest little things?!?!!?

And aren't these the sweetest colors and patterns! Dang that girl has got some eye! And you would not believe her craftsmanship. She is just perfect and I just adore her to pieces! I know I am supposed to put them in a drawer but I just want to hold them and look at them all of the time!!

Then, totally out of the blue I received this happy little fellow. A tiny little blue bird in a cute as all get out little nest!

I am serious! He is a tiny little thing and I just love him! I have him sitting here by my computer so that I can see him all the time. He make me smile.

Maize Hutton mailed him to me. You have got to run over there right now! Check out her blog cause she is the sweetest thing in the world! Then, check out her tags. You KNOW you need one or two or twenty! These are my favorites. I have the love tag and I LOVE it! I won it in a give away that she had. She is fun that way! And this is what I am going to get next. I am getting on with baby gators name and one with Bebo's name.

And her stuff all comes in this wonderful little tin! And that brings me to

2. Tins and storage containers

3. Iced Tea

4. CLEAN PANTIES! Just a few months away from the next panty palooza!

5. Birthdays

6. My Camera

7. 6 man football

8. Aprons

9. Sonic cards

10. Acrylic nails

11. Fall

12. Fuzzy bathroom rugs

13. Fiberglass cows. I love my cows.

14. Blogger friends that mention me. Look at QG' entry with the horse! Here is one that I took in Amarillo to go along with it.

15. Cushioned stadium seats

16. Basset hounds

17. Sleeping with the window open.

18. The Office being new tonight.

19. My parents who, even though I did not tell them how I was feeling, sensed it and stepped in and just took care of me.

20. Rachel and Ester and Rose and Scarlett and M2 and almost everyone here.

21. Getting off early on Friday.

22. Thrift stores.

23. Flashlights

24. Donut holes

25. David and his Mindybird!!

26. And, of course, YOU!!

Now it is YOUR turn! What are you thankful for??


  1. I did my little thankfulness post at

    THanks for helping me keep things in perspective, Mindy!

  2. I'm thankful for you!


  3. I love reading your thankfulness lists!

  4. I'm thankful for my family, my home, friends, health,a car that runs, my job--and clean panties, of course.

    Mindy, as much as I love ya, I'm glad you weren't with me today. Go by my place and see why.

  5. I am thankful for: My mom's move being done; Gentle Transitions helping that happen; Friends who helped pack and move last weekend; my amazing understanding son; somewhat cooler days; did I mention my mom's move being done?; Diet Coke; frozen grilled panini sandwiches from Lean Cuisine; Being able to get out of bed a little easier now; Pretty hills to look at while driving to school; the best boss a person who is completely unemployable could ever get to work with; did I mention my mom's move?

  6. Oh golly willakers kafoozle brains, I forgot an extremely important one:


  7. Thankful for bloggy friends I can pick on at my place regarding fiberglass critters...

  8. Thankful for YOU, Miss Mindy.

    And the cows of course.

    Love your Amarillo horse picture. It looks like a "MY LITTLE PONY" knock-off. Where is this one?

  9. Glad you liked the horse, Mindy.

    Today I posted Borger's attempt to keep up with y'all. It comes in the form of decorated pump-jacks.

    I kid you not!

  10. Cool.

    I'm thankful that you are willing to wear a horribly embarrassing pink t-shirt in support of your son's football team - The Fighting Creampuffs!


  11. *sings*

    Red rover red rover let your team come over.

    ~gives Rachel an ugly look~

  12. Your thankful for doo ta doo??? Oh she will be so happy, I am going to run out and tell her. I also wanted to let you know that I will be in P-ville on Monday afternoonish time to clean. Oh yes...I am excited.

  13. I'm thankful for Puppies!!!

  14. LOve this post!
    love the horse
    The Office ROCKED last night... we all laughed sooooo hard!!!

    I'm not superstitious! I'm a LITTLEstitious! BAAAAAHAHAHAHAAA

  15. Mindy, of course

    family,kind words and hospice workers

  16. Today I'm feeling thankful for stuff that grows, like children, flowers, and apples.

  17. Running water and working toilets. Because right NOW we have NEITHER. And it is NOT A GOOD THING. The only thing keeping me from running off to a hotel for the night is my chemical camp toilet.. which brings me to being EXTREMELY thankful for that porta potty and the person who invented it.

  18. Mindy, thanks for reminding me that there is always something for which to be thankful!

    Today I'm thankful that my sermon for Sunday is done, save for some editing. Also that Dave & I had a fun afternoon at the high school football game. Speaking of that, here's something just for you!

  19. Thankful, thankful, thankful IN (but not necessarily for) all things!

    Including my clean panties. And Mindy.

  20. Dear Mindy,
    I have a box for you, but alas, no addy.
    Please send me your address because I know you so love mail.

  21. Thankful for YOU every day
    and for Kim
    the Domestic Goddess who came to my house today
    for the first time
    my husband asked her if she was Mormon

    she was confused

    (he wanted to marry her see)

    I told her I don't care if she's a Hottentot just so long as she comes back and doesn't run screaming away!


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